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  The TTMA facility is located in the Gokurakuji - Inamuragasaki area of Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. TTMA makes this the headquarters of all activities. This is a small mountain where you can see the sea, so if you want to come, you have to go up the stairs. Various plants grow naturally on the site of about 2,000 tsubo, wild animals live, and it is filled with clear air.  
  ◆Lesson studio (dojo)
The lesson studio (dojo) is a space covered with solid teak floorboards, which is known as a high-quality wood. In the alcove, there is a statue of Mr. Shivakgomalabat, who is called the founder of Thai medicine. It is a Japanese space where the sun shines in in the morning and creates a fantastic atmosphere at night.
  ◆Lesson studio (outdoor garden)
In mild weather, the outdoor garden lawn is covered with mats and used as a lesson studio. The lesson while feeling the breath of nature in the green as far as the eye can see 360 degrees is more.

◆living room
The living room is equipped with air conditioning, underfloor heating, and a wood-burning stove. Please spend a relaxing time here while talking with your friends.


◆kitchen & dining room
You can also prepare your own meals in the kitchen. Please use the dining room to have a meal or have a cup of tea. A refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, coffee maker, and of course tableware are also provided. Feel free to use these as well.

  ◆Bathroom/sauna/makeup room
The bathroom is a normal size for 1 person. There is a bath, shower and sauna. We also have facilities for applying makeup.

◆garden terrace
The garden terrace has a table and chairs in the middle of the lawn. Please use it for multiple purposes such as eating and resting. The garden is illuminated when the sun goes down. Please spend an extraordinary time as if you are in a fairyland.


◆Forest meditation space
You can enjoy forest bathing here. Experience the feeling of being cleansed by meditating in the forest. You can see animals such as wild birds and squirrels playing around.

The laundry is a fully automatic type, so if you leave it alone, it will dry. (Please donate the one-time use fee = 500 yen.)
  ◆Stay without meals
You can stay overnight at the dojo for free. Men and women can stay separately by dividing the dojo in half. Please bear the facility usage fee of 1000 yen per day for utilities.
  ◆Private room for accommodation
Sometimes you may want to be alone. A private room is also available in the main building for such occasions. Please rest comfortably in the fluffy bed. There is a separate charge, but you can use it on a daily basis. (1 day usage fee = 3000 yen)
  ◆glamping tent village
About 50 meters away from the main house is the Glamping Tent Village, where tents are set up. You can stay like a private room. Sleeping bags are available for rent, so you can sleep comfortably. Try staying while recharging your energy in nature. Available on a daily basis. (1 day usage fee = 3000 yen)
  ◆Authentic glamping (Nature Healing Lounge The Out)
Sometimes friends may come to visit. Gathering with friends and having a party, or just relaxing with friends is also an important time. For those occasions, we also have glamping facilities. Here, you can stay overnight in a permanent tent, have a BBQ booth, or make a fire with an outdoor stove. You will be charged separately, but you can use it for 24 hours in units of 3 hours. (3-hour usage fee = 7,500 yen) Nature Healing Lounge The Out is located about 200 meters from the main building.
  ※Due to the characteristics of the facility, high heels (especially stilettos) have some problems. Please wear shoes suitable for outdoor activities such as sneakers and boots.  
Please contact TTMA School Information
Free dial(JAPAN ONLY):0120-406-402