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Chills are morbid colds that occur in the early stages of fever, such as tingling or rattling. Chills appear as an early symptom of a cold, like a sneeze, in the case of a common cold, with mild chills for a short period of time, but with the flu, strong chills continue.

The general way to deal with chills is to keep them warm and rest, but when you feel chills, it is expected that fever will occur in the future, so warm the room and rest quietly to measure your body temperature. .. It is common to wear heavy clothing and drink hot drinks to protect your body from the cold.

The experiment is a Thai massage treatment after the symptoms of chills appear. The point is to set the room temperature higher. Next, since the erector spinae muscles on the back are hardened, it is necessary to loosen them thoroughly to improve blood circulation. In normal relaxation, it's best to warm your feet first, but if it's been a while since your client felt chills, you just need to loosen your back first.

On the way, extra heat may come out. Techniques for temporarily relieving fever are introduced here, but in alleviating the chills caused by the initial symptoms of a cold, by thoroughly relaxing the body and increasing blood circulation, it will not get worse the next day. You can get better. We have been able to produce good results without exception in dozens of experiences.

If you have chills or high fever, as well as severe headaches, impaired consciousness, generalized convulsions, or dyspnea, seek medical attention immediately.



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