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◆Wellness promotion project
Wellness is a term presented internationally by the World Health Organization (WHO) that means a broader view of health. It means going further into the definition of "health" and pursuing a healthy and positive lifestyle that allows people to live without illness.

Although it is a relatively old term that was announced by American medical doctor Halbert Dan in 1961 as a new concept of health, the health demanded by the times is from "early detection and treatment of diseases" to "prevention and health promotion". It is also a way of thinking that is drawing attention today as it is changing to.

In simpler terms, it does not mean that the body is not sick, but that it means to live a more active social life with both a healthy mind and body. Therefore, wellness is a comprehensive concept that includes improving eating habits, exercising moderately, and living happily on the premise of preventing illness.

According to a study by the American Epidemiological Association (Kaplan-Meier method), it was found that the more people who positively think that they are healthy and spend their days, the more lively, energetic and long-lived they are. The idea that it is important to find a personal outlook on life, purpose of life, and enjoyment in life, rather than deciding whether or not one is healthy by illness, disability, or aging, suggests the direction of wellness. I am. Wellness is not the "purpose" of health promotion, but the "means" for individuals to live better based on their own values and outlook on life.


◆Medical Herb Natural Therapy Promotion Project
We are conducting a project in Okinawa to research and develop treatments to improve the constitution from the viewpoint of preventive medicine using natural herbal herbs. It can be said that the massage treatment method using herbal herbs is still in the research stage. I am convinced that comprehensive natural remedies using herbal herbs are a new discipline aimed at people living in good health and a new agriculture that will lead the next generation.

This project started with the cooperation of Kazuma Nishitsuji and Hokuto Ishihara of MYFARM. It is a new project that can be realized only today when the sixth industrialization of agriculture is recognized. It must also be remembered that this project was realized for the first time by donating research funds from the Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association (TTMA), a non-profit organization that is an authority on traditional Thai medical treatment.

At Okinawa Uppama Farm, we will produce and sell pesticide-free herbal herbs. In addition, we hope that those who visit this farm will be able to alleviate their symptoms by performing massage treatments using freshly picked herbal herbs. In addition, I would like to offer treatment lessons so that I can treat myself with herbal herbs when I return to my home.

We sincerely hope that the clinical research data from the Natural Therapy Promotion Project will be widely disseminated to everyone through the Internet, and that many people will practice preventive medicine as an alternative medicine and realize a healthy and happy life. ..


◆America begins to deny the three major cancer therapies
Do you know the "US Government OTA Report"? OTA is the Technical Evaluation Bureau of the US Parliament, the Research Department of the US Parliament. The agency released a report in 1990, and the US government made the following two rulings in response.

・ "Anti-cancer drugs are not" ineffective ", but the more you hit them, the more they kill the patient."
・"Compared to alternative medicine, anticancer drugs, radiation, and surgical cancer" three major therapies "are ineffective and dangerous."

He recommended a way to choose alternative therapies for cancer treatment. The US government has officially acknowledged the ineffectiveness and danger of cancer treatment in modern medicine. This is big news. This is suitable for reporting at the top of the front page of the newspaper. However, the world media has silenced the news. The Japanese media didn't even tell a single letter.

A major miracle has happened in the United States since the OTA report. It seems that the number of cancer deaths continues to decrease by thousands every year. This is a result of an increasing number of patients refusing highly toxic anticancer drugs and harmful radiation therapy. In this way, alternative therapies for cancer have become mainstream overseas since the 1990s, but in Japan, the main therapies are still the three major therapies (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy).

It is said that cancer treatment in Japan is 20 years behind that in Europe and the United States, but the reality seems not to be so easy because of various interests involved. But did you know that many doctors never take anti-cancer drugs when they get cancer? Did you know that major pharmaceutical companies are rushing to research and develop cancers using crude drugs such as Chinese herbs in anticipation of anti-cancer drug treatment that will be banned in the near future? Did you know that cannabis is a silver bullet for cancer? The hemp component has been shown to have the effect of suppressing the growth of cancer cells. Cannabidiol, the main ingredient in medical cannabis, is known as CBD, and CBD oil is already used in cancer treatment in the United States and other countries around the world.

Huge amounts of money move to treat cancer. So, the information about the huge interests is thus completely slaughtered and never reaches the general public. However, since the advent of the OTA Report, cancer treatment in Europe and the United States has completely changed, and the treatment trend has turned to natural remedies and alternative therapies. It seems that cancer patients have begun to choose alternative medicine in the United States, especially among the intellectuals. The alternative medicines they choose are traditional traditional remedies such as diet, psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, healing and treatment.


◆Modern diseases that become a social problem
Many young people have mental illnesses such as depression and addiction that cannot adapt to society. When I lose my mental balance, I am supposed to go to "Psychosomatic Medicine", but at the hospital, I just listen to him and prescribe a tranquilizer. Tranquilizers have the effect of relieving anxiety and tension and relieving muscle tension, but of course they also have side effects. For patients who have been drugged once, it seems that harmful effects will appear here and there. And gradually, the patient becomes a body that has to take a large amount of medicine and becomes a genuine sick person. If that happens, it will be difficult to reintegrate into society. Of course, doctors know that and prescribe medicines without making explanations fragile. It may be unavoidable for doctors because it is their business, but what kind of social structure is it?

According to the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, "The number of patients suffering from mental illness at medical institutions has increased significantly in recent years, reaching 3.2 million in 2011, which still exceeds 3 million. From the most common, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, dementia, etc., and in recent years, there has been a marked increase in depression, dementia, etc .... " increase. No administrative measures are written here.

The limits of Western medicine are also reflected in aspects such as cancer treatment. Recently, some cancer patients have not been treated, but statistically speaking, cancer treatments such as anticancer drugs, radiation therapy, and surgical excision have a longer lifespan than when nothing is done. Because there is data that will be shorter. Therefore, even if the doctor has cancer himself, he will not receive the cancer treatment that he is giving to the patient. They know that the lifespan of patients will be shortened and they are doing such treatments only because of the cause of the development of medicine. In other words, in the hospital, we are treated as guinea pigs.

These mental illnesses and modern illnesses did not exist in the past, so even if you study oriental medicine, there is no way to deal with them. Western medicine, which is the center of modern medicine, has not yet found a radical cure. So now is the time to go back to traditional medicine, which has a history of thousands of years, and take another approach.

Foods with many additives are sold in Japan. Countries with the loosest standards for additives and openly sold margarines are rare among developed countries. However, the fact that it cannot be changed suddenly may be due to the assumption that the economy and society will be hit.

Stress created by a dietary culture full of additives and an overly complex social structure. These continue to erode the bodies of us modern humans. Despite the fact that one in 40 people in Japan has a mental illness, the country has not taken any steps. In such a modern society, what we at TTMA Lab can do is to try an oriental medical approach with the aim of alleviating each person's illness and improving their constitution. And make each one happy. I hope that will eventually change society.









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