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  Muscle fatigue  

Massage mainly promotes blood circulation by applying moderate stimulation to the muscles from the surface of the body. It can improve blood circulation not only in the massaged part but also in the whole body. Better blood flow increases metabolism, making it easier to eliminate muscle fatigue. In addition, oxygen and nutrients will be supplied efficiently, which will lead to recovery from fatigue and maintenance / improvement of motor function. In addition, blood flow is involved in the regulation of autonomic nerves and the function of internal organs. Therefore, it can be said that massage is very effective even in sports where physical and mental control is indispensable.

Massage can improve muscle movement or, conversely, suppress and relieve tension. Appropriate care can be given to muscles whose condition changes significantly before and after exercise. It's common sense to warm up before exercising and cool down afterwards, but massage makes up for this.

After exercising, your muscles become tired and stiff, and fatigue substances tend to accumulate. If you move it forcibly in that state, you may get injured, so a massage that stretches the contracted muscles and relaxes the tension is effective. In addition, in order to recover from fatigue, it is important to promote lymphatic and blood flow by massage so that fatigue substances do not stagnate.

Various claims have been made about the effects of stretching. It is said that "stretching removes lactic acid from the muscles after exercise" and "stretching before exercise has the opposite effect". The most widely recognized benefits of stretching are the improvement and maintenance of range of motion, which consists of bones and joints, and the strengthening of connective tissue, which improve athletic performance. Studies have shown that stretching can improve blood circulation in exercising animals, with positive changes such as lengthening of muscle fibers after several weeks of general stretching. If you are an athlete preparing for the next game, or a professional athlete who wants to prevent injury and increase muscle strength, you should be careful about stretching. However, if you are exercising for good health and weight loss, stretching that helps with positive muscle changes can be effective in the long run.

Traditional Thai massage represented by Thai traditional medicine is a combination of massage and stretching. Furthermore, since we will approach the energy line called Sen, it can be said that it is a very excellent treatment method for the health management of sportsmen.



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