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  ■Early symptoms of a cold  

■Early symptoms of a cold

Even today, there is no effective remedy for colds. Both over-the-counter medicines and drugs prescribed in hospitals, all cold medicines, are only intended to alleviate the painful symptoms of the present. "Comprehensive cold medicine" is a combination of antipyretic analgesics, cough medicine, antihistamines, antihistamines, anti-histamines, etc. to relieve headache, fever, sore throat, cough, sneezing, runny nose, and so on.

Colds and influenza are completely different, but in hospitals, bacterial infections and influenza viruses can provide fundamental treatment, but 80% of the causes of colds are viral colds, so they cannot be cured fundamentally.

There are so many cold symptoms that are caused by the body's natural healing power. Fever is what is trying to kill the virus by generating a fever, and sneezing and runny nose to wash away the nasal cavity. Cough is also a phenomenon that is trying to get foreign matter out of the body. Feeling malaise is "Rest your body!" It is a message. Let's take a rest obediently.

We also use traditional Thai massage and herbal therapy to perform treatments when we have cold symptoms. After all, by giving the parasympathetic nerve the dominant, and adjusting the autonomic nervous system, recovery is felt to be quick. On the day i received the treatment, I took a rest as it is. I can't compare in general, but I feel that there are many people who feel that the timing of recovery is quick, even if it is always prolonged. In the case of the initial symptoms of cold-like, it is almost that the physical condition is recovered the day after the treatment is not terrible.




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