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  Eye strain  

Physical fatigue and discomfort caused by working on a computer are directly linked to eye fatigue (eye strain). As shown by the survey, more than 90% of people who are using computers at work and who are feeling physical fatigue or symptoms are feeling "eye strain / pain". There are results. Not many people come to receive traditional medicine just because of eye strain, but there are quite a lot of people who feel more or less eye strain due to various symptoms.

Many people who are feeling eye strain often use their eyes on a regular basis, but sometimes they feel quite strong fatigue even though they are not exercising hard. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, overuse of the eyes consumes the "liver" of the five viscera. It is said that the liver stores blood. Blood is broader than the concept of blood in modern medicine and means a nourishing substance that circulates in the body, but the liver acts like a bank that stores this blood. When the liver is filled with blood, it exerts another important function of the liver, which is to "care". When you feel like it, you feel good and your muscles move smoothly. On the other hand, if you don't feel like it, you will have symptoms such as stiff shoulders and headaches. The state of being stagnant and unable to go around is called "Kitai". Qi is caused by various factors such as stress and coldness, but in modern society, the lack of blood in the liver (called hepatic blood deficiency) is often the main factor.

In Chinese medicine, the "liver" is closely related to the eyes, muscles (streaks), and nails in the body parts. Therefore, lack of blood in the liver can cause eye fatigue, pain in the back of the eyes, dizziness, tight muscles, cramps, poor nail color, and fine vertical wrinkles on the nails. It will come and go. In addition, since the liver is deeply involved in emotional stability, symptoms such as frustration, tingling, and anger are likely to occur. By relaxing the whole body, you can surely relieve fatigue.



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