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Both therapy and healing have the meaning of "treatment", so it can't be helped to confuse them. Therapy is the act of the therapist using some technique to change the client's condition. It promotes self-healing power by moving the body, acting on the five senses, and working on the mind and body. Therapy is not a medical practice, but it is used as an alternative therapy. In therapy, the practitioner cooperates with the patient to treat the patient. In the case of therapy, you cannot heal yourself. Healing, on the other hand, is the restoration of mental and physical health by resonating the energy of the universe with the energy of humans. Roughly speaking, healing refers to healing energetically. Healing is a one-sided treatment by a healer. Healing is called "self-healing" and you can heal yourself. Double yoga is a treatment that combines therapy and healing.

W (double) Yoga massage is dynamic meditation. There is no fixed procedure. Stretch your fingers, palms, elbows, knees, feet, hips, and head while using the whole body. It is an acrobatic healing method in which the therapist himself meditates and connects with stretching. When you enter the meditative state, your body starts to move freely without thinking in your head. You can naturally create pressure and stretch to reach the client's wishes. This is evidence that the therapist and client energies are united. It is a new style reconstructed by Soichirou Watanabe based on many classical medical theories such as yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Reiki, etc., while being based on traditional Thai medicine. Similar to Thai traditional massage, but different. Much of our clinical experience has helped our clients' minds and bodies improve. It is an energy work that harmonizes everything with you and the other person while taking in the cosmic energy and feeling the energy of the earth. It's important to feel, not think. Do not push with force. It is a free-style treatment that allows you to move freely sensuously by connecting your client and consciousness while meditating with abdominal breathing, always relaxing.




◆W(double)Yoga massage
W (double) Yoga massage is an evolutionary style of Thai traditional massage. It is a school that connects using more acrobatic and splendid stretches. Double yoga massage requires the therapist to be aware of his / her own stretching, breathing and meditative conditions. Traditional Thai massage is also called "two-person yoga" because it involves stretching, but both the client and the therapist perform it in a relaxed meditative state with abdominal breathing. It can have a significant impact on both physical and mental states, but neither the famous Bangkok style, Chiang Mai style, nor government style mentions this.

W (double) Yoga massage is further supported by traditional medicine theory by unraveling not only Thai traditional medicine but also the theory of Indian classical medicine Ayurveda and Chinese medicine (Oriental medicine) that influence it. We have built a remedy for each symptom. By balancing both the body and the mind, you should be able to get in good physical condition and mental stability by receiving and performing the treatment continuously.

There are no routine procedures for W (double) Yoga massage. It is an artistic healing method that allows you to move freely and connect with the therapist's sensibilities. Even if you connect freely, it does not mean that you should do it without permission. Above all, it is important to check the physical condition of the client, observe the physical condition in detail, and provide counseling. On top of that, if you can connect the therapist and the client prana (ki), your body will start to move naturally. It's a breath-taking, or a perfect fit. In the way of thinking in oriental medicine, "ki, blood, water (tsuju)" emphasizes not only the circulation of blood and body fluids but also the invisible vital energy, but if you can control ki, it will be much better. It is something that can be effective in. Double yoga massage is a form of love in which the therapist and client share energy together as energy work, rather than doing the work.

W (double) Yoga massage includes many stretching techniques anyway. There are also dangerous things that can hurt the client if they fail. Many of them were devised by myself. Therefore, this procedure cannot be learned in Thailand. It can provide a refreshing feeling in about half the time of a commonly known Thai massage.

I have been teaching mainly Thai traditional massage at the Thai traditional medicine school, Japan Nuaboran School, but many of the students were experienced and professional therapists. And many people have been saying, "The massage here is different from other Thai massages." In fact, I myself have sought a new frontier that is graceful, brilliant and therapeutically effective. Therefore, I have created a new stretching method myself and have been searching for a treatment method that is effective in a short period of time. I had a quarrel with a famous Thai teacher. He was once told, "The massage you are doing is not a Thai traditional massage!" That may be true. I decided to realize that what I was doing was no longer a Thai massage. Let's call the method of doing yoga stretching by two people as W (double) yoga massage. Although it is based on Thai traditional massage, I would like to develop it as a treatment method that goes beyond that.

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W (double) yoga massage is a more acrobatic massage and stretch, but it is also a treatment method based on the traditional oriental medical theory. Even though I was unraveling Thai traditional medicine, I often hit the wall. The reasons for this are the lack of historical data and the lack of research data as a treatment. If so, I thought I had no choice but to study Chinese meridians and Ayurveda in India. This is because Thai traditional medicine was influenced by Indian and Chinese traditional medicine. Many traditional medicine teachers do not try to get out of their field. I wanted to broaden my horizons more globally by studying a wide range of traditional medicine. And I was able to systematize it by adding traditional medical theory and spiritual sensibility.


◆W yoga massage, the presence beyond the traditional Thai massage
As with Thai traditional massage, the first characteristic of double yoga massage is that it is good for both the practitioner and the client who is the recipient. Unfortunately, many Thai massage schools do not mention the practitioner's own breathing or meditation status, so there are many therapists who break their bodies after graduation. However, in W (double) yoga massage, by sticking to breathing, imaging and meditation, we were able to establish a massage method that improves the therapist's own natural healing power.


◆Western and oriental medicine treatments
Western medicine and oriental medicine have different fundamental ideas. Western medicine treats illnesses that have surfaced, while oriental medicine treats illnesses that have not surfaced (not yet ill) and the cause of the illness is the ideal form of treatment. increase. In oriental medicine treatment, the physical condition is grasped from all viewpoints such as the physical condition such as the condition of the tongue and pulse, the lifestyle habits such as sleep and appetite, and the subjective symptoms such as stool and cold. This makes it possible to understand the patient's true constitution and, as a result, predict the tendency of illnesses that are likely to occur in the future. In the treatment of Western medicine, the abnormal condition is clarified based on the result of the test, and the medicine that directly improves the abnormal condition is administered. Therefore, the effect of improving the abnormality is likely to appear. On the other hand, in oriental medicine, the focus is on cultivating natural healing power rather than treating superficial diseases. All oriental medicine approaches are aimed at eliciting the natural healing power of the patient, and because they are indirect approaches, it tends to take time to feel the effect. And since oriental medicine thinks that the causes and solutions of most illnesses are in our daily lives, it is necessary for patients themselves to review their lifestyles and aim to build a body that is less likely to get sick. In other words, oriental medicine should be with our daily lives, and it is desirable to take it in such a pre-illness stage as "somehow I'm not feeling well ...".


◆Massage as a "Gyo"
The monks work on the "Gyo", but massage is also done as a "line" and has some effect. You can reduce your self-consciousness by "synchronizing with the subject" by massage. The reason why we look at animals and have feelings close to admiration, "I wish they were free." It is proof that we are self-conscious and feel stuffy because we are bound by ourselves. The feeling of "I am" and "I am" is self-conscious. By being self-conscious, we are obsessed with the past and future, and we cannot be truly relieved. Anxiety and regret will not disappear as long as you are self-conscious. "Synchronizing with the subject" can be glimpsed in many examples, not just massage. The violinist does not simply rub the strings with a bow to vibrate the strings, but the whole body of the performer, the bow, and the violin are united, creating a state in which they function as one creature, which is unthinkable for the first time. It produces a rich and loud sound. The racer is integrated with the car, and the potter treats the tools used as if they were integrated with his limbs. In massage, if you increase the sense of unity so that the boundaries where the two come into contact are fused, the self-consciousness that fills your inner self will gradually spread. Then the mind naturally calms down. The idea of ​​"line" of "paying self-consciousness by synchronizing with the object" is a revolutionary psychological technique peculiar to Japan. This is a concept found in the world of martial arts such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, old-fashioned swordsmanship, and aikido, and is rooted in various parts of Japanese culture and is regarded as important. Massage is not just a task, it is also a "line" for mental relief.


◆ Our role
Many people misunderstand the modern history of Thai massage. Thai massage such as Wat Pho style and Chiang Mai style is not a massage method that has been introduced to Thailand since 2500 years ago. The Kingdom of Thailand is only 700-800 years old, and Chiang Mai was a runner kingdom, not Thailand, until 50 years ago. Wat Pho's massage style was created in 1961, and Chiang Mai's massage style was created in 1962 by Mr. Shinton of Old Medicine. After that, the teachers who were instructors at Old Medicine became independent and decided to teach the same thing at their own school, which is the reason why there are still many schools in Chiang Mai. Yes, Thai traditional medicine did exist, but those massages are provisional massage styles designed to be widely learned by the general public, and if this is all, Thai medicine is. It will be very superficial. Thai massage is very pleasant and certainly has some effect. It is an undeniable fact that Thai massage has become a major factor due to the existence of these schools. In that sense, I would like to pay tribute to these schools. However, Thai massage with a fixed procedure is just the tip of the iceberg in Thai traditional medicine. In short, it's superficial. It is also true that learning this does not mean learning traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine has never stopped developing. It is constantly evolving. In the past, stress-related diseases as in modern times did not exist. It is a traditional medicine that was conceived without additives or radioactive contamination, but the environment is almost completely different from the present day. Therefore, in order to bring the traditional medicine that has been used as a treatment for diseases to life, we would like to play a role in conducting research and leaving the data for posterity. To that end, we would like to help those in need by superimposing the ideas of oriental medicine on Thai medicine.

In other words, the approach of "Kamakura Gokurakuji Dojo" is a unique approach based on the fusion of traditional medicine, and it is probably already outside the framework of Thai traditional medicine. TTMA has been working for the purpose of popularizing Thai traditional massage, but in order for Thai traditional massage to continue to live as an effective treatment method even in modern times, it is progressive with more advanced theories. There is no choice but to proceed with the massage. I don't think massage should be someone's personal interest. I think that it is the wisdom of humankind, not that of a country or organization, and that we, the modern human beings, have a mission to continue to develop it and pass it on to future generations.



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