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The clinical data on this diet confirmed whether it is possible to really lose weight in a short period of time by increasing metabolism by giving a massage without extreme dietary restrictions such as fasting. We tried to approach several subjects several times, and all of them succeeded in weight loss, although there were differences in weight loss. At the highest value, a 72 kg woman in her 30s lost 9.7 kg in 7 days, reaching about 62 kg. A woman in her twenties who weighs 58 kg loses 4.5 kg in five days. Even the least effective case lost 1.9 kg in 3 days.

The main treatment is a Thai massage-based treatment. In addition to compressing the muscles, the procedure was performed while stretching at the same time. When the body temperature drops, the metabolism drops, so I touched my feet to check the body temperature during the procedure, and when it dropped, I returned to the approach to the legs and performed the whole body treatment. This massage took 4-5 hours in a row to repeat this process. In addition, in order to confirm that the parasympathetic nerves are working from the client's condition, we paid attention to breathing and approached in a relaxed state at all times.

In addition to this massage, we also gave "lymph drainage method" to drain lymph and remove swelling, "steam sauna" to promote sweating, and "herbal therapy". The program was also combined with warming and relaxing the muscles with light stretching exercises.

The problem is the menstrual cycle. Depending on the menstrual cycle, women may or may not lose weight easily. Immediately after your period is over for 2 weeks, not only will your rough skin recover before and during your period, but your metabolism will improve, so you will find the dieting effect interesting.

It is possible to lose weight by repeating a few hours of massage treatment with the muscles relaxed while taking a bath and increasing metabolism without having the client do any vigorous exercise. I found it in the experiment.

People perform activities to live unconsciously, such as breathing, exercising heart function, and controlling body temperature, without moving the body. In the first place, basal metabolism is absolutely necessary for living. It is the minimum energy consumption required to sustain life, even when the body is at rest. If you feel that you are getting fat easily, this basal metabolism may be reduced. This basal metabolism accounts for about 60 to 70% of the calories burned in a day. The rest is the energy consumed by physical activity such as exercise and the energy used for digestion and absorption. Therefore, basal metabolism has the highest proportion of energy consumption. In other words, calorie consumption will increase if you can devise ways to increase basal metabolism, rather than forcibly exercising hard and hard. It is effective to build muscle strength to raise basal metabolism, but a massage that can raise basal metabolism is super easy.



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