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  ■Children's Health  

■Children's Health

Many top athletes, such as major leaguer Ichiro, professional baseball player Daisuke Matsusaka, professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa, and figure skating player Mao Asada, had something in common. It is that it grew up giving some stimulation to the sole of the foot such as having parents do the sole massage comb every day from the age when it was small, or to exercise barefoot. Is this a coincidence? No, it doesn't seem to be a coincidence.

Already in the world, foot massage is included within the fifth place of the condition of the talent edity education to make a genius, and the experimental data of the United States shows that the motor ability goes up rapidly when the upper part of the foot of the newborn baby is massaged. In addition, the point related to the brain is concentrated in the thumb of the foot, and when the thumb is stimulated, not only can the tension of the body be taken off, but concentration increases, too.

It becomes an open mind when i am doing the sole massage mysteriously, and the child talks variously. By creating such a relationship from a young age, the parent-child relationship will be improved, and the mental state of the child will be stabilized. Isn't the stability of the mind a good influence on various things such as concentrating on things? 

Anyone can easily massage the soles, so please try it. Another thing I recommend is massage per sacral.

There are countless blood vessels around the sacral. In particular, a large blood vessel called the abdominal aorta is connected to the "internal iliac artery" that goes to the pelvis and the "external iliac artery" that goes to the foot, and plays an important role in the blood circulation of the whole body. Low back pain is partly due to the strain on the sacrum and the stagnation of blood flow in the muscles of the lower back. Warming the sacrum improves the circulation of blood, relieves the pain in the lower back, but also activates the bladder, uterus, and intestines around the sacrum.

In addition, a bundle of "parasympathetic nerves" extends from the sacrum to the lower abdomen. Parasympathetic nerves are the nerves responsible for mental stability. It also relaxes blood vessels, promotes blood flow, and stabilizes blood pressure. Only the sacrum can stimulate parasympathetic nerves from outside the body. In other words, the sacrum is the hub point of the autonomic nervous system and blood vessels, and by simply stimulating it here, it is possible to adjust the function of blood flow and nerves at the same time. As a result, not only low back pain, but also the effect of improving high blood pressure and depression can be expected.

When we humans are born, the first thing that starts to move is the sacrum, and then the ogotus bone moves. And when the life is exhausted, the ologism stops, and finally the sacrum stops. Sacral is an important bone related to the homeostasis of life. Such an important sacrum is part of the pelvis. The center of the pelvis is the sacrum. The sacrum is located right in front of the uterus and ovaries in the case of women, and the uterus and sacrum are connected by ligaments. The sacrum is a bone, but it is divided into five, and the first sacrum controls the sciatic nerve and is related to the function of blood vessels in the pelvis. The sacral no 2 control the amount of blood in the genitalorgans and adjust the swelling. The sacral third is related to the sensation of the genitals and affects the erectile power of the man and the state of the vagina of the woman. Sacral no 4 is related to lower back pain and urinary intention. The coldness of the waist and frequent urination can be improved by adjusting here. Sacral No. 5 dominates the sphincter.
Sacral is also greatly related to female hormones. On the sacral bone, there are eight holes on the left and right called sacral holes, and it is a pot used for ED, infertility treatment, improvement of general gynecological problems. The massage of the sacrum activates the "governor's pulse" (tokuyaku) that governs the meridians of "yang" out of 12 meridians around the whole body.

The sacrum is a place where you can't touch it easily unless you are conscious of it, but you can touch it a lot with baby massage. It is said that the secretion of growth hormone becomes active, so please try to massage actively. In our verification, the height of a girl born to parents in their 150-centimeters is now 175 cm tall.




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