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  ■Muscle fatigue  

■Muscle fatigue

The massage promotes the blood circulation mainly by adding moderate stimulation to muscle from the physical surface. As well as the part which I massaged, I can make the blood circulation of the whole body better. If metabolism breaks out by bloodstream improving, muscle fatigue becomes easy to be removed. In addition, it is connected for relieving fatigue, maintenance, the improvement of the exercise function as oxygen and the nutrient come to be supplied effectively. Furthermore, the bloodstream affects the adjustment of the autonomic nerve and the function of internal organs. Because I did so, in the sports that a body and the control of the heart are essential, it may be said that the massage is very effective.

I restrain that I make the movement of the muscle better by massage adversely and can soften strain. For the muscle which a state greatly turns into before and after exercise, I can provide an appropriate care. It is common sense by a warm-up before the exercise later that should perform cool-down, but the massage supplements these.

Muscle gets tired after the exercise and is tense, and the fatigue materials become easy to collect, too. As it leads to an injury when I move it in the state forcibly, I stretch out the muscle which shrank, and massage to loosen strain is effective. In addition, it is important that I promote a flow of lymph and the blood by massage so that a fatigue material is not delayed for relieving fatigue.

Various claims are carried out about the effect of the stretch. It is said, "the stretch removes lactic acid from the muscle after the exercise", and "the stretch before the exercise is said to be the opposite effect". An effect of the stretch accepted most widely is improvement and maintenance of the joint excursion consisting of a bone and joints and reinforcement of the connective tissue, and these improve a performance of the exercise. When it performs general stretch for several weeks, it is said to be it when there is a positive change to come to have a long muscular fiber, and it is shown in a study that the animal blood circulation exercising by stretch improves. If it is an athlete for the next game and is the professional athlete who prevents an injury, and wants to increase the strength of the muscle, you should become careful for stretch. However, it may be said that the stretch to help the positive change of the muscle shows an effect in the long term if I exercise for health and weight loss.

As for the ancient massage represented by Thai traditional medicine in Thailand, massage and stretch increased. Furthermore, it may be said that it is the very superior surgical operation method for the health care of the athlete because I approach it for An energy line called the sen.




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