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  ■ED and male dysfunction  

■ED and male dysfunction

It is said that 11.3 million people are not able to have an erection that can satisfy 11.3 million people in Japan. It is estimated that 20% in 40s, 40% in 50s, and 80% in 60s are ED. Japan is famous in the world as a country with a very high incidence of ED. It is thought that the cause is an environment that is susceptible to strong stress due to the complexity of society. Not only women but also men have menopause, but the increased stress may be the cause of juvenile menopause. In addition, lifestyle habits such as excessive drinking, lack of sleep, extreme diet, smoking, and bias in diet are also considered to be factors that cause juvenile menopause. In the case of athletes, it can be caused by extreme exercise.

95% of male hormones are made with testicles. If you are over 40 years of age and complain of ED, depression, sleep disorders, muscle weakness, etc., and testosterone drops below a certain level, you will be diagnosed with male menopause.

The male hormone (testosterone) is also a sex hormone that manages blood flow and erections. This decrease in testosterone causes the body to decline and decrease energy. It can be said that the decrease and decrease of energy is a considerably serious trouble for the man because it causes ED (erectile dysfunction) and middle breakage. The strength of libido is proportional to the amount of male hormones. Energy is also largely related to sexual desire, and male libido is said to peak for 10 years around the age of 25. In general, it is the one that it descends gradually from the time of the age of 30.

Even people who were very interested in women and SEX when they were in their teens and twenties, or are involved in physical problems and work stress when they are in their thirties or forties, and more people are not able to have sexual desire sprung up like they did in their teens and twenties. It is said that one out of every five adult males have subjective symptoms of ED. Recently, however, young men in their 20s and 30s are losing their sexual desire and increasing the number of herbivorous boys, and young people's sex (sex) has been moving away. The rate of virginity among men is also on an upward trend for several years. About 40 percent of men in their 20s have no experience in sex, and 29 years old have more than 50 percent of their sexual experience. You can see that more and more young people are not interested in sex.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) in young people in their 20s and 30s is called juvenile ED. The causes are psychogenic ED caused by mental causes and qualitative ED due to physical causes. The cause of psychogenic ED (functional erection disorder) is stress! Stress and tension in daily life, anxiety and trouble with human relations can also occur. Stress related to work and human relations, of course, pressure on sex itself and past bitter sex experiences (such as being able to break in the middle or not ejaculation) is what becomes ED (erectile dysfunction). It may become a body (erectile dysfunction) that can not be done with a word of a woman who does not mind, such as "poor", "small", "early". Once you lose confidence, it seems difficult to recover from a negative spiral.

There are also physical problems such as lifestyle-related diseases. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels cause ED. High blood pressure causes blood vessels to be damaged and arteriosclerosis because blood vessels continue to be compressed at all times. Similarly, the disease that causes arteriosclerosis Hyperlipidemia is also one of the lifestyle-related diseases that cause ED. When suffering from arteriosclerosis, blood becomes narrower and blood does not come around to every corner of the body, and blood is not transported to the penis, causing ED. ED has a lot to do with blood vessels, blood, and heart.

It is also famous that diabetes causes ED. Diabetes is one of the diseases that is highly associated with ED (erectile dysfunction), and 80% of people with diabetes have ED. In order to have a normal erection, the brain, nerves, spongy body, blood flow, etc. must function without problems. However, when it comes to diabetes, it becomes ED (erectile dysfunction) because it is often seen that neuropathy, the dysfunction of the cavernous body, and arteriosclerosis develop. Other diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, brain trauma, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease cause autonomic neuropathy, which can cause ED. Surgery for removal due to prostate cancer or bladder cancer can damage blood vessels and nerves in the penile cavernous body, and trauma of pelvic fractures and spinal injuries caused by traffic accidents can also cause ED.

Jap Kasai, a traditional Thai medicine, has an amazing effect. It is the one that the effect can be clearly seen visibly such as the improvement of the back pain and the increase of the sperm volume. It is not uncommon for people who can't sleep at night because of chronic back pain to feel pain or become unfaithful after receiving Jap Kasai.




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