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  Treatment report  

How much does traditional medicine massage improve your physical condition? How effective is it against illness? At TTMA (Non-Profit Organization Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association), Mr. Monitor cooperated. We have compiled a treatment report through clinical results and verification at the TTMA Group Salon. Basically, by improving the natural healing power, we can see the opening of numerical values, and by improving metabolism, we are also achieving results in dieting. Traditional medicine treatment methods such as Thailand are currently established as a service of general relaxation salons, but with a simple approach of about 60 minutes, only the surface muscles loosen and pressure is applied to deep muscles. It seems that it is difficult to improve your physical condition because it is not transmitted. Clients that can withstand strong pressure can get results, but clients who dislike strong pressure will not get results even if it takes several times as long. It's relaxation, of course, but that's fine ... If you understand a few tips and implications, you'll be able to achieve results that are even more pleasing to your clients. Private qualifications should not go beyond relaxation in business, but if you use massage skills based on traditional medicine theory for family and friends, the purpose should still be to improve your physical condition. is. I'm sure there are many experienced people, but with just a little knowledge and skill, you can get more results than you think. Here are some for your reference.

* PS It depends on me, but I do not go to the hospital except for injuries. As a human being, of course, I get stressed and I have back pain. It can be terrible, but it will be restored soon if you have a member massage each time. The best thing about being able to massage myself is to know where, at what angle, how much pressure and how long it should be applied. Even if the person is immature or just like an amateur, if he / she does as instructed, he / she will be cured immediately. ... This is the real intention.


◆Muscle fatigue

Massage mainly promotes blood circulation by applying moderate stimulation to the muscles from the surface of the body. It can improve blood circulation not only in the massaged part but also in the whole body. Better blood flow increases metabolism, making it easier to eliminate muscle fatigue. In addition, oxygen and nutrients will be supplied efficiently, which will lead to recovery from fatigue and maintenance / improvement of motor function. In addition, blood flow is involved in the regulation of autonomic nerves and the function of internal organs. Because of that ...(→read more)


◆lower back pain

There are many causes of lower back pain, but those who are prone to it have a common tendency. Working on the spot while standing is prone to low back pain due to muscle fatigue and poor posture, which puts a strain on the intervertebral discs. It can be said that it is easy to get back pain. Mild low back pain and low back pain of unknown cause are collectively called "back pain". My lower back suddenly hurts when I hold a heavy object on my lower back ...(→read more)


◆Back pain

Most back stiffness is poor circulation due to muscle fatigue. Stress and eating habits are also related to the cause of back stiffness, but the biggest cause is poor posture. The muscles around the shoulder blades are overloaded, causing tension in the muscles and causing pain and discomfort. Improving the "habit" of the posture that causes stiffness is something to be careful of in your daily life, but it may be easier to do once you have removed the stiffness ...(→read more)


◆Stiff shoulder

A stiff shoulder where 12 million people complain of symptoms. Many people have trouble with stiff shoulders, including "poor posture, eyestrain, weakness around the shoulders, reduced range of motion of the scapula, stress, and poor blood circulation." The true nature of stiff shoulders is "a state in which muscles are tense and do not move + waste is not discharged." A strong massage on a tense muscle will break and damage the muscle membrane. As the damaged tissue heals, the muscles become stiffer and create tension. in short ...(→read more)


◆Stiff neck

The neck supports the head, which weighs about 6 kg as a bowling ball, so if you keep the same posture for a long time, the muscles of the neck and shoulders will become stiff, blood circulation will deteriorate, and neck stiffness and stiffness will occur. It causes pain. In addition to pain, the neck is an important organ that connects the body to the nerves and blood vessels of the brain, so the burden on that part also affects the autonomic nerves and causes various symptoms. If you continue to lean forward due to long hours of desk work, the neck bone (cervical spine) that has drawn a gentle curve ...(→read more)


◆Eye strain

Physical fatigue and discomfort caused by working on a computer are directly linked to eye fatigue (eye strain). As shown by the survey, more than 90% of people who are using computers at work and who are feeling physical fatigue or symptoms are feeling "eye strain / pain". There are results. Not many people come to receive traditional medicine just because of eye strain, but there are quite a lot of people who feel more or less eye strain due to various symptoms. If you are feeling eye strain ...(→read more)


◆Chronic fatigue

"Tired", "pain" and "fever" are said to be the three major alarms from the body. Without these, one might be able to work and play as much as he wants, but his body would be in a serious condition. "Tired" is more likely to be overlooked or overlooked than "pain" or "fever". If you leave it unattended, your tiredness will build up and it will take longer to recover. Tiredness can be temporary, which can be recovered by rest or sleep, and chronic, which cannot be easily recovered ... (→read more)



In Western medicine, the condition of fatigue is not considered to be a disease (except for chronic fatigue syndrome). Therefore, basically, Western medicine does not treat with medicines. It is also a fact that despite the examination, no abnormalities are found and it is often said that there is no abnormality in the body. When asked, "Then, what is the cause of this dullness?", It means that it is caused by mental things, and sometimes people say, "Isn't it because of my mind?" ... (→read more)



I'm not motivated. I want to live a fulfilling life that is always full of motivation and hope. "Motivation" that does not come out easily. When your motivation isn't enough, it may be due to your current physical condition. The concept of the five organs in traditional Chinese medicine consists of "liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys," but it is different from the concept of organs in modern medicine. The concept of the five organs in Chinese medicine means systems such as the digestive system and the circulatory system. The kidney is congenital ...(→read more)



"Cold" is a concept peculiar to oriental medicine. Not many people care about "coldness", probably because it is not in the way of thinking of Western medicine. However, in reality, this "coldness" is often the root cause of various physical disorders. The average body temperature of Japanese people in 1957 was 36.9 degrees. However, the number of people below 36 degrees is increasing now. The reason why the body temperature has dropped may be that the spread of air conditioners and refrigerators has led to the constant cooling of the body ...(→read more)



Edema is a condition in which excess water (water that cannot be metabolized) accumulates in the body or on the surface of the body. "Water" is said to occupy about 60 to 70% of the body. It is said that about 90% of plasma (liquid part of blood) in blood is water, and it is indispensable for life activities such as circulating nutrients throughout the body and controlling body temperature. However, if this circulation of water is stagnant and accumulates in the body, it may cause a complete change and malfunction. In Chinese medicine, this condition is ...(→read more)



Many people think of stress as work, childcare, and relationships, but in reality, we are stressed by so many things around us. Physical factors: Weather, climatic conditions such as temperature and humidity, noise, offensive odors, and environmental issues such as air pollution. Chemical factors: Chemicals and additives. Biological factors: Overwork, malnutrition, lack of sleep, protection against pathogens, etc. Mental factors: Relationships, personality, changes in the social environment, etc. When it comes to stress, a bad image tends to come first ...(→read more)



The optimal length of sleep varies from person to person. Also, even the same person will change depending on their physical condition and life pattern. There is no fixed ideal sleep time, which is how many hours you have to sleep a day. Some people sleep well for five hours, while others can't get up cleanly in the morning without sleeping for eight hours. It is said that Napoleon slept only three hours a day, but on the other hand, there is a story that he often slept on a horse in the daytime ...(→read more)


◆Cough / throat / chest pain

If you continue to cough, you may have a hard time, exhausting your physical strength and disturbing your sleep. It's not so during the day, but at night the cough doesn't stop, the cold has already healed but only the cough doesn't heal, and the cough that involves sputum continues. What are the possible causes of these symptoms? If you have a cough within 3 weeks, the following illnesses are the main causes. Cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, pneumothorax, heart failure. If you have been coughing for more than 3 weeks ...(→read more)



Chills are morbid colds that occur in the early stages of fever, such as tingling or rattling. Chills appear as an early symptom of a cold, like a sneeze, in the case of a common cold, with mild chills for a short period of time, but with the flu, strong chills continue. The general way to deal with chills is to keep them warm and rest, but when you feel chills, it is expected that fever will occur in the future, so warm the room and rest quietly to measure your body temperature. .. And thick clothes ...(→read more)


◆Early symptoms of a cold

Even today, there are no effective remedies for colds. Both over-the-counter medicines and medicines prescribed in hospitals, cold medicines are all about relieving the current painful symptoms. "Common cold medicine" is a combination of antipyretic analgesic, cough suppressant, antihistamine, etc. to relieve headache, fever, sore throat, cough, sneeze, runny nose, and stuffy nose. Colds and flu are completely different, but in hospitals, bacterial infections and influenza viruses can be treated radically, but the causes of colds ...(→read more)



It is said that many people have chronic headaches in addition to headaches as a symptom of colds and high blood pressure. It is said that one in three Japanese people over the age of 15 has a "headache" and more than 30 million people are suffering from it. Because it's so familiar, it's easy to think of it as a "headache," but when it gets worse, it can hinder your life or hide a life-threatening illness behind you. The most common is a headache called migraine, which is like a pulsing Zukinskin ...(→read more)



There are many causes of dizziness. Dizziness caused by abnormal functions in the brain and ears, dizziness caused by anemia, and dizziness caused by unstable blood volume sent to the brain due to sudden changes in blood pressure. There is also dizziness caused by the imbalance of the autonomic nerves due to stress or changes in blood pressure. The dizziness that appeals with such expressions as turning oneself, turning the ceiling, gwangwan, guru guru, governs the sense of balance called the inner ear in the ear.(→read more)



The clinical data on this diet confirmed whether it is possible to really lose weight in a short period of time by increasing metabolism by giving a massage without extreme dietary restrictions such as fasting. We tried to approach several subjects several times, and all of them succeeded in weight loss, although there were differences in weight loss. At the highest value, a 72 kg woman in her 30s lost 9.7 kg in 7 days, reaching about 62 kg. A woman in her twenties who weighs 58 kg loses 4.5 kg in five days. Cases that did not show the most effect ...(→read more)



Anger arises from things that don't go the way you want, that you can't get rid of, and that you don't understand why you have to meet such an eye. Also, in oriental medicine, it is said that anger is greatly related to the disorder of the "liver" route (the flow path of the qi that connects the acupuncture points), and when anger accumulates, the "liver" becomes ill, and conversely. It is said that anger accumulates even if the "liver" is ill. Leaving anger as it is puts a heavy burden on the mind and body. Excessive spirit ...(→read more)


◆Melancholy / anxiety

Anxiety is a common name for a disease called "anxiety" that comes from psychological factors. A strong sense of anxiety triggers physical upsets such as suffocation, sweating, and tremors that interfere with daily activities. Stress diseases mainly involve the "liver", which regulates autonomic nerves and blood flow. "Liver" does not function unless "Qi" and "Blood" are sufficient. Furthermore, since the "liver" is involved in the regulation of blood flow, when stress is applied, there is a further shortage of "blood" ...(→read more)


◆Autonomic imbalance

"Autonomic dysfunction" is a general term for indefinite complaints caused by autonomic dysfunction. And as a feature, even though there are a wide variety of symptoms, no abnormalities are found even after inspection. In other words, it is a disease whose cause is completely unknown in Western medicine. At the hospital, medicines are prescribed as symptomatic treatment. Autonomic nerves, also called involuntary nerves, work independently of the will. The functions of the autonomic nerves include living organisms such as respiration, heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature, sweating, digestion, and excretion.(→read more)


◆Depression / mental illness

In 2011, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare positioned mental illness as the "five major illnesses" along with the "four major illnesses" of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, and strengthened measures from the perspective of prevention. The number of people with stress-related mental illness is increasing rapidly. Every person can feel depressed or depressed because of various events in their lives. However, such feelings of depression and depression can be resolved, or even if the cause is not resolved, the mood can be changed.(→read more)



Constipation often includes skin problems such as pimples and spots, psychological symptoms such as irritability and insomnia, exacerbation of hemorrhoids due to perianal congestion, and other unexplained direct causes such as bad breath and stiff shoulders. There are various symptoms. In oriental medicine treatment, we not only relieve constipation, but also identify and prescribe the constitution by combining these various concomitant symptoms and physical and mental conditions. According to Professor Kobayashi of Juntendo University School of Medicine, people with constipation can try various remedies ...(→read more)


◆Rough skin

If you don't sleep well, get stressed, eat too much, or have constipation, your skin will become rough. Since "skin is a mirror of internal organs", it is easy for people to get sick due to internal organ disorders. There are two types of rough skin, one that causes inflammation such as acne and the other that makes the skin dry due to dryness. Acne appears when you have a stomach upset that stores heat and tries to dissipate it. Rough skin and pimples are reactions that try to get things out that are unnecessary for the body. Defecate with normal urination or defecation ...(→read more)


◆Tired face

Is your face swollen, bears under your eyes, sagging under your eyes, or deep nasolabial folds? If your face is tired, you will feel depressed every time you look in the mirror. A tired face can create a dark atmosphere around you or make you care about your surroundings. Above all, if you leave your tired face as it is, you will get an old face. If the blood circulation of the face is left poor, the facial muscles will weaken ...(→read more)



Skin that is ruddy and has no dullness is slightly reddish, with the blood color of the capillaries flowing under the skin being transparent. On the contrary, if the blood circulation is poor, it may look pale or dull. In addition, when blood and lymph flow are blocked due to poor blood circulation, it becomes impossible to deliver sufficient oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body. This slows down the skin's turnover and keeps dead keratinocytes, which should have fallen off in 28 days, stay on the skin. These old keratinocytes are Mela ...(→read more)


◆Hair loss / dry hair

Hair is called "Ketsuyo", and the dryness of hair is also a barometer of the quality, quantity, and flow of blood around the body. If blood circulation improves, the hair will become glossy and firm. Blood in oriental medicine is similar to blood in western medicine, but it is also defined as something like nutrition that is carried to the blood. Blood plays a role as a nutrient, moisturizing the body, providing nutrients for each organ to work, and collecting waste products. When there is a shortage of blood ... (→read more)


◆Irregular menstruation

Menstrual irregularities include "cycle" abnormalities such as delayed, accelerated, and unstable menstruation, and "volume" abnormalities such as low, high, sloppy, and bleeding outside the menstrual period. In the case of irregular menstruation, hormone therapy such as pills is generally used to regulate the menstrual cycle. However, artificially adjusting the cycle with pills does not cure menstrual irregularities. Unless the underlying cause is remedied, stopping the pill often returns to a menstrual disorder. Irregular menstruation ...(→read more)



Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) causes various discomforts in the mind and body for 1 to 7 days before menstruation. The feature is that they disappear when menstruation begins. Symptoms include physical symptoms such as headache, stiff shoulders, swelling of limbs, breast tension, swelling and dullness, constipation and diarrhea, as well as mental symptoms such as irritability and depression. It is a popular illness that occurs in 20 to 50% of women with menstruation, but there are large individual differences and the cause is elucidated in Western medicine.(→read more)



"Hot flashes" such as hot flashes on the face and body, stiff shoulders, and irritation are typical symptoms of menopause. Although there are individual differences, other symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, insomnia, irritability, dizziness, and depressed mood appear. These occur because the autonomic nerves are disturbed by a decrease in estrogen (female hormone). Since female hormones drop sharply during the menopause, it is easy to feel that the activity ability has fallen sharply and that it has weakened. Also, mentally ...(→read more)


◆ED / male dysfunction

It is said that 11.3 million people in Japan are not currently having a satisfactory erection. It is estimated that 20% of people in their 40s, 40% of people in their 50s, and 80% of people in their 60s have ED. Japan is famous in the world as a country with a very high incidence of ED. The cause is thought to be an environment that is susceptible to intense stress due to the increasing complexity of society. Men as well as women have menopause, but increased stress may be the cause of juvenile menopause...(→read more)


◆Decreased libido

Decreased libido, diminished energy, and weak morning rise may be due to a decrease in the male hormone [testosterone]. Even in depression, the feeling of depression, which is also called the pre-symptom, causes ED. On the contrary, it is recognized in the medical community that ED causes depression. It is also known that while a decrease in the male hormone [testosterone] leads to a feeling of depression, a decrease in [testosterone] occurs in a depressed state. Men who look young, who are enthusiastic about their work, who are popular with the opposite sex, are all Tess ...(→read more)



Japkasai is an ancient treatment that was handed down as a silver bullet for the prosperity of descendants. This is a treatment that we would like couples who are not blessed with children to take as an auxiliary role in fertility treatment. Men are "Japkasai", but in fact, there is a treatment method called "Yokutone" for women. These are alternative therapies that improve male and female functions, respectively. We propose a massage to improve your physical condition as an alternative treatment for infertility treatment by having two people receive each treatment together.(→read more)


◆Child health

It is said that the environment in which many top athletes grew up, such as major leaguer Ichiro, professional baseball player Daisuke Matsuzaka, professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa, and figure skating Mao Asada, had something in common. That is, I had my parents give me a "foot massage" every day since I was little, or I grew up giving some kind of stimulation to the soles of my feet, such as exercising barefoot. Is this a coincidence? No, it doesn't seem to be a coincidence. Already in the world, the conditions for genius education to create geniuses ...(→read more)


◆high blood pressure

We approached hypertensive patients with Thai massage. The experiment is an experiment to see if blood pressure can be lowered by a 120-minute Thai massage. It was measured before and after the procedure using a sphygmomanometer, and it was verified whether the blood pressure could be lowered by one procedure. The subject is a woman in her 70s who has chronic hypertension and is taking medicines prescribed in the hospital on a regular basis. She tries to eat a diet that doesn't take too much salt, but she doesn't exercise on a daily basis. After a while after the subject arrives, blood pressure ...(→read more)


◆Collagen disease

We conducted clinical trials on patients with collagen disease who regularly visit the hospital. For this person, the number improved due to the traditional medicine treatment method that he received for the first time, and the attending physician was surprised by his neck. That person is a man in his 50s who has been suffering from collagen disease for decades. There was a dramatic improvement in the numbers due to his first treatment. What did you do? Was asked by the doctor on the contrary. The treatment content is 120 minutes ...(→read more)



The causes of ascites can be broadly divided into "when abdominal inflammation is caused by cancerous peritonitis" and "disease such as liver cirrhosis, renal failure, heart failure, etc., which reduces the osmotic pressure in the blood vessels and causes water to flow into the blood vessels. If you can no longer hold it ". There is usually a small amount of ascites in the abdomen, about 20 to 50 ml, which is produced and absorbed by the peritoneum and adjusted to a certain amount. However, ascites can make you bloated and you may not be able to eat as you wish. The situation where I can't eat enough food continues ...(→read more)


◆Medical treatment during and after illness

There are an increasing number of cases where regular treatments are performed for the purpose of medical treatment during and after illness. Traditional Thai medicine is attracting attention not only as a method for daily health management but also as a method for improving natural healing power. In traditional medicine, muscles are loosened, stretched, and vital energy is adjusted by approaching the energy lines of the whole body. Treatments like using warm herb balls, things like adjusting energy with a mallet made of lightning-fallen wood, singing bowls ...(→read more)

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