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Anger arises from things that don't go the way you want, that you can't get rid of, and that you don't understand why you have to meet such an eye. Also, in oriental medicine, it is said that anger is greatly related to the disorder of the "liver" route (the flow path of the air that connects the acupuncture points), and when anger accumulates, the "liver" becomes ill, and conversely. It is said that even if the "liver" is sick, anger accumulates.

Leaving anger as it is puts a heavy burden on the mind and body. Continuing an excessively high mental state can lead to insomnia, and an increase in blood pressure can put a strain on blood vessels, which can lead to cerebral infarction. In addition, too much energy is used for feelings of anger, which can lead to lethargy and hopelessness.

When visiting a hospital complaining of "irritated" symptoms, if there are no abnormalities, it is recommended to see a psychosomatic medicine or neuropsychiatry, or depending on the age, menopausal syndrome is suspected and gynecology I think that urology is often recommended. On the other hand, Kampo medicine considers this symptom of "irritability" to be a very important symptom in advancing treatment. The state in which the "Qi" of Qi, blood and water circulates backwards is called "Kigyaku", and frustration is an important symptom of its existence. Imagine a frustrated person with a bright red face and angry. That figure is a typical figure of rebellion in Chinese medicine. So what do you do if you feel frustrated?

In Kampo medicine, frustrating emotions are thought to be caused by rising up without feeling like going down. In your diet, it is important to reduce meat eating and focus on vegetables, and to refrain from spices. This is because many spices have the function of raising the spirit. In addition, changing the overall rhythm of life to a slower rhythm, such as accelerating sleep time, can also eliminate frustration. Also, with regard to breathing, slow breathing like Tai Chi will improve the rise in qi.

"Angry" is what you create. No matter what happens, those who do not get angry will not get angry. Certainly there are many terrible people and terrible events in the world. But when you get angry at it, you lose the most. Stress and anger are things that you create and store yourself. Behind that, there is always the feeling that you are right. It's not a bad thing to try to live right, but it's not so good to apply your correctness to others.

But when you get tired, everyone gets frustrated. It is also because of the body that women get frustrated during their period. Therefore, when you get angry in yourself, think "Oh, your body is tired" and take a rest positively. It's best to sleep. Try pressing the acupoints such as Hyakue and Kanyu. Still, if you are frustrated, please take the treatment. It regulates the energy of the whole body around the energy line of the "liver". It has been well received because it is clean, does not bother you, and is okay.



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