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  Application for elective special course  
  When you apply for the course from this form, it will be a provisional application. Please note that formal application will be at the stage when payment is confirmed. If you are in a hurry, please contact the TTMA School Information Phone at 080-2069-6268. You can choose to pay by bank transfer, cash payment, or credit card payment. We will inform you about the details when you receive the application email. In addition, some courses require admission screening, so we will contact you by email or phone after submitting the form. Thank you for your cooperation.  
Application for elective special course
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◆About bank transfer

  The transfer destination is as follows.  

Mizuho Bank Kamakura Branch (Store No. 760) Ordinary Account No.1052568
Name: HTD Co., Ltd.
* Please bear the transfer fee.



  * Regarding TTMA scholarship split delivery Here  
Please contact TTMA School Information
Free dial(JAPAN ONLY):0120-406-402