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  ■Hair loss, hair snappy  

■Hair loss, hair snappy

It is called hair, and the crispness of the hair is also a barometer of the quality, quantity, and flow of blood surrounding the body. If blood circulation improves, the hair will be glossy and firm. In Oriental medicine, blood is similar to the blood of Western medicine, but it is also defined as something like nutrition that is carried to the blood. As a nutrient, blood is also used to moisturize the body, and to recover nutrients and waste products for each organ to work. When blood is insufficient, the skin becomes dry, the movement of the internal organs deteriorates, and it becomes easy to feel anxiety on the mental side. As for the change of the hair, only weak hair without the cosori grows, and it becomes weak to dry, and it becomes a pasa. If the circulation of blood does not go well, nutrients do not reach the capillaries, and symptoms such as hair loss appear. It is not only a problem of blood, but also a disorder of the liver that accumulates blood and the splenic stomach to build, so it is more effective to stimulate the energy line of the whole body.

There are the following things in daily curing to protect blood, so please refer to it.
Blood-compensated foods: black sesame, walnuts, hijiki, spinach, figs, oysters, etc.
Foods that help blood circulation: safflowers, peppers, azuki, onions, racquets, vinegar, etc.
Good habits for blood, gymnastics to improve blood circulation around the pelvis, half-body bath, early bedtime, warming the body, etc.
What is not good for blood: cold, stress, overwork, partial diet, breakfast, etc.

Hair is equivalent to a leaf, if compared to a plant. The color of the leaves is also bad, and it is withered, and the flower does not bloom. In such a case, no matter how much nourishment the leaves are nourished, it will not be improved. The problem of leaves that are not energetic lies in the roots. By nourishing, moisturizing, and healthing the roots, the leaves come back vividly and beautifully.

If there is a problem with the hair, the trouble of the hair will be improved by making the "scalp" healthy. Capillaries are stretched around the scalp. The thickness of the blood vessels is only about one-tenth that of the hair. Therefore, if the blood is muddy, nutrition will not be able to be turned off immediately. Especially, the top of the head is the place where blood is hard to reach most. The circulation of the blood of the scalp which becomes where it falls immediately. If the blood circulation of the scalp deteriorates, it will cause gray hair and hair loss, so let's stimulate the points while loosening the muscles well.

Sending blood from the heart to the head is also a struggle. Because of the resistance of gravity, if the pumping power of the heart is weak, not enough blood can reach the head. Neck and shoulder stiffness, eye strain, etc. Even if the muscles along the way are swaying, the blood vessels become thinner and the blood flow becomes poor. In the treatment method by traditional Thai medicine, it approaches the whole body, so it is different from the self-massage performed at home.





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