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  Tips for improving massage 10 times faster  

◆ To therapists
Is your massage "healing"? Or is it "treatment"?
What if your massage could turn into a tremendous cure with just a few tips?
You can surely save a lot of people who are suffering from poor health.

What you are doing ... is not just healing.
It's really amazing, but ... you just don't realize it.
There are hundreds of thousands of people in trouble in Japan alone ...
To use traditional medicine as preventive medicine ...
Improve your skills yourself!



One of my students started learning massage from inexperienced, and it was only about half a year ago. When I saw a storytelling with a nose to a person who has been active as a professional masseuse for more than 10 years, I was about to blow out. It was certainly an event in the car on the way back from a massage volunteer after the Great East Japan Earthquake. I was doing the treatment side by side during the day, so I'm sure the other person asked me, so I think I was just answering, but it was certainly an easy-to-understand and accurate explanation, so I listened silently. I remember thinking that the number of years of experience I had had nothing to do with it.

So, I thought I'd give you some tips here, but I'm not going to give you a detailed explanation. This is because if you explain it in words in advance, the feeling you get when you practice it may be diminished by prejudice. That's why I think it's important to be as fresh as possible and just do it without knowing much about its mechanics and effects when trying to tackle something. Since it's a big deal, I'll list some items below, so please refer to them.


・ Forget about the procedure.
・ Nothing is required to be uniform.
・ Do not do the same massage twice.
・ Be aware that interviews are important.
・ Don't try to get better
・ Don't look at it. Feel it with your heart.
・ Fully use the 5 senses.
・ Prepare your mind.
・ Adjust your breathing.
・ Compression is also a stretch.
・ Know the meaning of oppression.
・ Know the meaning of stretching.
・ Don't think. Feel it. So I can move before being told.
・ Wai is meaningless unless you can meditate.
・ Imagine the feeling of the client.
・ Get rid of the power of your hands.
・ Do not stretch your arms.
・ Pushing your feet is not because your feet are tired.
・ Pushing the arm is not because the arm is tired.
・ Don't push hard even if you are told to push hard.
・ Control the area to which pressure is applied.
·Do not push. Go ahead. Get on.
・ Use your waist.
・ Look at changes in body temperature.
・ Feel the pulse.
・ Look at the color of your skin.
・ Check the position of the bone.
・ Do not push your legs. Push your muscles.
・ Do not remove the area around the joints.
・ Do not press it many times.
・ Match your breathing.
・ Focus prana.
・ Connect with prana.
・ Stretch yourself.
・ Adjust the pressure depth according to the purpose.
・ Change the stroke speed according to your purpose.
・ Even if it hurts, be patient for at least 1 minute.
・ In short, the position of the step is important.











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