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◇Phone 048-787-7226
◇Address 2723-6 Kawataya Okegawa-shi Saitam-ken
◇Open Hours 10:00〜22:00(Last order 20:00)
◇Holiday Non-fixed
◇Reservation Given priority to a reservation


◇Mail Address  
◇Store Guidance In the single house in quiet residential area of Okegawa among the green,Thai male therapists in Japan and Japanese wife runs it.A wife take oil massage for women,a husband is in charge of a Thai traditional massage mainly.
You can have you receive a massage for a feeling as if you disappear in the Thai private house incidentally and were crowded.Would you like relaxed by flow in unhurried time peculiar to Thai ceremony while hearing the sound and the folk music of the wave?
◇Main Menu

■Thai traditional massage Whole body relax coorse
60min 4,000yen/90min 6,000yen/120min8,000yen

■Woman limited whole body oil massage
60min 6,000yen/90min 9,000yen/120min 12,000yen

■Thai style foot massage from the sole - to knee top
40min 4,000yen/60min 6,000yen/

■Guasa massage
30min 3,000yen/60min 6,000yen/90min 9,000yen

◇Access 8min by Taxi JR Takasaki Line Okegawa Station west exit getting off.Or 10 minutes by Bus"go toKawagoe",getting off at"in front of Kawataya branch" bus stop.And 5 min by walk.
◇Reporter's Coverage The home salon which should right say the Thai private house. It is the house where it can be relieved at without hesitation so as to have possibilities to rush as pajamas without looking good.
When when physical condition is poor, ride up by the car?
◇Privilege for Handicapped Unavailable
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