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  Natural healing power  
  ◆ Reasons why cancer is decreasing in the United States
In the 1980s, alternative medicine was reviewed in Europe and the United States. Cancer mortality has declined in the United States since 1990. On the other hand, in Japan, the number of cancer patients continues to increase. Cancer deaths continue to increase for both men and women. The number of cancer deaths in 2013 is about double that of 1985, and the National Cancer Center predicts that the number of cancer patients in Japan will reach 890,000 in 2015. However, in Japan, there is still no movement to promote alternative medicine for cancer patients. Old-fashioned Cancer treatment is still continued by two methods, radiation therapy and anticancer drug treatment.

◆ Humans have natural healing power
The human body has an immune function. Just as the internal environment inside the body is kept constant in response to changes in the environment, such as body temperature, blood pressure, and water balance, when something goes wrong in the body, a reaction that repairs it occurs. increase. The human body is made up of about 60 trillion cells, but the cells are constantly being reborn, and in a three-month cycle, they are all reborn as new cells. It can be considered that all diseases are not successful in reincarnation of cells. It is said that cancer cells occur even in healthy people, but because they have a natural healing power (repair system), they are eradicating them. Cancer cells proliferate because this repair system does not work properly. Cancer is more common in older people because their immunity generally weakens as they get older. Even in your 40s and 50s, if you continue to be unhealthy, your immunity will decline. All illnesses are the result of somehow impairing the "self-healing power" that humans originally have.


◆ Western medicine alone cannot stop the growth of cancer
The treatment method used in Western medicine is to cut out and remove cancer cells that are large enough to be visually confirmed, and to attack and kill invisible cancer cells after surgery. However, radiation, anticancer drugs, and not only cancer cells but also normal cells are killed together. In other words, in the case of a person with immunity, new normal cells will be created, so the cancer can be finally eradicated, but in the case of a person with weakened immunity, it will only weaken more and more. Western medicine treatment is not wrong. It is necessary to improve the self-healing power while performing such treatment. Don't you think your doctor can cure your illness? The doctor cannot cure the illness. Doctors are never wizards. The doctor only prepares the physical environment to cure the illness. Illness is something you can cure yourself. If you want to stay healthy, you need to improve your natural healing power.


◆ In Western medicine, we look at patient data, not the patient himself.
In Western medicine, the range of normal values ​​is determined based on past data, and if the test value is within that range, it is judged to be normal, and if it exceeds the range, the disease name is given and treatment is started. .. Therefore, no matter how sick the patient complains, the examination will end, saying, "It's okay because there are no abnormalities in the test values." In oriental medicine, this is called non-illness, and although it is not so much as illness, it is a term that indicates a condition that is heading toward illness, but it is regarded as an important stage that may be a sign of illness. In oriental medicine, there is no idea of ​​"normal value" that applies to any person. Because the body is all connected, there is no problem with just one part. For example, just because the liver is bad, no matter how much you protect the liver, if the blood that enters the liver is dirty, the liver will not improve. The dirty blood circulates in cells throughout the body, including the kidneys and heart.


◆ Know the cause of the decrease in natural healing power
Every person who gets sick has a cause. All illnesses and illnesses, not just cancer, are often caused by lifestyle-related disorders, ways of thinking, and ways of life. I think there are many people who think that the "heart" is unreliable because it is unscientific or unscientific. However, the "mind" and "body" are connected. For example, when the body is filled with feelings of "anger," blood vessels contract and blood becomes muddy. Since blood does not deliver nutrients and oxygen properly, the function of internal organs deteriorates at once. In this way, the "mind" triggers the body to be disturbed. Similarly, when the body becomes ill, anxiety and fear disturb the "mind". In this way, the state of the "mind" has a great effect on the body. It can be said that Steve Jobs meditation and fought against cancer by asking himself what the "heart" should be.


◆ Improve your own natural healing power by massaging
You can improve your natural healing power by doing it instead of receiving a massage. Because massaging is the same as adjusting your breathing and meditating. The parasympathetic nerves dominate, the five senses are sharpened, the cells of the whole body are filled with energy, and you can relax and perform light whole body exercise. And it reduces stress and allows cells throughout the body to repair. Not a procedure. It is counterproductive to push it in with force. So many professional therapists are breaking their bodies. I'm not saying that you can do it in any way. There are some tricks to this, but it's the only way to heal your partner and make yourself healthy. I would like you to learn this yoga massage as a health method.





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