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[Bamboo massage]


It is a natural treatment method using a bamboo cylinder. A treatment method that applies pressure to each part of the body while rotating a bamboo cylinder is a treatment method that can be performed without burdening the therapist himself.

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  ◇ Entrance fee: 0 yen
◇ Course time: 3 hours (1 credit)
◇ Tuition fee: 19800 yen
◇When using TTMA tickets: 6 tickets

This bamboo massage gives you a unique feeling of relaxation that cannot be obtained with hand treatments. A bamboo cylinder is warmed up to human skin temperature, and the thickness, thinness, and size are selected according to the part of the body and used for the treatment. Bamboo massage is done by rotating and sliding on the muscles, adjusting the force according to the rest of the body. To avoid pain, place your weight along the meridians, avoiding the bones, to create the right amount of pressure.。

  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Bamboo massage technique 1credits 3hours
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