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There are things that don't go the way you want, and it's hard to get rid of it, and you can't convince yourself why you have to see it like that, which creates anger. In addition, in Oriental medicine, anger is said to be greatly involved in the disturbance of the path of "liver" (the flow path of the air that connects the pot and the pot), and when anger accumulates, "liver" is sick, and on the contrary, it is said that anger accumulates even if "liver" is sick.

If you leave your anger as it is, it will be a big burden on your mind and body. The continued excessive mental height can lead to insomnia, or increased blood pressure can put a strain on blood vessels, which can lead to cerebral infarction and other causes. In addition, the mind becomes tired by using too much energy in feelings of anger, and it may lead to lethargy, despair, etc.

When you visit a hospital complaining of symptoms of "irritation", if there is no abnormality, you are recommended to visit a psychosomatic medicine or neuropsychiatric department, or depending on your age, you may be recommended to go to a gynecologist or urology department because you are suspected of having menopausal syndrome. On the other hand, in Kampo medicine, we consider this "frustrating" symptom to be a very important symptom in the course of treatment. The state in which the "ki" of the blood-blooded water is retrograde and circulating is called "kigyaku", and irritation is an important symptom of its presence. Imagine a irritated person with a red face and an angry figure. It is a typical appearance of the opposite that the appearance is said in Chinese medicine. So what should you do if you find it frustrating?

In Kampo medicine, we believe that frustrating emotions arise because we went up without feeling like we should go down. In the diet, it is important to reduce the meat diet and focus on vegetables, as well as to refrain from spices. The reason for this is that there are a lot of things which work to raise the mind to the spice. In addition, changing the overall rhythm of life into a slow rhythm, such as increasing the sleep time, is also a solution to the frustration. In addition, breathing is improved by slow breathing like tai chi.

"Anger" is what you are creating. No matter what happens, people who don't get angry won't get angry. It is true that there are a lot of terrible people and terrible events in the world. But it's you who lose the most by getting angry about it. Stress and anger are things that you create and accumulate by yourself. Behind it, there is always a feeling that you are right. It's not a bad thing to try to live right, but it's not very good to apply your correctness to others.

But when I get tired, everyone gets frustrated. It is also the physical fault that women get irritated when they have their period. Therefore, when anger occurs in you, think, "Oh, your body is tired," and take a good rest. It's best to go to bed. Please try to push the point such as Hyakue (Hyakue) and liver (kanyu). Still, if you are frustrated, please accept the treatment by all means. Adjusts the energy of the whole body around the energy line of the "liver". It is clean, and it is no longer worried, and it has been popular with good.



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