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At the 14th Intergovernmental Committee on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage held in Bogotá, Colombia on December 12, 2019, Thai traditional massage "Nuat Thai" was held as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). It was registered in. According to UNESCO, Thai massage is "rooted in the self-care of the former Thai peasant society, where villagers who suffered from muscle soreness in agriculture had their practitioners massage." Unlike traditional massage, Thai massage usually involves many movements, such as taking a series of different postures. The practitioner applies pressure not only with his hands but also with his forearms and knees. Do not use massage oil. According to UNESCO, intangible cultural heritage is subject to registration of traditions and customs that should be passed down from generation to generation, such as folk songs sung by people and folk tales that are handed down. Traditional Thai massage has been inherited for many years as a traditional medicine, and emphasizes the energy line called "Sen". The basic idea is that the obstruction of this flow causes physical discomfort, and improving the flow brings about a healthy state. In recent years, it is characterized by including not only acupressure elements but also many stretching movements.


  ◆Thai traditional massage free trial lesson  

The industry group TTMA is promoting the traditional Thai medical treatment, and we are introducing to you the treatment method called "Thai traditional massage" as the centerpiece of it. Since it is a free trial lesson, we do not accept it as a customer, but by teaching you techniques that you can actually use, please give it to your family and friends after returning home.

This is a trial lesson that both inexperienced people who have never touched the body in the past and experienced people can wake up. You can participate completely free of charge, but please note that the dates and times vary depending on each TTMA school. All reservations are required, so please apply using the designated form and participate. As a policy, we do not make any persistent solicitations or sales from each school to you, so you can rest assured.




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June 4th
14:00- Thai traditional massage Now accepting applications
  [Contents of trial lesson]
・ Fill out the questionnaire
・ Change into training wear
・ Practical training
・ School guidance
・ Individual counseling

[What to bring on the day]
・ Easy-to-move clothes (thin jersey, tie pants, etc.)
・ Writing utensils


[We accept individual consultations regarding future design and opening of business. ]
There are many people who learn for their own health or start as a hobby, but recently, we have been receiving more and more career counseling.

"I want to work as a therapist after graduation."
"I want to open my home immediately after graduation."
"I want to start not only the salon but also the school together."
"I want to do it as a side job while continuing my current job."

The above is the content of common career counseling, but the answer is YES. Everything is feasible. If you contact us specifically, we can propose a more specific plan. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you come to the trial lesson.


[How to apply for participation]
If you would like to participate, please use the application form below or call us. There is a capacity for free trial lessons. Please specify your desired schedule from the marks on the calendar above and apply. Even if you apply with much effort, we may refuse it if the capacity is unfortunately full.


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(Questionnaire) If there is a course under consideration, please let us know.
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