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I'm not motivated. I want to live a fulfilling life that is always full of motivation and hope. "Motivation" that does not come out easily. When your motivation isn't enough, it may be due to your current physical condition.

The concept of the five organs in traditional Chinese medicine consists of "liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys," but it is different from the concept of organs in modern medicine. The concept of the five organs in Chinese medicine means systems such as the digestive system and the circulatory system.

The kidney is called congenital and means the natural vitality inherited from parents. It is thought that the vital force that governs a person's life is the function of the kidneys, which decreases with age and causes renal deficiency. The kidney in Chinese medicine does not mean the so-called "kidney" but the urinary and reproductive system. Furthermore, the kidney is called congenital and means the vitality inherited from parents, and human growth, development and reproduction. The vital energy that affects the genitourinary system is called "renal qi". Renal qi is thought to decrease with age. Low back pain and osteoporosis, hair loss and gray hair, hearing loss and tinnitus, dryness and itching of the skin, dysuria and urinary incontinence, coldness and dullness of the lower limbs, etc. are considered to be symptoms of so-called "renal deficiency". ..

The idea of ​​renal deficiency in Kampo is not limited to aging. If the function of "renal qi" is poor, it will lead to a delay in the growth of the child. I also think that infertility does not work well for the couple's kidneys. The idea of ​​the five organs is related to the spirit, and when the function of "renal qi" deteriorates, it is thought that it becomes impossible to act with a purpose and the power of will weakens. In addition, if you become lethargic and this condition continues for a long time, you will be involved in mental instability such as withdrawal and panic disorder. Furthermore, there is an idea that the kidney controls the bone and does not produce the marrow. The spinal cord is the spinal cord, and the brain inside the bones of the head is called the medullary sea. In other words, the function of the kidneys is thought to be involved in the central nervous system as well.

In Thai traditional medicine, we also take an approach to activate vital energy by stimulating the energy line of the kidney.



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