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The optimal length of sleep varies from person to person. In addition, even the same person changes depending on the physical condition and life pattern. There is no fixed ideal sleep time of how many hours a day you have to sleep. Some people sleep for five hours and stay healthy, while others can't get up clean in the morning without sleeping for eight hours. It is said that Napoleon only slept three hours a day, but on the other hand, there is also a story that he often dozed off on horseback during the day.

One in five adults is said to have insomnia. You can't get a satisfying sleep while you're sleeping at normal times. It is a disease that causes the body to become hard during the day, the work does not progress, it becomes irritated, and it interferes with daily life.

If you look at the cycle of the day in Oriental medicine, daytime is "yang" and night time is "yin". During the day, the cheerfulness becomes active, and "consciousness" is pure and clear, and it does not become sleepy so much. On the other hand, at night, the gloom becomes active, "consciousness" calms down peacefully, and it becomes sleepy.

If the balance of yin and yang in the body is adjusted in this way, it becomes sleepy naturally when it is late at night, and it sleeps soundly. However, if for some reason this yin-yang balance is disturbed, you will not be able to sleep even if it is late at night. What is important is whether the excitement and sedation of consciousness is accompanied by the natural flow of day and night.

In addition, when stress and fatigue accumulate, the balance of the autonomic nervous system collapses, and the sympathetic nerve (the nerve that works when in activity mode) does not cut well into the parasympathetic nerve (the nerve that works when in relaxing mode), and the body always becomes active and it becomes difficult to go to sleep.

I think that "consciousness" is the heart of the five organs. This is called "the heart is responsible for shinshi.". If the divine spirit is disturbed at night when "consciousness" should calm down peacefully, insomnia occurs. In some cases, insomnia may occur due to disorders in the function of the five organs of the five organs that control the mental emotion. There is also the phrase, "If you do it right, you will feel at ease in sleep." That's true, but there are some nights when you can't sleep even if your lifestyle and behavior rhythms are right. If such a thing continues, it is good to stabilize the function of the mind and liver of the five organs, and to bring the level of "consciousness" closer to a natural state.

In traditional Thai medicine, we focus on the approach to the mind and liver. Many clients have been able to sleep slowly after the treatment.



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