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  ■Eye strain  

■Eye strain

Fatigue and discomfort of the body caused by computer work is directly linked to eye fatigue (eye strain). As shown in the survey, more than 90% of those who work with computers at work feel physical fatigue or symptoms, according to a survey. There are not many people who come to receive traditional medicine only by eye fatigue, but there are quite a lot of people who feel more or less eye strain with various symptoms.

Many people who feel eye strain often use their eyes on a daily basis, but even though they don't exercise very hard, they may feel a fairly strong fatigue. When interpreted from the viewpoint of Chinese medicine, the overuse of the eyes drains the "liver" of the five organs six. It is said that the liver stores blood. Blood is a nutrient that circulates through the body more broadly than the concept of blood in modern medicine, but the liver acts like a bank that stores this blood. When the liver is filled with blood, another important liver's action of "distracting" is demonstrated. When I feel like it, I feel good and my muscles move smoothly. On the other hand, if you don't feel like it, it will appear as a symptom such as stiff shoulders and headache. A state in which you are stuck and unable to get around is called a "need" or "ascare." In modern society, the lack of blood in the liver (called hepatic blood) is the main factor, although inasorcation occurs due to various factors such as stress and coldness.

In Chinese medicine, "liver" has a deep relationship with the eyes, muscles, and nails in the parts of the body. Therefore, when the blood of the liver is insufficient, eyes become tired, the back of the eyes becomes painful, the dizziness, the muscle is tight, the muscle becomes crowded, the color of the nail becomes bad, and a fine vertical wrinkle comes out to the nail. In addition, because the liver is deeply involved in emotional stability, it is easy to be accompanied by symptoms such as irritation, quilling, and anger. By massage the whole body comfortably, you can surely eliminate fatigue.




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