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◆Classes are every 3 hours.
One lesson is held every 3 hours.
The morning session is from 10:00 to 13:00. The daytime section is from 14:00 to 17:00. The evening section is held from 18:00 to 21:00 or from 19:00 to 22:00. In addition, if you are staying from afar, it may be held from 23:00 to 02:00 the next day as a special midnight frame. We hold it according to your schedule as much as possible, but it is not always the case because it may not match the schedule of the instructor. Scheduling is done during consultation. Please contact us in advance if you say "Here by all means!"。


◆How to organize monthly lessons in the free time appointment system
The free time appointment system is a mechanism for individually assembling a monthly attendance schedule. The class schedule for one month from the first day of the following month to the 31st of the end of the month will be decided on the 25th of every month. However, the process to make a decision is as follows. Please submit your intention on the 15th day of every month in the base calendar format "x table". The school secretariat will first propose the "first temporary class schedule" on the 20th of every month. Students will be asked to confirm the contents of the "First Temporary Class Class Schedule". And please let us know your opinion. After that, the school secretariat will make fine adjustments. We will fine-tune the schedule based on your opinions. We will propose the "second provisional class schedule", make fine adjustments again, and decide the "final schedule" by the 25th of every month. Therefore, we will make a decision on the lesson schedule for one month while hearing many times. Let's return to the "x table" on the 15th of every month, which is a one-month calendar with a frame for morning, day, and night. Please fill in the cross mark in the frame of the class that you can not participate in this frame and submit it. The school secretariat is responsible for coordinating and coordinating the schedules of students and instructors, so if there are too many cross marks, you may end up in a situation where you can hardly assemble a lesson with this! not. Therefore, it is better to have as few cross marks as possible in the "x table" that you submit first. Of course, we also hear requests such as "I want to take lessons in the afternoon time frame as much as possible" and "I want you to organize the lesson mainly in the evening part as much as possible", but we will assemble the lesson schedule in mutual compromise. We would appreciate it if you could understand. In particular, in the case of the "Comprehensive Main Course", each class is individually organized with an eye on the goal point according to each student's future design. We have set up a monthly schedule so that you can improve your skills smoothly, so it is ideal for everyone to collaborate in deciding on a monthly schedule. In addition, I think there is a feeling that "I want to take this lesson during this time!" In such cases, it is smooth to take a one-off lesson such as a specialized course. For more information, please ask any questions. I will explain in detail.

  ◆For example, this schedule!
For example, it is possible to take intensive lessons this month to solidify the basics, and then take lessons at a slower pace from next month onwards. Also, if you are coming from afar, you can plan to take intensive lessons while staying for several days on a regular basis every month.

◆You can stay at the facility.
During the course period, you can stay without meals at the dojo in the facility. You can arrive and stay not only on the day of the lesson, but also the day before the lesson, so even if you are coming from afar, don't worry. Free.


◆Small groups up to 6 people.
Classes are held in small groups of up to 6 people. It is possible to lead each person to improve because it is a small group system. The teacher will check the details and have them thoroughly improve their skills.


◆Supplementary classes are available for all classes. (general course)
If you miss a class, you can take a make-up class at a later date free of charge.


◆Free time outside of class.
Free time outside of class. You can also study by yourself with your friends. You can also go out to play. There are also fashionable restaurants in the sea and mountains here. It is also good to visit temples and popular cafes. This is a great opportunity, so please enjoy Kamakura. If you apply in advance, you can take private lessons from your teacher, or you can consult with us about your opening plan.


◆You can also earn income as a therapist intern.
You can also earn income as a therapist during your stay. It's a story after the teacher gives OK, but as a therapist, you can also perform treatments on actual customers and earn income. Please spend your stay here meaningfully.


Please contact TTMA School Information
Free dial(JAPAN ONLY):0120-406-402