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"Cold" is a unique way of thinking in Oriental medicine. Perhaps because they don't think about Western medicine, so many people don't care about "chilling." However, in fact, this "chill" is often the root cause of various physical disorders. The average body temperature of the Japanese in 1957 was 36. It was 9 degrees. However, the number of people who are 36 degrees or less is increasing now. The reason for the drop in body temperature may be that the spread of air conditioners and refrigerators has led to the fact that we have always put ourselves in an environment that cools the body.

The clay changes depending on the temperature of the blood. When the temperature of the blood drops, it becomes muddy, and when the temperature of the blood rises, it becomes smooth. Therefore, when hypothermia, the flow of blood is stagnant. Blood circulates constantly in the body, but red blood cells carry oxygen and white blood cells are responsible for immunity. Platelets repair damage, and plasma carries nutrients and waste, heat. If the blood is stuck due to hypothermia, oxygen, glucose, and amino acids will not be transported to the cells of the whole body. If it is not sent to the cell, the cell will not be able to perform metabolism. Not only can you not make what you need, but you won't be able to break the extras. If platelets are not carried, even if the blood vessels are damaged, it is difficult to repair them. If you can't carry out waste products that don't need plasma, you'll have to build up waste in your blood vessels, making it harder for blood to flow. If white blood cells cannot reach that location when they are needed, the immune function of the entire body decreases. If the blood is blocked due to such a cold, this vicious cycle will continue further.

When the circulation of the blood deteriorates, the cells become active. If the heat production rate also decreases and the body temperature drops, the enzyme will not be able to produce. If the gene repair enzyme does not work, abnormal proteins will increase, and cancer will develop and proliferate. The human body is a collection of about 60 trillion cells. Bones, muscles, and organs are all made up of one cell. If you can make each cell healthy, your whole body will naturally go to a healthy state.

Stress disturbs your mind. When the mind is disturbed, the sympathetic nerve becomes active, and the immune system of the autonomic nervous system becomes inactive. The autonomic nervous system is a nerve that controls the functions of internal organs, hormones, and immunity, but it is an important function that is indispensable for life support. If the heart is bubbly if it runs, and the stomach and intestines move without permission if it runs, it is the action of the autonomic nervous system, and the body is controlled automatically even if it does not think about the thing in the brain. If this function is ataxia, every part of the body will be upset. Most diseases develop when the autonomic nervous system and hypothermia caused by cold, which have been damaged by stress, pass for a long period of time. Patients with cancer, depression, infertility, etc. have symptoms of coldness almost without exception. When I put my hand on the stomach of such people, it is the one that I am nervous.

There are several causes of coldness, but one of them is that moisture is put in the body. The body cools down by the water is put in, and blood flow deteriorates, and the water metabolism decreases further, and swelling occurs.

In addition, excess moisture caused by swelling is said to compress blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, worsening blood circulation and making the circulation worse. Because the tour becomes bad, the body is colder, and swelling cannot be removed. If this condition becomes chronic, it may fall into a spiral of swelling and coldness.

If you feel cold, you should think that there is a problem somewhere in your body. We often deal with herbal therapy using traditional Thai massage and herbal balls. It warms up while paying attention to the energy line of the whole body. It may take more than 90 minutes to perform the Chineizan for more than 90 minutes for the treatment of the abdomen, which is the center of the five organs of six.



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