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[A sensory retreat through a blind world]


This experiential retreat aims to train other sensory organs by experiencing the world of the blind. You can see how we rely on qualifications in our daily lives. By leveling up your senses, you will be able to perceive various atmospheres and notice even the smallest details during the treatment. There is a new discovery by exploring without thinking of it as a mere play.

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  ◇ Entrance fee: 0 yen
◇ Course time: 6 hours (2 credits)
◇ Tuition fee: 33000 yen
◇When using TTMA tickets: 10 tickets

There are blind people in the world. Blind masseuses are vaguely recognizable, but so are blind cooks. There are people who climb mountains even though they are totally blind, and people who cross the Pacific on a yacht. very! In short, please try to experience the blind day camp. Do it outdoors instead of indoors. Participants must wear a face guard. Participants will be tied together with a rope to make a bonfire. I will give you a cane. Please note that depending on the weather and other circumstances, the method may be changed even if the purpose is the same.

Bats, dolphins, and whales use their ears, not their eyes, to perceive space. Such special abilities have long been thought to be their special abilities. However, recent research has proven that humans can also acquire this ability with just training. This ability was a skill called "echolocation" or "echolocation", and was never a special ability. Humans can perceive space in the same way as bats and dolphins.

Like Zatoichi, do you want to acquire skills that allow you to sense the presence of enemies approaching from behind, understand your surroundings even in the dark, and perceive space without relying on your sight? Research shows that this is a skill that everyone can learn, even if they're not special. A research team by Lore Thaler et al., belonging to the Department of Psychology at Durham University in the UK, announced that trained visually impaired people can grasp space by echolocation. In addition, it was announced that even sighted people can acquire echolocation skills through training. Details of the research were published in the scientific journal PLoS One on June 2, 2021.

Echolocation is a technology in which an animal emits sound or ultrasonic waves and uses the echoes to determine the distance, size, and direction of an object. This technique is commonly known to be performed by bats and whales. Previous studies have suggested that some visually impaired people perform echolocation by tapping their tongue or tapping the ground with a cane. It seems that training was performed using the click sound emitted by the mouth, and performance was improved in all measured values. And in some cases, sighted people performed better than blind people. Furthermore, it is also announced that 'age and the presence or absence of visual impairment do not have a significant effect on learning rate and echolocation ability.' Any person can learn echolocation depending on the training.

Video of Daniel Kish using his echolocation abilities to navigate unfamiliar locations, accurately describe the shape of a car in front of him, guess the architectural style of distant buildings, and ride a bicycle. can be seen on youtube.

Please remove your smartphone and watch during the program period. He can't go out on his personal cell phone. Light meals are included, so please eat and drink in the forest. The mother house has toilets and showers. In case of emergency, please use the mother house as a shelter.

  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Retreat to experience the world of the blind01 1credits 3hours
2 Retreat to experience the world of the blind02 1credits 3hours
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