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  Rough skin  

If you don't sleep well, get stressed, eat too much, or have constipation, your skin will become rough. Since "skin is a mirror of internal organs", it is easy for people to get sick due to internal organ disorders.

There are two types of rough skin, one that causes inflammation such as acne and the other that makes the skin dry due to dryness. Acne appears when you have a stomach upset that stores heat and tries to dissipate it. Rough skin and pimples are reactions that try to get things out that are unnecessary for the body. It is a function that tries to get out of the skin when normal urination or defecation cannot be done. At this time, it is often bloody. Dryness is caused by blood deficiency due to malnutrition and water poisoning that causes imbalance of water. Both types are thought to be due to stress, overdrinking, and malnutrition and water bias. If you leave skin problems unattended, spots and wrinkles will easily settle, so find the cause and improve it as soon as possible.

From the perspective of oriental medicine, the causes of rough skin are disorders of the five organs and disturbance of the Qi-Blood fluid. It is mainly seen in the following cases.

・ In addition to rough skin, if the stomach is not feeling well
It is thought that the stomach is strained due to indigestion due to overdrinking and eating, and the function of the stomach is reduced, and heat is accumulated in the body. To dissipate heat and improve qi and blood circulation, warm it to generate heat.

・ If you have oily skin and have acne with strong redness
You may have acne with a core and the heat on your face may not be able to dissipate.

・ If you have painful acne with pus or fever
If it is not only reddish but also purulent, it often has a complexion like light ink, and it is thought that toxins have accumulated in the body.

・ If you have acne before or during your period
If you have acne associated with your menstrual cycle, it is probably due to your blood. In such cases, blood flow needs to be improved.

・ If you have dryness and itching
It is possible that the skin is not nourished due to lack of water and lack of water.

・ When there is a lot of stress
It is thought that the cause is the stagnation that makes you feel unwell. If you know the cause of stress, such as changes in the environment, remove the cause.



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