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  Early symptoms of a cold  

Even today, there are no effective remedies for colds. Both over-the-counter medicines and medicines prescribed in hospitals, cold medicines are all about relieving the current painful symptoms. "Common cold medicine" is a combination of antipyretic analgesic, cough suppressant, antihistamine, etc. to relieve headache, fever, sore throat, cough, sneeze, runny nose, and stuffy nose.

Colds and influenza are completely different, but in hospitals, bacterial infections and influenza viruses can be treated radically, but 80% of the causes of colds are viral colds, so they cannot be cured radically.

There are so many symptoms of a cold, most of which are caused by the body trying to heal itself. Fever is trying to kill the virus by producing fever, and sneezing and runny nose flush the nasal passages. Cough is also a phenomenon that tries to get a foreign body out of the body. Fatigue is the message, "Resting your body!" Let's rest your body obediently.

We use Thai traditional massage and herbal therapy even when we have a cold. After all, by making the parasympathetic nerve dominant and adjusting the autonomic nerve, it seems that recovery is quick. On the day of the treatment, you can take a rest as it is. It is not possible to make a general comparison, but I feel that many people feel that the timing of recovery is early, even if they are always protracted. In the case of the initial symptom of having a cold, most of the time, the condition is recovered the day after the treatment without getting worse.



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