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TTMA qualification
[Grade-A/Medical Thai Yoga Massage Meister Qualification]


Grade-A qualification is a qualification that can be used both as a therapist and as an instructor at the same time. Guaranteed for all Thai traditional therapy skills, including Thai traditional massage. Of course, the range of accident compensation support will be greatly expanded. As the service support as a therapist member will increase, you will be able to use various benefits that can be used free of charge. You can also run a school business as a TMJ head of a school by being certified by a certified salon. If you receive the official salon certification, you will be able to perform the certification examination of "C grade qualification", so you can train and certify therapists at your own salon. This is a very convenient qualification if you are considering store development comprehensively. The scope of accident compensation for customers also covers Thai traditional therapy in general. Rare treatments such as Japkasai, Yoktone, Chinaisan, and Toksen are covered, so business development is also advantageous. You can secure 100% profit by using the free Japkasai delivery service.

■Combined massage skill certification
This is a certification for combined massage skills. If you receive this qualification, you will be able to receive support covered by accident compensation. With this qualification, the target massage skill is specified in advance.
  ■Benefits of A qualified person
  1. Participation in the massage community
2. Free forest meditation at TTMA facility at any time
3. Occasionally a garden party
4. You can participate in cross-industry exchange meetings.
5. You can get a dedicated email address.
6. Rental salons are available.
7. You can receive accident compensation support up to a total of 100 million yen.
8. Therapist work at a certified salon
9. Free shooting at TTMA facility
10. Online library service can be used free of charge.
11. You can participate in a free study session for qualified people only.
12. General course graduates can participate in class review for the rest of their lives.
13. You can get a school student introduction bonus.
14. Instructor work at a certified school
15, TTMA official salon certification is received.
16. You can participate in mutual promotion meetings.
17, no membership fee. No royalties. GODHANDS member stores can be opened.
18, 100% profitable Thai massage delivery is available.
19. You can take a video correction lesson.
  Learn more about the benefits
  ■Accident compensation target subjects

All treatment methods in Thai traditional medicine are covered by accident compensation.
body care
Herbal ball massage
Thai traditional massage Bangkok style
Thai traditional massage Chiang Mai style
Facial massage
Head massage
Elbow press
Knee press
Foot press
Power press body care
Thai traditional massage TTMA style
Ayurvedic Thai Massage
Acrobatic tie stretch
Foot reflexology
Foot peeling
Hand reflexology
Royal Thai Massage
Cream Thai massage
Powder Thai massage
Yufai Nuntone
Ufi Herb Sauna
Bamboo massage
Loquat leaf hyperthermia
Konjac hot compress
Senior massage
Ear reflexology

◆General Examination Outline Details Grade-A Qualification Certification
■ General exam qualification
This qualification can be certified by taking a general examination. Anyone can take the exam. Upgrade your massage skills to qualifications and get a professional proof.
□Examination items

Judging will be conducted in both the written test and the practical test. 80 points or more out of 100 points will be the pass line. We will also conduct an interview to make a comprehensive decision.

1, Practical test on instruction (time limit 60 minutes)
Practical examinations related to the treatment will teach Bangkok style or Chiang Mai style, which is a standard of Thai traditional massage.

2, Practical test related to treatment (time limit 120 minutes)
The practical test will be judged by the deduction method. Since the certified examiner will be the model, we will perform the actual treatment in the flow from customer service to treatment assuming a store.

3. Interview (up to 60 minutes)
Questions and answers regarding the treatment performed in the practical test regarding the treatment will be held.


□Eligibility to take the exam
There are no restrictions on undergoing a qualification examination. Schools, salons, and anyone who has learned personally can also be judged. No matter how many years of experience you have. In addition, people with visual or hearing disabilities can also be examined without restrictions.
□Examination criteria

1. The treatment can be performed for 90 to 120 minutes according to the client's request.
2. You can feel the change in your physical condition through the treatment within the time limit.
3. The whole composition can be summarized by the combined treatment of Thai traditional therapy.

□Technical examination contents

In the practical test related to instruction, you will be asked to explain the range of questions such as lying on your back, sideways, prone, and sitting. From demonstrations to explanations to specific advice, please use the certified examiner as a student for lessons. The accredited examiner will also ask you questions, and it is hoped that you will give a clear answer.

The treatment related to the treatment can be freely arranged according to the client's request, based on the Thai traditional massage. Please combine the massage therapy of Thai traditional therapy within the time limit and put together the treatment. For example, combine massage therapies such as herbal balls, Toksen, Chinaisan, Japkasai, Yoktone, and Japsen.

□Exam fee
One examination = 45,000 yen
It is based on advance bank transfer at the reservation stage. We will confirm the date and time of the examination after receiving the payment.
□What to bring on the day 

1. Treatment wear
2. Writing utensils
3. ID photo (2 3 cm x 4 cm size photos, black and white / color does not matter)
4. Identification card (passport, driver's license, etc.)
5. Those who know the account number of the financial institution or credit card

□Flow of the day

If you pass, you will be registered as a TTMA therapist member. In addition to taking pictures with a digital camera, please fill out the profile sheet. You will be required to pay the monthly membership fee (1800 yen / month) from this month to the end of the fiscal year (August). From that day onwards, you can receive various service support applications. However, due to the procedure, support for accident compensation will be applied after the 1st of the following month. In addition, for the annual renewal, we will carry out an automatic withdrawal procedure by "Getsugaku Panda". The certificate will be given on the day of the Shivaka Traditional Medicine School as much as possible, but it will be mailed at a later date if it is examined at another official school.

  ■How to qualify without taking the exam
  If you take this comprehensive course, you can get this qualification by recommendation.
By taking this comprehensive course, you will be able to receive qualification from the industry group TTMA on the recommendation of the school.
This comprehensive course is eligible for the TTMA scholarship system. You can acquire all massage skills by paying 30,000 yen every month.
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