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◆Elbow Press & Knee Press Free Trial Lesson


The industry group TTMA offers free trial lessons for Elbow Press & Knee Press. I think that compression using the elbows and knees is a technique that must be learned in Thai traditional style treatment. It seems that there are quite a few professional therapists who have the experience of "hand hurts, fingers hurts, tendonitis ..." or who feel the limits of their hands and fingers. Elbow press and knee press are highly recommended essential techniques.

It seems that some salons do not accept elbow presses and knee presses in case of a surgical accident. It's certainly a technique that allows for strong pressure, so if you fail in a sloppy way, you can't deny the possibility of injury. However, what we want to convey is, "If you improve the accuracy and master the method that does not lead to an accident, you can properly loosen the stiffness and express a soft and supple touch like a hand." .. However, I will talk about it in reality, but our feeling is that "about 90% of therapists who use elbows are doing dangerous things."・ ・ ・ ・ Most of the experienced people are wrong ...

In the first place, don't push your elbows down by force. Since the elbow moves in a circular motion, its trajectory is not stable. Even though the direction has not been decided, there is no reason to just push it. This is too dangerous. It's not a watermelon split, so you should stop doing this "blinding" approach. It's too dangerous. The same is true for knee press.

Therefore, we are holding a free trial lesson. I will teach you the tips. I will explain theoretically why this should be done. All of these free trial lessons are by appointment only and will be held at TTMA official schools, so please make a reservation before attending. As a policy, we do not make any persistent solicitations or sales from each school to you, so you can rest assured.




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  [Contents of trial lesson]
・ Fill out the questionnaire
・ Change into training wear
・ Practical training
・ School guidance
・ Individual counseling

[What to bring on the day]
・ Easy-to-move clothes (thin jersey, tie pants, etc.)
・ Writing utensils


[We accept individual consultations regarding future design and opening of business. ]
There are many people who learn for their own health or start as a hobby, but recently, we have been receiving more and more career counseling.

"I want to work as a therapist after graduation."
"I want to open my home immediately after graduation."
"I want to start not only the salon but also the school together."
"I want to do it as a side job while continuing my current job."

The above is the content of common career counseling, but the answer is YES. Everything is feasible. If you contact us specifically, we can propose a more specific plan. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you come to the trial lesson.


[How to apply for participation]
If you would like to participate, please use the application form below or call us. There is a capacity for free trial lessons. Please specify your desired schedule from the marks on the calendar above and apply. Even if you apply with much effort, we may refuse it if the capacity is unfortunately full.


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Elbow Press & Knee Press
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