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トップ ダブルヨガマッサージ 無料体験 コースレッスン カリキュラム 施設 アクセスマップ 私たちについて お問い合わせ


  ◆Japkasai opening consultation  

This Japkasai is probably the "most earning head right now". Although it is a popular Japkasai, it is individualized, so please tell us what you want to do with Japkasai. As a matter of fact, there are some people who have learned Japkasai and make a living from this one. Japkasai is originally one of the traditional Thai medical treatments, and although it is not an easy one to pull the part easily, various achievements such as low back pain treatment, hormone balance adjustment, and functional recovery are remarkable. It is a treatment method that appears in. Japkasai is a very painful procedure, not one that promotes a sexual atmosphere. Those who have troubles on a daily basis have no choice but to think, "If you have a hard time, it will be easier." Japkasai is for men, and the one for women is called "Yok Thong". "Yok Thong" doesn't hurt at all, but if you do it for both men and women, it will be effective for fertility.

Recently, we have received many inquiries from customs dealers, but since it cannot be used in combination with sexual services, we ask that you operate them separately at another store instead of inside the customs store. .. We at TTMA are engaged in activities to provide information that is useful for your health. You can participate in the Japkasai opening consultation free of charge. We will respond individually for busy people. The venue is held at a TTMA official school. It is a complete reservation system, so please make a reservation in advance before you come.

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