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  ■Rough skin  

■Rough skin

If you continue to sleep, stress, eat too much, or have constipation, your skin will become rough. Because "skin is a mirror of the internal organs", it is the one that the collapse of the physical condition due to the trouble of the internal organs comes out easily.

In rough skin, there are types of inflammation such as acne and types that cause the skin to become bulky due to dryness. Pimples appear to accumulate heat from stomach upsets and to dissipate the heat. Rough skin and breakouts are reactions that try to get out of unwanted things for the body. It is a function that tries to take it out from the skin when it is not possible to put out by normal urination and defecation. At this time, it is often blood. Bulkiness occurs in the blood iness caused by lack of nutrition, and water poisoning, where the balance of moisture deteriorates. Both types may be caused by stress, binge eating, nutritional and moisture bias. Skin problems, because it is easy to settle spots and wrinkles if left, find the cause, let's improve early.

In Oriental medicine, the cause of rough skin is disorder of the five organs and disturbance of the blood-blooded liquid. It can be seen in the following cases.

In addition to rough skin, if the condition of the stomach is bad
It is thought that the stomach is burdened by indigestion due to binge eating and a decrease in the function of the stomach, and the heat is stored in the body. To release the heat and improve the mind and blood circulation, warm it up and let the heat come out.

If you have oily skin and have acne with strong redness
There is a acne with a core, and there is a possibility that heat has climbed on the face and it is not able to diverge.

If you have pus or fever, there is a painful acne
In addition to redness, if it is purulent, it is thought that there are many cases of complexion such as light ink color, and toxins accumulate in the body.

If acne can be done before or during menstruation
If acne is formed in relation to the menstrual cycle, it is thought that blood is the cause. In such cases, it is necessary to improve the flow of blood.

If there is dryness and itching
It is possible that it does not go to the place where moisture is necessary, and blood is insufficient, and nourishment does not reach the skin.

If there is a lot of stress
It is thought that it is the cause of the insorai which is getting bad. If you know the cause of stress, such as changes in the environment, look at the cause.



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