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Constipation often includes skin problems such as breakouts and blemishes, mental symptoms such as irritation and insomnia, worsening gonorrhea due to congestion around the anus, and other symptoms, including those that do not know the direct causal relationship such as bad breath and stiff shoulders. In oriental medicine treatment, not only do you eliminate constipation, but you also prescribe a physical and mental condition along with these concomitant symptoms and physical and mental conditions.

According to Professor Kobayashi of Juntendo University School of Medicine, it is difficult to fundamentally improve even if the balance of the autonomic nervous system remains disturbed that the person of constipation does not solve constipation well even if it tries various improvement measures, and it is difficult to fundamentally improve it no matter how consciously the diet and the exercise are done. It is said that even if it is put out temporarily, it becomes constipation again. This balance of autonomic nervous system has a lot to do with the "stress" you feel in your daily life. When psychological stress accumulates, the balance of the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, and as a result, the function of the intestine deteriorates and becomes constipation.

It is also known that people with constipation have a higher rate of skin dryness, dullness, firmness, stains, pore conditions, acne and pimples, makeup, wrinkles, and so on. Constipation has been shown to have a significant effect on rough skin about six times as much as mental stress.

According to Professor Kobayashi of Juntendo University School of Medicine, people with constipation have poor intestinal environment, and waste products accumulated in the intestines are taken into the blood along with nutrients, so the quality of blood deteriorates. As a result, the absorption of nutrients into the cells does not work, and nutrients accumulate in the fat around the cell, resulting in subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. In addition, if nutrients are not incorporated into the cells, the cellular energy metabolism deteriorates, the body is prone to fatigue, and fat is less likely to burn, which leads to further obesity. Constipation people have poor blood quality made in their intestines. For this reason, blood circulation around the whole body becomes poor, it is easy to get tired because waste products accumulate, there is also a tendency to tend to shoulder stiffness and back pain.

As it is said that "constipation is the source of all diseases", if you put up with painful constipation and leave it alone, it will lead to various body upsets.

In this tTMA-specific experiment, we examined whether a 90-minute abdominal massage by Tinezan would excrete the stool for clients who had already had constipation for a week. While using a warmed herb ball, I warmed up my abdomen and loosened up even the deepest part. Tinaisan is "visceral therapy" if you write in Chinese characters. In other words, it is an approach method to the abdomen, but it is characterized by doing until pressure and energy reach deep in the abdomen over time. We conducted an experiment on 10 subjects, but there were three people on the day and five on the next day. They had no effect within 48 hours.



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