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  ◆ Weekend stay
If you want to acquire skills while continuing to work, you can also stay on the weekends. Weekend stay like a villa. With this, you can enjoy Kamakura life at the same time. For example, if you learn on Saturdays and Sundays.
(Sat) Kamakura sightseeing in the morning and noon
(Sat) Lesson at night, go to bed as it is
(Sun) Morning and noon lessons
(Sun) Then go home
Why don't you enjoy the weekend Kamakura life while taking lessons with such a plan?

(In the case of Mr. Sudo)
Start from inexperienced FREELANCE THERAPIST COURSE While continuing to work at the company, attending school and staying on weekends repeatedly. Internship training started 3 months after enrollment. At the same time, preparations for opening and start of word-of-mouth communication with friends. While still working at the company, he pre-opened the home salon 6 months later. Business starts only on Saturdays and Sundays for acquaintances and neighbors. Continue lessons on Saturdays and Sundays. Every time I come, I have a meeting with the homepage and business card design and it's done. Nine months later, the business started in earnest at the same time as the company retired.

PS: After graduating, I have to gain on-site experience at a salon somewhere! I think many people think that, but this is not the case at this school. This is an episode when I treated a friend at home as an intern. The friend was a massage freak who goes to chiropractic once a week, but he always had a lot of stiffness on his back and was told, "I can't get rid of this!" "Anyway, I can't get rid of my stiffness, but give it a try!" The 120-minute treatment started like that. By the time he paid attention to the energy lines of his legs and proceeded from his back to his side, he seemed to have loosened his back. When I touched the state of stiffness in a prone position, it was already loose, so I heard that I thoroughly removed the fine stiffness while pressing it with my elbows. Not surprisingly, the friend was surprised. I was surprised when I tried it on the internship. "I just did what I was told at the school, but the results are so good! Teacher! It's amazing! ... Anyway, it's a school without any mistakes!

  ◆ Short stay
If you want to take a short-term intensive course, we recommend a short stay. If you learn at once and concentrate on learning, eliminate wasted time as much as possible. Another option is to focus on learning thoroughly.
  (In the case of Mr. Yamaoka and Mr. Minowa)
Short-term intensive training with two experienced people. The course is "Choose only the subjects you want to do! Value Package" While staying at the Kamakura facility, you will take lessons every day. It was 10 days spent on lessons and self-study after the lessons, but I took the lessons as if I were a priest. I got up early in the morning and went to Gokuraku-ji and Hase-ji. The morning yoga I did at sea was great. Other than that, I spent time at the Gokuraku-ji facility, but in the garden inside the facility, there are places where you can bonfire and where you can bathe in the forest. The lights turned on at night and it was a wonderful environment where it was quiet and very relaxing. There are also spiritual power spots, so it is recommended to meditate there. I can use the kitchen freely, so I cooked myself and went to the sauna. Although it was a short 10-day stay, I was able to relax like a forest retreat. The content of the lesson is full of scales from the eyes. For the first time, I understood the meaning of what I had done without thinking about it, and I understood the true purpose of the stretching technique I was doing by mistake, so I think I was able to improve my level considerably. I have attended multiple schools so far, but this is not a school that teaches superficial techniques, but rather a school that is truly an important foundation, or a school that definitely improves healing skills. You can level up many times faster than usual. Whether you are an experienced person or an inexperienced person, why not try getting massaged for a short period of time?
  ◆ Long stay
If you stay for a long time, you can also learn practical work in the actual field. If you rent a share house in Kamakura, it will cost about 70,000 to 80,000 a month. In other words, it will take 840,000 to 960,000 in one year. In that case, it may be a wise choice to gain on-site experience while staying at the facility for a long time.

(In the case of Mr. Matsuki)
Retired from the company and started from inexperienced "FREELANCE THERAPIST COURSE" While staying at the Kamakura facility, daily lessons. I also learned the practice of operating salons and schools at the same time. Experience the actual site while responding to various inquiries. In my spare time, I study with my friends, bathe in the forest, and meditate. Sometimes I spend fulfilling days while consulting with the teachers about future plans. Five months later, he started an internship as a "GOD HANDS" therapist. You can now get rewards while dealing with real customers. Gradually, the number of nominated customers increased and I gradually became more confident. Lessons and work experience that will continue. And learning as an assistant of the instructor also started. When I take the position of instructing students, when I change my perspective, I can see many things that I couldn't see before. While envisioning an independent opening plan after graduation, I began to see more and more concrete practices. While consulting on the design of the homepage and business cards, I started to prepare a detailed plan to start the business immediately after graduation. We started while being taught about WEB promotion using SNS such as Facebook and Instagram. After 12 months, I graduated on a sunny day. It was successfully opened a month later. It was a year in which I, who didn't understand anything at all, learned massage techniques, business know-how, practical work, and experience as a therapist. If it was easy, I had a lot of things to do, but even though I was busy, it was a fulfilling year like never before, such as meeting friends, having lunch at a cafe, playing in the sea, and visiting shrines. ..

PS: I remember being very anxious to start with completely inexperienced. I wondered if I could really do it, or if it wasn't suitable at all. I can't explain how much I can practice and how much I can do, it depends on the person, and I can't say anything like advice. Certainly, I can't really feel that I can do it every day, so I was anxious and frustrated on the way. But now that is a nostalgic memory. The elder always gave an accurate and accurate explanation of the cause of the bad part. He gave me convincing advice, "I see." So, at that time, I knew how to face myself. This school does not have a business-like feeling, such as simply digesting the lessons, but it teaches each and every one of them properly. So I don't think you should worry. I think there is no doubt about this school. By staying here, I think that there is probably no other environment where you can learn everything about massage work, dealing with customers, promotion activities, etc. while touching the actual site. Being here gives you very important things that are not included in the curriculum of the lesson. It has become the most important asset for me. Some of the students who started studying at the same time did not study by staying, but by going to school like I did. But I definitely recommend staying here to study.

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