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  ◆Chiang Mai Study Abroad Consultation  

The industry group TTMA also supports Thai traditional massage study abroad in Chiang Mai. Traditional Thai massage has become popular all over the world, and more and more people are working in more advanced stretching and subdivided individual styles in various parts of the world regardless of country or ethnicity. I did. Contrary to the spread of these modern Thai traditional methods, some people in Thailand practice traditional styles. I think there is some controversy over which one you prefer, but if you want to get a pure, unarranged style of massage, we recommend studying abroad in Chiang Mai.

Even in authentic Thailand, the number of people who devote themselves to pure Thai traditional massage is decreasing year by year as the population ages. Even in Thailand, the younger generation are those who have become major in Thai massage since it became world famous, so to be honest, it's already Thailand ... because it's America ... because it's Japan ...・ There is no difference. In short, the difference is whether you pursued it personally or let the individual teach you.

When studying abroad in Chiang Mai, we will take the style of learning directly from NBS Chiang Mai's main instructor, "Manufacturer Ron". You can either go to the lesson studio at the teacher's home while staying at the hotel, or you can practice while staying at the teacher's home. It is basically a one-on-one special training.

If you are interested, please come to Chiang Mai Study Abroad Counseling. The schedule will be negotiable, so please let us know your desired schedule.

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