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  Tired face  

Is your face swollen, bears under your eyes, sagging under your eyes, or deep nasolabial folds? If your face is tired, you will feel depressed every time you look in the mirror. A tired face can create a dark atmosphere around you or make you care about your surroundings. Above all, if you leave your tired face as it is, you will get an old face.

Leaving poor blood circulation in the face can cause facial muscles to weaken, deepen wrinkles, and cause sagging of the face, so it is forbidden to prolong the condition. It is necessary to take action as soon as possible. The more you leave it, the more it will not recover. If you leave it for many years and once you get addicted, no matter how much you massage, 100% will not return.

In order to eliminate a tired face, it is necessary to take an approach to the whole body as well as a temporary emergency treatment of the face by massage to eliminate the root cause.

What is the root cause of a tired face?

The first is probably tiredness due to a disordered lifestyle. Causes such as lack of sleep can cause "swelling" and "bears". Disordered diet can cause skin problems such as rough skin. Diet and sleep are essential elements for recovery from fatigue, both physically and mentally. When your face is tired, it is evidence of physical or mental fatigue.

In addition, a tired face caused by stress often unknowingly becomes a tired face or a dark facial expression. The effect of stress on the face is great, and when stress becomes severe, the muscles of the face become tense, making it difficult to make facial expressions, and small spasms may occur around the eyes. .. Accumulation of stress can easily cause upsets in various parts of the body, not just a tired face. To prevent these, it is necessary to have a stress release method that suits you and take appropriate rest.

Even if blood circulation is poor due to stiff shoulders or posture, it is easy to see on a tired face. This is because poor circulation can make your complexion look pale and swell. A state of "bad posture" can also cause a feeling of tiredness without tension. In addition, poor posture often causes stiff shoulders. Stretching and massaging not only the face but also the whole body is the most effective way to relieve a tired face.



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