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  "ALL OF SHIVAGA ANCIENT MEDICINE COURSE SALON & SCHOOL BUSINESS" is, as you can see from this name, all of the massage therapy of Shivaka Traditional Medicine School and all of the knowledge and original techniques that TTMA has cultivated in its 20-year history. This is the course to tell you. We will also tell you the know-how in the promotion activities of Thai traditional medicine that TTMA (Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association) has been promoting, so it will be possible to manage salons and schools. If you are working on a relaxation massage business or a traditional therapy or natural therapy school business as a company rather than individual practice, it would be good for the person in charge or representative to learn in this course. ? Of course, even if you are an individual, you can learn firmly, so you can learn useful skills and know-how for the rest of your life. You should be able to understand not only massage skills but also business thinking, so you should be able to start your career with just this. It is true that the price is high for those who want to learn a little about traditional Thai massage, but for those who want to do business in earnest, the content is expected to be in demand for the future. , you can expect a quick recovery of your investment. We are proud that the price and content will satisfy those with foresight, rather than half-heartedly obtaining a national qualification and being tied up in poverty. I think that there is no other course that collects traditional medicine therapies from all over the world like this.  
  ★ Full support until you can do it!  
  ★ With support even after graduation when you are in trouble!  
  ★ 3980000 yen instead of 7831200 yen if you take the classes separately.  
  ★ You can learn at a real 50% OFF.  
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◇Course period: Maximum of 36 months
◇ Minimum required hours: 918 hours (306 credits)
◇Maximum course time: unlimited within the period
◇ Admission fee: 20000 yen
◇Course fee: 3,980,000 yen
◇ Total payment amount: 4000000 yen
◇Payment method: bank transfer/credit card/TTMA scholarship available
◇This is 3,851,200 yen cheaper than taking specialized subjects separately!
◇ TTMA therapist members can participate in the review for free even after graduation.
◇ The tuition fee includes the cost of textbooks and teaching materials.
◇Demonstration can be filmed freely.
◇ All prices shown include consumption tax.


First, you will learn "Body care Thai style" to find and approach the stiffness of the body. It's the basic part, but it's the most important part. Instant reading of stiffness is an indispensable skill for professional therapists. You will also learn "Herbal ball massage", a thermal herbal therapy of Thai traditional medicine. The technique is very simple, and you just have to push the warm ball against it, so you will enjoy the lesson.

Traditional Thai massage learns two major schools, "Thai Traditional Massage Bangkok Wat Pho Style" and "Thai Traditional Massage Chiang Mai Style". By learning both of these, you will be able to freely arrange the arrangement, thinking, ah, is this okay? You will be able to meet the client's demands more.

If you don't know anything about the body, you may feel uneasy, but at "Anatomy", we ask you to have the minimum knowledge necessary to work as a therapist, so please do not worry. "Foot bath and counseling techniques" is a footbath before treatment. It is intended to read information from the soles of the feet and connect it to counseling. You will also learn "Facial massage" and the popular "Head massage". It's a course for working as a professional therapist, so it's not just technique. You will also learn about "Salon operation" to understand the work in the salon.

In "Table & Chair Stretch Massage", you will learn how to massage with a simple chair and stretching and massage with a massage table. According to the needs of female customers, you will also learn "Maternity massage" for pregnant women and "Baby massage" for babies. You will also learn "Senior massage" for the elderly.

Responding to client needs is a must for a professional therapist. Therefore, we will practice touching the body and accurately capturing the muscles. "Elbow press", "Knee press", "Foot press" and "Power Press Body Care Freestyle Techniques" use elbows, knees and all other body parts to create the desired pressure for the client. The part of the body is a tool, and it is similar to choosing a triangular carving knife, a round knife, or a flat knife. You will be able to understand the characteristics of the pressure that each can express and choose freely.

"Thai traditional massage TTMA style" is a style composed by TTMA (Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association), which is recommended as a practice technique at salons. Compared to Bangkok style and Chiang Mai style, it contains many stretching techniques. Results can be obtained in half the hours compared to them. You can provide a refreshing feeling by stretching and loosening the stiffness properly. At the salon site, it can be differentiated considerably by the accuracy of the stiffness loosening and the large stretch.

``W Yoga Freestyle Stretch & Massage'' is a further development of the TTMA style and mixes it with healing work such as Reiki healing. Traditional Thai massage feels like stretching is included in the pressure, but "W Yoga Freestyle" is the opposite, it feels like the whole body is composed of stretching and includes pressure. It is a sense that the therapist meditating and aligning consciousness with the client and going through energy. This is something that can only be learned here in the world.

You will also learn "Foot reflexology", "Foot peeling", "Hand reflexology" and "Ear reflexology". Join and learn the mindset of the reflex area.

In addition to the two famous traditional Thai massage schools, you will learn many traditional Thai treatment styles. The technique called "Thai Traditional Massage Japsen Mamalek Style" is a technique that treats stiffness as a clit crit, so if the muscles are not in good condition, it will cause pain, but it will be easier after that.

There is also a thing called "Royal Thai Massage". This style called Ratchasamnak is for the royal palace. It is characterized by the fact that etiquette is respected anyway, such as not to step over or step on.

In traditional Thai therapy, you will also learn skills to warm up and condition the body in situations such as mallet therapy called "Tok sen" and postnatal care called "Yu fai". Yu Fai learns "Yu fai Salt pot treatment method" and "Yu fai Herbal sauna" using salt pot. You will also learn "Cream Thai massage" using a cream like oil treatment and "Powder Thai massage" for hot seasons following the flow of Ayurveda. Among the Thai traditional medicines, “Testicle massage Japkasai” for men and “Uterine ovary massage Yok Thong” for women are attracting particular attention recently. These skills are particularly inundated with inquiries that lead to fertility treatments and improved sexual function. In addition, "Hot herbal ball oil treatment", which uses a herbal ball soaked in oil, is performed in traditional Thai medicine, and the essence of herbs invites you to a tropical resort. "Cool herbal ball oil treatment" is ideal for aftercare when you have sudden muscle pain or after exercise. “Pha khao ma Stretch & massage” using traditional Thai cloth is a fun and practical technique. Talksen can also be done on the face. Learn as "FacialTok sen", but it is a technique that is easy to lead to results. The ultimate is the “Yam Khang Fire massage”. It is a massage in which the practitioner burns the feet and uses the feet to treat the client.

You can also learn more hands-on techniques with "Herbs & Cream Jap Kasai Practice Edition" and "Herbs & Cream Yok Thong Practice Edition" as a treatment method that can make a big profit. These techniques are also used in fertility treatment, and since they are approaches to the Kidney Bladder meridian, they amplify life energy and exert an anti-aging effect. "Senkichana", which has no meridians, is based on a theory unique to Thailand, and can be said to be an energy line unlike any other.

In Thailand, so-called therapists are called "Kon Nuat", but there is another occupation called "Mo Nuat". I mean doctors of traditional medicine. "Mo" is a word that means doctor or healer. Even in Thailand, the number of “Mo Nuat” who are familiar with this traditional medicine is decreasing. The successor of traditional Thai medicine is a wonderful study that should be handed down to the future, regardless of nationality or age. I think that I can acquire a fairly high level of knowledge and technology in the industry.

If you delve into Thai traditional medicine, you will need to delve into it because it intersects with the meridian concept of Ayurveda, which is Indian classical medicine, and Chinese medicine. There are experts in each field in the world, but I am reminded that there are almost no people who have a broad understanding of therapeutic theories and skills across fields. Therefore, in this course, we will comprehensively study oriental medicine in a broad sense as traditional medicine. Traditional Thai treatments are influenced by the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda and Chinese classical medicine, but you will also learn these treatments by expanding your horizons to Asia.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine, but it is a pity that many people misunderstand that this is just an oil massage treatment. When translated, it means "science of life", and refers to all health methods with the theme of whether you can be healthy below. In this course you will also learn Ayurvedic practices. Ayurveda oil treatment is "Ayurveda Abhyanga Dosha separate treatment method". After categorizing the body constitution, different oils are selected, and treatments are performed with different rhythms, different pressures, and different touches. So you will also learn the basic theory in "Ayurvedic Dosha theory and diagnosis".

"Ayurvedic Thai Massage", a treatment method that adds Ayurvedic theory without using oil, is a treatment method that can be applied. 'Kati Basti' for lower back pain involves pouring warm oil into a bank placed on the lower back. In "Netra Basti", warmed oil is poured into the eyes. "Shirodhara" is the most famous of Ayurveda. Also known as a brain massage, this technique involves dripping oil onto your forehead, and once you've done it, it's addictively refreshing.

In China and Japan, “Chi Nei Thang”, which massages only the stomach for more than 90 minutes, “Bamboo massage” using bamboo, and the ancient Japanese “Hot Therapy with Loquat leaves” and “Hot Therapy with Konjac” are also therapists. is an essential skill for "Ultimate Japsen Massage" is one of the treatment methods for those who suffer from severe pain on a daily basis, and it is a technique that causes intense pain, but gives a refreshing impression afterwards.

In "Ancient Medicine", by contrasting the energy line "sen" in traditional Thai medicine theory with the flow of meridians in oriental medicine, we will raise the traditional Thai technique to the level of an acupuncturist. There are 10 energy lines in Thai traditional medicine. There are 14 energy lines in oriental medicine, including the 12 meridians of the regular meridian and the gestational and thoracic pulses. Therefore, we do not see a perfect match, but we agree about 70 to 80%. If you can apply this to your treatment, your accuracy as a therapist will increase. By stepping into the theory of oriental medicine, other treatment methods are also upgraded. For example, in "Therapeutic Advanced Chi Nei Thang", you will be able to see which meridians are stuck in the state of the abdomen, and by extension of this, you will also learn "Advanced Facial massage" and "Advanced Head massage". Therefore, techniques such as popular facials and heads will become therapeutic levels.

There are many treatments based on traditional medicine from India, Europe, the United States, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Indonesia, as well as tropical spa treatments. You will also need aesthetic beauty techniques to create beautiful body lines. The all-hand massage treatment that focuses on natural materials is also appreciated by natural clients.

As expected, the standard is the treatment method using oil. "Basic Aromatherapy body treatment", a basic treatment using oil. You will also learn the traditional Hawaiian remedy "Lomi Lomi". Aromatherapy is effective not only with massage, but also with stimulation from classes, so we will learn "Aromatherapy Five elements of aromatherapy" as aromatherapy. You will also learn "Aromatherapy Advance Freestyle" because the results will change if you can do the treatment in freestyle.

And for the trendy head massage, you will be able to perform treatments according to the situation by learning both the “Cream bath” transmitted to Bali, Indonesia and the “Indian dry head spa” that does not use oil. Brush up on your aesthetic skills. In the "Small face facial esthetic technique", "Waist slim esthetic technique", "Hip-up esthetic technique", and "Bust-up esthetic technique", you will learn techniques for correcting body shape, Acquire relevant skills and knowledge.

Since ancient times, "Clay pack mud therapy" has existed all over the world. It seems that there are various descriptions in history, but it is probably the strongest as a detox effect. In addition, “Yogurt spa massage” has a relatively long history, and “Honey Milk & Spice Body Polish” uses plenty of natural essences that everyone will enjoy. "Body scrub" is very effective for exfoliating and promoting skin turnover. In the "Organic vegetable face mask", you will learn how to perform a yogurt-based treatment using fruits and vegetables. It is a nice treatment method for naturalists. Not only for clients, but also for self-care. Recently, among the body treatments, "Chocolate spa massage", which focuses on body polishing, has become a NY celebrity.

Traditional Filipino remedies are sacred and spiritual, but the reality is that these days they are only used as oil treatments. The original “Hilot Banana Leaf Scanning & Treatment” uses banana leaves for counseling and then treatment. Other tropical remedies use banana leaves and peels. "Banana polish" uses banana peel to polish the body, while "Banana wrap" uses banana leaves to wrap the body.

"Hot stone therapy" using natural stones can warm your body in the same way as a bedrock bath, but you will also learn "Basic Hot stone therapy" where you can adjust energy by placing stones in your chakras. You will also learn "Advanced Hot Stone Therapy" to perform oil treatment. In the "Milk Bath & Citrus Bath" you will learn about bath therapy, and finally in the "Detox therapy theory and retreat experience" you will experience the theory of a massage retreat.

As we enter the Reiwa era, the concept of preventive medicine is taking hold around the world. Doctors of Western medicine are also more and more interested in alternative therapies, and in the future, there will be more and more demand for excellent therapists who can perform treatments from a therapeutic point of view. The focus will be on whether you can produce more results than the distinction between national qualifications and private qualifications.

In traditional medicine, the theory is based on the premise that energy such as chi and prana always exists. So we need to understand this energy work as well. The time when spirituality and healing were occult is over, and brain science and quantum physics research have already revealed the existence of consciousness energy. It is known that conscious energy such as meditation and prayer affects the human heart and body. pray. In other words, science knows that just by thinking about others, the hormone "oxytocin" is secreted in the brain and heals one's own illness. The healing energy emitted from the hands of healers is 13,000 gauss of magnetism, and it is also known that this is a level of magnetism that improves immunity. Harvard University in the United States has been conducting scientific research on "prayer" for 50 years. Experiments have shown that healing affects brain waves and exerts a healing effect even from places tens of kilometers away. In the West, healing is recognized as effective for various ailments such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and insomnia. Healing is already recognized as a medical treatment covered by insurance in England. Energy work that uses the power of consciousness is by no means a privilege of the religious world, and anyone can do it if they learn it. If you can send energy without the client's touch, stiffness will be reduced. The students I have taught so far are 100% able to do it, so anyone should be able to do it. Simply put, the key points are breathing techniques and imaging skills. Muscles relax without necessarily exerting strong pressure.

All traditional medicine treatments are supposed to be energy work. Forms alone are meaningless and do not produce much results. That's why it was only taught to a limited number of people, and if you do it with a careless feeling, you will give negative energy to the other person. At this point, the boundary between relaxation and healing becomes ambiguous, but learning as a healer is also necessary.

Learning as a healer is both 1 and 2 purifying yourself. If you can't purify it, you'll be looking at the other person wearing sunglasses, and you won't be able to see them properly. Learning as a healer begins with your own self-healing. In order to work as a healer, you must first face yourself and purify yourself to improve your accuracy. Therefore, we have prepared several programs. Ideally, the "Self-healing meditation program" should be held for two days and one night.

First, we will learn “Singing Bowl Meditation”, “Chakra stone healing”, “Energy line tuning fork sound healing”, “Crystal bed purification”, and “Philippine Traditional Healing Hilot Spiritual Work”.

As a healer, also experience "Prana Experience Work & Self-knowledge Work & Hado Water Practice", "Forest Meditation with Tibetan Vajra", "Sauna & Spiritual Sakaki Banya", "Fire Massage Therapy", "Pendulum & Dowsing" .

In the intermediate level as a healer, you will learn "Reiki Healing/Hands-on Healing" and be able to heal others. The contents are meditation and work to confirm the existence of Ki, work to read the difference in Ki, work to create Ki balls and change the taste of water, remote healing work to send Chi from the back, work to reduce stiffness without touching, kinesiology It's a work to see the reaction of mind. Through "Blind World Experience Retreat", "Wordless world experience retreat", "Near-death experience retreat in a casket", and "Night forest experience retreat", we will also work to raise sensitivity.

In the advanced course, you will learn "Channeling" and "Distance healing" and gain experience in "Practical training intern healer training experience". "Tantric massage" is an ecstatic healing massage that only those who understand how to control spiritual energy can understand. A healing massage using prana techniques based on ancient tantric rituals. It is a treatment method that leads to liberation of the soul by releasing the manifest consciousness and returning to the origin as life at the level of instinct that was born. A massage that forgets everything that oppresses you, allows you to recognize yourself as you are, blurs the boundaries between yourself and others, and realizes the feeling of becoming one with your soul. I can do it. If you do not understand spiritual energy, you must understand spiritual energy work before practicing it, as it will be nothing more than an erotic massage. Buried in the subconscious mind deep in the conscious mind, by fusing the mind and body, sharpen the sense of being a living entity, accept yourself and others, change your perspective, and live healthier. is a method that becomes It is a treatment method that is effective for anti-aging, stress, trauma, mental illness, etc. "Ayurvedic Basti Treatment" and "Ayurvedic Dara Treatment" are both methods for improving reproductive function.

In this way, you will learn a number of massage techniques, but once you know the tricks, it will be easy to learn. Before graduation, through "Foot bath and counseling techniques" and "Salon operation", you will also acquire on-site skills and support your therapist activities. In "Healing Business", you can get a glimpse of business know-how, and there is also a "Practice Promotion Intern" class, so you can understand the know-how for attracting customers. We also follow up on the important business aspects of opening an independent business, such as how to prepare for the opening and how to generate sales. I think it's interesting to develop a clear concept (market-in and product-out) and develop a sense of management to avoid deficits and bankruptcies. In the "Practice therapist intern" performed at the salon site, there is only a heart, but there is also a reward back.

In this course, in addition to "C grade qualification", "B glade qualification", "A grade qualification", "AA grade qualification" issued by TTMA (Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association), "H grade qualification" , you can get the "R grade qualification" by recommending it. You can also receive consultation, advice, and various support for therapist activities. If you can teach all the traditional Thai remedies, you can teach yourself even if you hire inexperienced staff, work as an instructor at a TTMA official school, or run a salon using TMJ (Thai massage cram school plan). You can start school and management at the same time. Of course, you can also set up and open your own school. It is very advantageous in terms of business because it is possible to train inexperienced people and certify C-level and B-level qualifications. In other words, you can do everything you want, including salon management and school management. If you are qualified, you can receive advice and support to work as a therapist from TTMA (Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association). Up to 100,000,000 yen will be compensated for any accidents caused by treatment all over Japan. And if you register as a TTMA official salon, you can receive support even for compensation when you are hospitalized. As long as you are a TTMA therapist member, review participation after graduation is free all the way. Skills once learned are never wasted. The course schedule is set up individually every month, so you can take the course slowly or in a hurry, depending on your future plans.

  ◆What's included (Click the image to see details.)
ボディケアタイスタイル ハーブボールマッサージ タイ古式マッサージ チェンマイスタイル タイ古式マッサージ バンコクスタイル
ヘッドマッサージ フェイシャルマッサージ セラピストのための解剖学・運動学 フットバスとカウンセリング手法
サロンオペレーション TTMAC級推薦テストと解説 フットピーリング フットリフレクソロジー
ハンドリフレクソロジー エルボープレス ニープレス フットプレス
パワープレスフリースタイルテクニック タイ古式マッサージ TTMAスタイル TTMAB級推薦テストと解説 セラピストインターン
イヤーリフレクソロジー タイ古式マッサージ ジャップセン メーカーロンスタイル タイ古式マッサージ チェンマイスタイル チョンコルバージョン ロイヤルタイマッサージ
タイ古式マッサージ ジャップセン ママレックスタイル アーユルヴェーダ理論とドーシャ診断 アーユルヴェーディックタイマッサージ パウダータイマッサージ
クリームタイマッサージ バンブーマッサージ トークセン ダブルヨガ フリースタイル
症状別テクニック 肩こり首こり 症状別テクニック 背筋痛 症状別テクニック 腰痛 症状別テクニック 足のむくみ倦怠感
症状別テクニック ストレス 症状別テクニック 悪寒、風邪の初期症状 症状別テクニック 胃痛胸痛腹痛生理痛 アドバンスハーブボールマッサージ
シニアマッサージ チネイザン 睾丸マッサージ ジャップカサイ 子宮卵巣マッサージ ヨクトーン
ユーファイ ヌントーン ソルトポット ユーファイ ハーブサウナ ビワの葉温熱療法 こんにゃく温湿布
ビジネス プロモーション 店長経験 スクール インストラクターインターン
TTMAA級推薦テストと解説 アーユルヴェーダ シロダーラ アーユルヴェーダ カティバスティ アーユルヴェーダ ネトラバスティ
ハーブクリーム ジャップカサイ ハーブクリーム ヨクトーン ホットハーバルボールオイルトリートメント クールハーバルボールオイルトリートメント
パーカオマーストレッチマッサージ ヤムカーン ファイヤーマッサージ フェイシャルトークセン フェイシャル東洋医学診断
ヘッド東洋医学診断 チネイザン 東洋医学診断 アロマセラピートーリートメント ロミロミ
アロマセラピー芳香療法 アロマセラピーボディトリートメント フリースタイル ボディスクラブ ヨーグルトスパマッサージ
チョコレートスパマッサージ ハニーミルクスパイス ボディポリッシュ ヒロット バナナボディポリッシュ
バナナラップ クレイパック マッドセラピー オーガニックベジタブルフェイスマスク アーユルヴェーダ ドーシャ別施術法
ホットストーンセラピー ベーシック ホットストーンセラピー アドバンス クリームバス インディアンドライヘッドスパ
マタニティマッサージ ベビーマッサージ テーブル&チェア マッサージストレッチ 小顔矯正エステティックテクニック
ウェストスリムエステティックテクニック ヒップアップマッサージエステティックテクニック バストアップエステティックテクニック
デトックス療法理論とリトリート体験 TTMAR級推薦テストと解説 東洋医学経絡とセン 経絡エナジーライン音叉チューニング
シンギングボウルメディテーション チャクラストーンヒーリング 水晶クリスタル浄化 スピリチュアルヒロット
セルフヒーリング瞑想ステイプログラム プラーナ体感ワーク&自分を知るワーク&波動水の実践 森に溶け込む瞑想&チベットバジュラ瞑想 サウナ&スピリチュアル榊バーニャ
炎のサマタ瞑想&中国古典炎の施術法 シンギングボウル瞑想&ペンデュラムダウジング実践ワーク レイキヒーリング・ハンズオンヒーリング チャネリング
遠隔ヒーリング ヒーラー修行
TTMAH級推薦テストと解説 TTMAAA級推薦テストと解説
  ◆Curriculum details
  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Body care How to use your hands, direction of pressure, how to use your body, 1credits 3hours
2 Body care How to find and understand stiffness, 1credits 3hours

Body care Practical techniques for loosening stiffness

1credits 3hours

Body care Practical techniques for loosening stiffness

1credits 3hours
5 herbal ball massage technique 2credits 6hours
6 Traditional Thai Massage/Chiang Mai Style 01
[Treatment in the supine position / legs]
1credits 3hours
7 Traditional Thai Massage/Chiang Mai Style 02
[Treatment in the supine position / legs]
1credits 3hours
8 Traditional Thai Massage/Chiang Mai Style 03
[Treatment in the supine position, arms, hands, abdomen]
1credits 3hours
9 Traditional Thai Massage/Chiang Mai Style 04
[Treatment in a sideways posture / legs, back, waist]
1credits 3hours
10 Traditional Thai Massage/Chiang Mai Style 05
[Treatment in a sideways posture / legs, back, waist]
1credits 3hours
11 Traditional Thai Massage/Chiang Mai Style 06
[Treatment in a prone position, legs and back]
1credits 3hours
12 Traditional Thai Massage/Chiang Mai Style 07
[Treatment and stretching while lying on your back]
1credits 3hours
13 Traditional Thai Massage/Chiang Mai Style 08
[Treatment in a sitting position, shiatsu and stretching]
1credits 3hours
14 Traditional Thai Massage/Chiang Mai Style 09
[Explanation and summary of the meaning and purpose of each technique]
1credits 3hours
15 Traditional Thai Massage/Chiang Mai Style 10
[Explanation and summary of the meaning and purpose of each technique]
1credits 3hours
16 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 01
[Treatment in the supine position / legs]
1credits 3hours
17 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 02
[Treatment in the supine position / legs]
1credits 3hours
18 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 03
[Treatment in the supine position, arms, hands, abdomen]
1credits 3hours
19 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 04
[Treatment in a sideways posture / legs, back, waist]
1credits 3hours
20 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 05
[Treatment in a sideways posture / legs, back, waist]
1credits 3hours
21 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 06
[Treatment in a prone position, legs and back]
1credits 3hours
22 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 07
[Treatment and stretching while lying on your back]
1credits 3hours
23 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 08
[Treatment in a sitting position, shiatsu and stretching]
1credits 3hours
24 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 09
[Explanation and summary of the meaning and purpose of each technique]
1credits 3hours
25 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 10
[Explanation and summary of the meaning and purpose of each technique]
1credits 3hours
26 Head massage technique


27 Facial massage techniques 2credits 6hours
28 Anatomy (skeleton and muscles) 1credits 3hours
29 Kinesiology (posture and muscles) 1credits 3hours
30 Foot bath and counseling method 1credits 3hours
31 Salon Operation: The ABCs of Customer Psychology and Customer Service 1credits 3hours
32 Salon operation: customer service role-playing according to the situation 1credits 3hours
33 TTMA Grade C recommendation test and commentary 1credits 3hours
34 Foot peeling 1credits 3hours
35 Explanation of reflex areas and techniques on the soles of the feet 1credits 3hours
36 Foot reflexology technique 01 1credits 3hours
37 Foot Reflexology Technique 02 1credits 3hours
38 Summary and confirmation of foot reflexology 1credits 3hours
39 Hand reflexology 1credits 3hours
40 Elbow press technique 2credits 6hours
41 Knee press technique 2credits 6hours
42 Foot press technique 2credits 6hours
43 Power Press Body Care Freestyle Technique Practice Edition 4credits 12hours
44 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 01
[Supine position (back) legs]
1credits 3hours
45 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 02
[Supine position (back) legs]
1credits 3hours
46 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 03
[Supine position (back) arm]
1credits 3hours
47 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 04
[Prone position (face down)]
1credits 3hours
48 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 05
[Prone position (face down)]
1credits 3hours
49 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 06
[Supine position (back) 2nd time]
1credits 3hours
50 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 07
[Sitting position (sitting posture)]
1credits 3hours
51 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 08
[Summary and confirmation]
1credits 3hours
52 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 09
[Summary and confirmation]

1credits 3hours
53 Traditional Thai massage advanced edition TTMA style 10
[Summary and confirmation]
1credits 3hours
54 TTMA Grade B recommendation test and commentary 1credits 3hours
55 Training Intern Salon Therapist 10credits 30hours
56 Ear reflexology 1credits 3hours
57 DVD Learning Japsen Style Maker Ron Version 1credits 3hours
58 DVD learning Chiang Mai style Chongkol version 1credits 3hours
59 DVD learning royal Thai massage 1credits 3hours
60 Traditional Thai Massage/Japsen Mamalek Style 01
[Treatment in the supine position / legs]
1credits 3hours
61 Traditional Thai Massage/Japsen Mamalek Style 02
[Treatment in the supine position / legs]
1credits 3hours
62 Traditional Thai Massage/Japsen Mamalek Style 03
[Treatment in the supine position, arms, hands, abdomen]
1credits 3hours
63 Traditional Thai Massage/Japsen Mamalek Style 04
[Treatment in a sideways posture / legs, back, waist]
1credits 3hours
64 Traditional Thai Massage/Japsen Mamalek Style 05
[Treatment in a sideways posture / legs, back, waist]
1credits 3hours
65 Traditional Thai Massage/Japsen Mamalek Style 06
[Treatment in a prone position, legs and back]
1credits 3hours
66 Traditional Thai Massage/Japsen Mamalek Style 07
[Treatment and stretching while lying on your back]
1credits 3hours
67 Traditional Thai Massage/Japsen Mamalek Style 08
[Treatment in a sitting position, shiatsu and stretching]
1credits 3hours
68 Traditional Thai Massage/Japsen Mamalek Style 09
[Explanation and summary of the meaning and purpose of each technique]
1credits 3hours
69 Traditional Thai Massage/Japsen Mamalek Style 10
[Explanation and summary of the meaning and purpose of each technique]
1credits 3hours
70 Ayurvedic Theory and Dosha Diagnosis 1credits 3hours
71 Ayurvedic Thai Massage Practice Techniques 2credits 6hours
72 Powder thai massage technique 1credits 3hours
73 Cream thai massage technique 1credits 3hours
74 Bamboo massage technique 1credits 3hours
75 Tok sen 1credits 3hours
76 W Yoga Freestyle Stretch Massage 8credits 24hours
77 Symptom-specific Techniques by Symptom: Relief of stiff shoulders and stiff neck 2credits 6hours
78 Symptom-specific techniques Symptom relief for back pain 2credits 6hours
79 Symptom-specific Techniques Lower Back Pain Symptom Relief Edition 4credits 12hours
80 Symptom-specific techniques Swelling of the legs, relief of symptoms of fatigue 2credits 6hours
81 Symptom-Specific techniques for each symptom Stress relief 2credits 6hours
82 Symptom-Specific Techniques Relieve initial symptoms of chills and colds 2credits 6hours
83 Symptom-specific techniques Stomach pain, abdominal pain, chest pain, menstrual pain symptom relief 2credits 6hours
84 Advanced Herbal Ball Massage Technique 2credits 6hours
85 Senior massage 1credits 3hours
86 Chi nei thang Technique 2credits 6hours
87 Thai Traditional Mystery Jap Kasai Technique 4credits 12hours
88 Thai Traditional Mystery Yok Thong Technique 4credits 12hours
89 Yufai Noon Thong Salt Pot Treatment Method 1credits 3hours
90 Yufai Steam Herb Sauna 1credits 3hours
91 Hot Therapy with Loquat leaves 1credits 3hours
92 Hot Therapy with Konjac 1credits 3hours
93 Ultimate Japsen Massage 4credits 12hours
94 Business lecture: preparation and flow until opening, points to be aware of 1credits 3hours
95 Business classroom lecture: Laws and contraindications, preparation and arrangements for opening a business 1credits 3hours
96 Business class: creating a clear concept (market-in and product-out) 1credits 3hours
97 Business class: A game that develops a sense of management to avoid deficit bankruptcy 1credits 3hours
98 Training Intern Promotion 2credits 6hours
99 Practical intern 1 day store manager store training 2credits 6hours
100 Practical School Instructor Intern 30credits 90hours
101 TTMA Grade A recommendation test and commentary 1credits 3hours
102 Ayurveda Shirodhara 1credits 3hours
103 Ayurvedic Kati Basti 1credits 3hours
104 Ayurvedic Netra Basti 1credits 3hours
105 Herb & Cream Jap Kasai 2credits 6hours
106 Herb & Cream Yok Thong 2credits 6hours
107 Hot herbal oil treatment 1credits 3hours
108 Cool herbal ball oil treatment 1credits 3hours
109 Pha khao ma Stretch & massage 1credits 3hours
110 Yam Khang Fire massage 2credits 6hours
111 FacialTok sen 1credits 3hours
112 Advanced facial massage Seven star theory diagnosis and treatment method 1credits 3hours
113 Advanced head massage Seven star theory diagnosis and treatment method 1credits 3hours
114 Chi Nei Tsang Senior Diagnosis and treatment method based on seven star theory 2credits 6hours
115 Aromatherapy body treatment technique 2credits 6hours
116 Lomilomi massage treatment 2credits 6hours
117 Aroma therapy 1credits 3hours
118 Aromatherapy Massage Treatment Advanced Freestyle 2credits 6hours
119 Body scrub (salt, herb, rice flour) 1credits 3hours
120 Yogurt spa massage 1credits 3hours
121 Chocolate spa massage 1credits 3hours
122 Honey milk & spice body polish 1credits 3hours
123 Banana leaf scanning 1credits 3hours
124 Body oil treatment 1credits 3hours
125 Banana polish 1credits 3hours
126 Banana wrap 1credits 3hours
127 Clay pack mud therapy 1credits 3hours
128 Organic vegetable face mask technique 1credits 3hours
129 Ayurveda Abhyanga Dosha treatment method 2credits 6hours
130 Hot stone therapy basic 1credits 3hours
131 Hot Stone Therapy Advanced 1credits 3hours
132 Cream bath 2credits 6hours
133 Indian dry head spa 2credits 6hours
134 Maternity massage 1credits 3hours
135 Baby massage 1credits 3hours
136 Table massage 1credits 3hours
137 Chair massage 1credits 3hours
138 Small Face Facial Esthetic Technique 2credits 6hours
139 Waist Slim Esthetic Technique 2credits 6hours
140 Hip up esthetic technique 2credits 6hours
141 Bust-up esthetic technique 2credits 6hours
142 Milk bath 1credits 3hours
143 Citrus fragrance bath 1credits 3hours
144 Slimming detox therapy commentary 1credits 3hours
145 Hot spring cure bath detox therapy experience 2credits 6hours
146 TTMA Grade Rrecommendation test and commentary 1credits 3hours
147 Oriental Medicine Meridian and Traditional Thai Medicine Energy Line Sen 1credits 3hours
148 Energy line tuning fork sound healing 1credits 3hours
149 Singing Bowl Meditation 1credits 3hours
150 Chakra stone healing 1credits 3hours
151 Crystal bed purification 1credits 3hours
152 Philippine Traditional Therapy Hilot Spiritual Work 1credits 3hours
153 Self healing meditation program 4credits 12hours
154 Healer Experience: Prana Experience Work & Self-knowledge Work & Hado Water Practice 1credits 3hours
155 Healer Experience: Forest Meditation with Vajra Pestle 1credits 3hours
156 Healer Experience: Sauna & Spiritual Sakaki Banya 1credits 3hours
157 Healer Experience: Fire Samata Meditation & Classical Chinese Flame Technique 1credits 3hours
158 Healer Experience: Singing Bowl Meditation & Pendulum Dowsing Practice Work 1credits 3hours
159 Reiki Healing Hands-on Healing: Meditation and Ki Presence Work 1credits 3hours
160 Reiki Healing Hands-on Healing Work to Read Differences in Mind 1credits 3hours
161 Reiki Healing Hands-on Healing Kidama Making and Work to Change the Taste of Water 1credits 3hours
162 Reiki Healing Hands-on Healing Distant Healing Work Sending Qi from the Back 1credits 3hours
163 Reiki healing Hands-on healing A work that reduces stiffness without touching 1credits 3hours
164 Reiki Healing Hands-on Healing Kinesiology 1credits 3hours
165 Basic practice of channeling 2credits 6hours
166 Basic practice of distance healing 2credits 6hours
167 A work that sharpens the senses through a blind world 4credits 12hours
168 Communication work in a world without words 4credits 12hours
169 A near-death experience in a coffin. A work that tries to become a corpse 2credits 6hours
170 Work to experience the night forest alone 2credits 6hours
171 Ayurvedic basti treatment 1credits 3hours
172 Ayurvedic Dhara Treatment 1credits 3hours
173 Tantric massage 6credits 18hours
174 Practical intern Healer training 10credits 30hours
175 TTMA Grade H recommendation test and commentary 1credits 3hours
176 TTMA Grade AA recommendation test and commentary 1credits 3hours
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