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It is said that the environment in which many top athletes grew up, such as major leaguer Ichiro, professional baseball player Daisuke Matsuzaka, professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa, and figure skating Mao Asada, had something in common. That is, I had my parents give me a "foot massage" every day since I was little, or I grew up giving some kind of stimulation to the soles of my feet, such as exercising barefoot. Is this a coincidence? No, it doesn't seem to be a coincidence.

In the world, foot massage is already in the top 5 of the conditions for genius education, and according to American experimental data, if you massage the instep of a newborn baby, your athletic ability will be improved. There is also a result that it goes up. In addition, the acupuncture points related to the brain are concentrated on the big toe, and when the big toe is stimulated, not only the tension of the body is released, but also the concentration is enhanced.

Mysteriously, when I do a foot massage, I get an open mind and my children talk a lot. By creating this kind of relationship from an early age, the parent-child relationship will improve and your child's mental state will be stable. Isn't that stability of mind having a positive effect on various things such as concentrating on things? Twice

Anyone can easily massage the soles of the feet, so please give it a try. Another recommended massage is around the sacrum.

Innumerable blood vessels pass around the sacrum. In particular, a large blood vessel called the "abdominal aorta" is connected to the "internal iliac artery" that goes to the pelvis and the "external iliac artery" that goes to the foot, and plays an important role in blood circulation throughout the body. Back pain is partly due to the strain on the sacrum and the stagnation of blood flow in the lower back muscles. Warming the sacrum not only improves blood circulation and relieves lower back pain, but also activates the bladder, uterus, and intestines around the sacrum.

In addition, a bundle of "parasympathetic nerves" extends from the sacrum to the lower abdomen. The parasympathetic nerve is the nerve that controls mental stability. It also relaxes blood vessels, promotes blood flow, and stabilizes blood pressure. Only the sacrum can stimulate the parasympathetic nerves from outside the body. In other words, the sacrum is the hub of autonomic nerves and blood vessels, and by simply stimulating it, blood flow and nerve function can be regulated at the same time. As a result, not only low back pain but also hypertension and depression can be expected to improve.

When we humans are born, the sacrum is the first to move, and then the occipital bone. Then, at the end of life, the occipital bone stops, and finally the sacrum stops. The sacrum is an important bone involved in maintaining homeostasis of life. Such an important sacrum is part of the pelvis. The center of the pelvis is the sacrum. In women, the sacrum is just before the uterus and ovaries, and the uterus and sacrum are connected by ligaments. The sacrum is one bone, but it is divided into five parts. The first sacrum controls the sciatic nerve and is involved in the function of blood vessels in the pelvis. Sacral No. 2 controls the blood volume of the genital organs and regulates swelling. Sacral third is involved in the genital sensation and affects the erectile power of men and the condition of the vagina of women. Sacral No. 4 is associated with lower back pain and urge to urinate. Cold back and frequent urination can be improved by adjusting here. Sacral fifth controls the anal sphincter.
The sacrum is also closely related to female hormones. On the sacrum, there are eight holes on the left and right called the sacral foramen, which are used for ED, fertility treatment, and improvement of general gynecological problems. The sacral massage activates the "Du Meridian", which controls the "Yo" meridians, out of the 12 meridians that go around the whole body.

The sacrum is a place that you can hardly touch without being aware of it, but you can touch it a lot with baby massage. It is said that the secretion of growth hormone becomes active, so please massage it positively. Our verification shows that girls born to parents in their 150 centimeters are 175 centimeters tall.



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