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トップ ダブルヨガマッサージ 無料体験 コースレッスン カリキュラム 施設 アクセスマップ 私たちについて お問い合わせ
From inexperienced, We will teach you all massage practice with individual guidance!! The therapist is a deep work that only humans can do. This school is not a training factory for massage robots. The feature of Coco is the individual instruction that makes the most of each person's individuality. If you are here, you can be the only therapist that no one else can imitate. Most graduates are nominated at the store.
Even if we open independently, everyone is eating with this. Therefore, the price is higher than other schools. It's not worth the school to just explain the inedible skills.
If you don't want to waste your money and time, don't hesitate to enroll in this school.
無料体験 授業見学 ご相談 受講申込
The 14th Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention Intergovernmental Committee held in Bogota, Colombia on December 12, 2019, the Thai massage "Nuat Thai" is an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Registered in. UNESCO evaluates Thai massage as "rooted in the self-care of the Thai farmer society, where a villager who suffers from muscle pain in agriculture asks practitioners to massage."Unlike traditional massage, Thai massage usually involves many movements, including a series of different postures. The practitioner applies pressure not only with his hands, but also with his forearms and knees. Do not use massage oil. According to UNESCO, intangible cultural heritage is subject to registration of traditions and customs that should be passed on through generations, such as "folk songs that people sing and folk tales that are handed down." Traditional Thai massage has been inherited as traditional medicine for many years, and emphasizes the energy line called "Sen". The basic idea is that obstruction of this flow causes physical problems, and improving the flow will bring you closer to a healthy state. In recent years, it has been characterized not only by the acupressure element but also by a lot of stretching movements.
The level is different from that of massage schools there. World-class skills can be acquired here.The purpose of admission to school is to develop skills that will be useful in the future. So, rather than just taking lessons, we feel responsible for getting you up and running.
セラピスト養成総合コース 独立開業総合コース
Professional Therapist Debut Course Feeelance Therapist Course
タイ伝統医学治療家養成総合コース タイ伝統医学指導員養成総合コース
Ancient Thai Therapist Course Ancient Oriental Medicine Therapist Course
スピリチュアルヒーラー養成総合コース エステティック自然療法総合コース
Spiritual Healer Course Esthe & Spa Naturopathy Course
オールオブシヴァカ サロン&スクールビジネス総合コース  
All Of SHIVAGA Ancient Medicine Course  
Value Package  
タイ古式マッサージバンコクスタイル タイ古式マッサージチェンマイスタイル タイ古式マッサージ・ジャップセン・ママレックスタイル ボディケアタイスタイル タイ古式マッサージTTMAスタイル アクロバティックタイストレッチ
ダブルヨガフリースタイル・ストレッチ&マッサージ クリームタイマッサージ パウダータイマッサージ ハーブボールマッサージ アドバンスハーブボールマッサージ
バンブーマッサージ ロミロミ ヒロット チョコレートスパマッサージ テーブル&チェア ストレッチ&マッサージ トークセン
フットバスとカウンセリング手法 フットピーリング 解剖学・運動学 アロマセラピーボディトリートメント ベーシック オーガニックベジタブルフェイスマスク アーユルヴェーダ シロダーラ
バナナポリッシュ バナナラップ ボディスクラブ ヘッドマッサージ フェイシャルマッサージ ルーシーダットン
エルボープレス ニープレス パワープレスボディケア フリースタイルテクニック アロマ芳香療法 アーユルヴェーダ アビヤンガ アロマセラピーボディトリートメント フリースタイル
ヨーグルトスパマッサージ ホットストーンセラピーベーシック ホットストーンセラピー アドバンス ハンドリフレクソロジー 症状別テクニック 肩こり首こり編 症状別テクニック 背筋痛編
症状別テクニック 腰痛編 症状別テクニック 脚のむくみ 倦怠感 症状別テクニック ストレスの緩和編 症状別テクニック 悪寒・風邪の初期症状編 症状別テクニック 胃痛腹痛胸痛生理痛編 ミルクバス・シトラスバス
ユーファイ ヌントーン ユーファイ ハーブサウナ クレイパック マッドセラピー ハニー&ミルクスパイス ボディポリッシュ ビワの葉温熱療法 こんにゃく温湿布
アーユルヴェーダ ネトラバスティ アーユルヴェーダ カティバスティ チャクラ ストーンヒーリング 経絡 サウンドヒーリング クリスタルクォーツヒーリング シニアマッサージ
ベビーマッサージ マタニティマッサージ クリームバス インディアンドライヘッドスパ 小顔エステティックテクニック ウエストスリムエステティックテクニック
ヒップアップ エステティックテクニック バストアップ エステティックテクニック ジャップカサイ アドバンス ヨクトーン アドバンス 経絡とエネルギーライン セン タイ古式ショートレッスン
タイ古式ワンデーレッスン リトリートデトックス療法 ホットハーブボール オイルトリートメント ヤムカーン ファイヤーマッサージ フェイシャル トークセン クールハーブボール オイルトリートメント
パーカオマー ストレッチ&マッサージ イヤーリフレクソロジー チネイザン アドバンス 東洋医学診断 フェイシャルマッサージ アドバンス 東洋医学診断 ヘッドマッサージ アドバンス 東洋医学診断 アーユルヴェーダ ドーシャ カウンセリング
R_grade H_grade C_grade B_grade A_grade AA_grade
筋肉疲労 腰痛 背痛 肩こり 首こり 眼精疲労 慢性疲労 倦怠感 無気力 冷え むくみ ストレス 不眠症
咳のど胸の痛み 悪寒 風邪の式症状 頭痛 めまい 肥満 いらいら 憂鬱不安症 自律神経失調症 うつ精神疾患 便秘 肌荒れ 疲れ顔
くすみ 抜け毛髪のぱさつき 生理不順 PMS 更年期障害 ED男性機能障害 性欲減退 不妊 子供の健康 高血圧症 膠原病 腹水 病中病後療養
TTMA Certified Instructor
Satoru Tomatsu
After being taught by a salon and becoming a therapist, I experienced it there for several years, but even if I try to become independent, I get a lot of anxiety and can't take my steps. Certainly, I think it's no surprise that even after years of repeating the work, I am not anxious after being taught the procedure. However, there are many people who were actually inexperienced in our school and started their business upon graduation. There are differences in the scale of business, from home salons to the development of multiple stores, but most have continued for many years to this day. You can think of all the salons you are familiar with as graduates of our school. It boasts the highest professional share rate in the industry and the number of successful independent practitioners. In my opinion, I don't think that on-site experience is necessary. You can open your business immediately after graduation. What is the difference between being able to open and not being able to open? I think it's all about understanding and application. We believe that simply teaching the working procedure does not make sense. Then just watch the technique on youtube.
TTMA Certified Instructor
Kiminori Kamijo
I think that the most important thing at school is to explain the meaning and purpose of each technique. Regarding the flow and connection, it is like this because it is composed from such a viewpoint, so from another viewpoint, by making such changes, such merits and demerits are born ... If you receive it, you should be able to apply it in the field. Since the size of each body is different, the sense of distance and how to use the body should change slightly depending on the person. It doesn't matter whether the Bangkok style is good or the Chiang Mai style is good.
TTMA Certified Instructor
There should be the best way for each individual. In other words, you will be able to apply because you can learn the meaning, purpose, viewpoint, and individual way. I will talk about contraindications that should not be done and the dangerous potential behind them. So, not only can students learn the steps, but they can understand the whole thing. When you open a salon, you are in a position where you must make the final judgment and take responsibility. Therefore, there are customers with various problems, so it is difficult to be a customer unless it is necessary to instantly judge each symptom and assemble the treatment on a custom-made basis.
TTMA Certified Instructor
Our school is particular about how to teach, above all. You can apply it if you understand it thoroughly. I know how to deal with it. Otherwise, you can't open your business. Even if we are inexperienced, we are confident that we will acquire the skills to be able to open a business. Of course we will support you even after opening. What we are telling you is quite different from the workshop, which is just a superficial explanation. I have been eating rice for 20 years. Please trust me and leave it to me.

Permanent attendance system that can be taken even after graduation

I often hear from the therapists who go to many schools many times. But it's a waste to forget the skills you learned after graduation. If you obtain a qualification in the General Course and register as a TTMA member, you will be able to participate in the lessons as an OB even after graduation. That is why we operate with a system that ensures that what we learn is not wasted. You can consult with us about any problems you may have after graduation. We have a support system that you can consult about anything such as opening preparations, advertising, attracting customers, homepage, recruiting staff, anything. * TTMA membership support will be charged separately.


Safe accident compensation support

The most important thing for a therapist to avoid is to injure the customer. Our school is an official school of Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association (TTMA). Therefore, the TTMA professional therapist qualification recommendation support is included in the comprehensive course. If you can get a qualification, you will get accident compensation support up to 100 million yen nationwide. In case of an accident, TTMA will take care of everything. Qualified members can receive a lot of support besides this. We look forward to your support for everyone after graduation. * TTMA membership support will be charged separately.


Small-group tutoring

Lessons are not just about learning the procedure, but stance, feeling, breathing, interval, rhythm, and imaging are important. Therefore, it is necessary to explain in detail. The only way to do that is with a small group lesson. There are only 3 pairs, as the class size is limited to 6 students. We always carry out detailed individual guidance. We also offer lessons in English for foreigners.


Open the dojo for free!

If you want to be a professional therapist, practice first. Second practice. On days when lessons are closed, the dojo is open for free so that students can use it freely. There is also a teacher's DVD. While watching this, you can even develop a detailed nuance and a sense of speed. Our school is designed to help students improve, and we have a learning environment. For reservations to use the dojo for self-study, ask the person in charge of the secretariat for the date and time.


All you can take photos / videos

You can take photos and videos as much as you want at the lesson. There are several schools, but basically only those that prohibit photography. Our school's technology is the world's top level, so it is not so easy to imitate, but we are allowed to shoot because we are absolutely confident. It's a big deal, so don't just shoot your hands and fingers, but take a look at your waist usage, stance, sense of distance, and body orientation. At first, all I care about is the procedure, but when it improves, why doesn't it work? I have a question. This is useful in such cases. The video you shoot becomes your property. You are also allowed to take lesson scenes and post them on SNS. However, it is necessary to give up the portrait right to each other.


Employment / opening consultation

In the General Course, we are open to any employment consultation. If you feel uneasy about the future, please feel free to call out even while you are in school. The TTMA Group affiliated salons provide job services for graduates of TTMA certified schools. In addition, there are many OBOGs who have succeeded in opening their own businesses immediately after graduation. Please feel free to contact the staff of the school office.


No accommodation fee required! Free stay without meals

This place is a special place full of natural energy. A venerable place that has continued since the Kamakura period. You may be healthy just by staying in such a place. You say at least that your body is light and your head is clean. It's really great to be able to stay in such a place, but students who are studying can stay without meals for free. There is a kitchen, a bath, bedding and a washing machine, so there is nothing to worry about. There is no need to stay, so there is no extra cost. There are students who often repeat a one-night two-day or two-night three-day schooling stay.


Picnic lunch is recommended

During the lunch break between the morning lesson (10: 00-13: 00) and the afternoon lesson (14: 00-17: 00), I highly recommend a picnic lunch in the garden. A meal is eaten in the woods where wild birds sing and squirrels fly around twigs. The serene hormone "serotonin" is secreted when you take a breather outdoors. A little change is necessary during learning.


Recommended! All you can meditate

Meditating in this place is very meaningful. It is often said that "please meditate", but this place is full of sublime natural energy symbolized by the dragon. By assimilating yourself to natural energy, you can purify your daily fatigue and stagnant feelings, and return to a healthy, original self. By spending time here on a daily basis and being united with this energy, your wish will come true in each reality. It's a great power spot.


Occasionally garden party

Garden parties are only available in the facilities of the whole mountain. A place for communication is important as a place for graduates and students to interact with each other and as a place to relax. So everyone is very good friends. Everyone will bring their own items and serve them on the table to start the party. It may get darker gradually from evening to night. In the forest as far as the eye can see, the friends gathering around the bonfire try to talk seriously and laugh. I usually drink alcohol and massage begins. Anyway, the garden party here at TTMA Sohonzan is exceptional.

You can work at our group salon!
フォレストスパ GODHANDS 一夢庵
TTMA Forestspa Buddha Buddha Buddha GODHANDS ICHI-MU-AN
(Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture) (Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture) (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo) (Kannami Town, Shizuoka Prefecture)
TTMA Forest Spa is an alternative treatment massage treatment facility in the mountains of Kamakura. Natural and folk remedies, traditional medicine treatments such as Thailand and Tibet India are available in the facility of 1,600 tsubo. Forest Spa operates as a central facility for clinical treatment by TTMA, an industry organization that promotes Thai traditional medicine. Traditional medicine massage salon with the theme of Buddha. Traditional medicine treatments from Thailand, Tibet and India are available. There are roadside shops along the main highways in Fujisawa City. GODHANDS is a service in which an agile therapist performs a private room operation in Daikanyama. In addition to traditional Thai massage, we offer therapies of traditional medicine such as singing bowl meditation, chinaizan, japkasai and yoktone. The Japanese space "Ichimuan", which has a natural hot spring and tea room, provides services for clients who are not feeling well. We provide massage treatments for the purposes of fatigue recovery, mental stability, physical constitution improvement, post-sickness treatment, infertility treatment assistance, detoxification, etc. We provide a space where you can relax in the tea room or relax while listening to the murmuring of the river.
Get a professional qualification
from the industry group TTMA
Safe and secure support without exception!!
◆Accident compensation support anywhere in Japan ◆Employment consultation support
・In the unlikely event of an accident ...
・Supports accidents up to 100 million yen

・I got the qualifications so much ...
・I want to work at a salon somewhere

◆Guarantee of work
at TTMA authorized salon

◆Skill up support
・Always work as a therapist after graduation
・You can work while being paid while still student
・After graduation, take another class for free ...
・Participate in free study sessions
◆Rental space can be used ◆Independent opening support
・It's not quite like setting up a salon yet ...
・Use the treatment space only when I need it ...
・I want to open an independent business, but what should I do?
・I want to renovate my home and start ...
◆Workplace worries support ◆Mental care support
・I'm worried about human relationships in the workplace
・My salary is not paid ...
・Is it difficult to be compatible with the family ...
・I have a lot of anxiety about the future ...
◆Reservation reception support
by phone
◆Staff recruitment support
・I want someone to accept the appointment during the procedure ...
・I want you to take it for yourself during the trip ...
・Not enough members ...
・I am not blessed with good staff ...
◆Physical condition improvement advice ◆Business support
・Low back pain can't be improved ...
・What should I do about stiff shoulders?
・I want to make a home page ...
・I want to renovate the store ...
Recommended by professionals
Director of KIZUNA Osteopath
Doctor Masanori Komiya
While I'm running an osteopathic clinic, I would like to honestly say that I myself am very reluctant to be touched by other people. Fear and anxiety harden your body and make you less relaxed. It does not mean that he is an amateur, but it is true even if he is a professional. It may be because I know well how much my body changes depending on the treatment. However, the treatment of the Choro who is also the principal here is completely different. Do you say it's just a snap, isn't it reasonable, is it graceful and bold ... It's a treatment level that is incomparable to the general professional level. It would be amazing if I could master this.
President of IBBA (International Beauty and Beauty Association)
Doctor Noriko Ishii
Choro's treatment goes far beyond the traditional Thai massage. It's obviously not a normal level, whether it's acrobatic movements that often, but it doesn't disturb energy gracefully and fits exactly with the vibrations of the client. I think it's very meaningful to be able to learn directly from that teacher. If it is a level where you can learn the procedure or flow, you may not understand the difference easily, but if you are a person who can massage to some extent, you will surely understand. If you could learn about that teacher from the beginning, it would be absolutely advantageous, and the fees for the school itself are not high, so if you want to learn real skills, there is no other school you can learn other than here.
I'm TANOSHINGO Japanese comedian . As you probably know, I am also a manipulative teacher. I have a friendly relationship with Elder Sensei and have events and work together, but the skills of the elders are insane. I have a lot of acquaintances in the massage and manipulative industries, but I'm the teacher I respect the most in this industry. It is a realm of gods, a category of superhumans and masters. I also learned Jap Kasai and stretching directly from my teacher, but it is a fact that I added power in addition to the technology I had until then. Nowadays, I have a lot of work to do and I am in a difficult situation. By all means, I think it is better for the Choro to teach you. Nominations will come in most, and if you are thinking of doing it independently, it is absolutely necessary.
TTMAチケット   無料相談
タイパンツ無料プレゼント   無料体験レッスン
セラピストインターンで報酬ゲット!   TTMAフォレストスパ
チェンマイスクール   日本ヌアボーランスクール
TTMA   よくわかるジャップカサイ
マッサージ上達のコツ 自然治癒力 ウェルネスプロジェクト
Treatment Report TraditionalMedicine Health Check
特集ページ 渡邊ソウイチロウ

I will tell you the real yoga stretch massage you do not learn a handy lesson. Over the more than 20 years, I've hit the leadership of Thai yoga massage. And, we have been faced with a lot of questions and problems. In other schools, Many people learned the massage such as fixed package of procedure. I do not have never thought that the should I step on the steps that massage is routine. The I think massage is not something never procedures and order. Client of the body in different things each and every, it is not able to exert never effect only go through the same procedure. So, for many of the professional therapist and national qualified personnel until now, I have been teaching massage my own thought. Many of the stretching technique and I have devised, I have to tell it in school lessons. I've been teaching, the last in my massage style, perhaps, it is not a traditional Thai massage.

I was asked from a lot of students. "The what if, can I become a good massage therapist?" I answered. "If you want to be able to be well massage, first, massage it is that you do not think will become good. If provide what clients want, they'll be sure to say" It's good. "" The important thing is to take that first opponent want. And, if the needs and wants that are not in the words to form, so it is good. To do so, in the calm your feelings, if touches gently on the body of the other party, you should know what opponent mind and body are wants what. Because is not each other's body is touching, energy is transmitted to the nature.

I think "massage is TAO."It is a moral, it is philosophy. Rather than impose around the just my theory and convenience, love partner, is learning to build a relationship with each other and respect each other. In calm the mind to eliminate our own. That way, the body is moving on their own, it is something that can massage the other party wants.

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