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Chills are morbid colds that occur early in the heat fever, such as a sizzly body or a rattling tremor. In the case of a common cold, chills appear as an early symptom of a cold, such as sneezing, and there may be a short period of mild chills, but when it comes to influenza, strong chills continue.

It is common to keep chills warm and rest, but when you feel chills, it is expected that you will have a fever in the future, so keep the room warm and quiet and take your temperature. It is common to wear thick clothes or drink hot drinks to protect your body from cold weather.

The experiment is a treatment by Thai massage after the symptoms of such chills appear. The point is to set the temperature of the room to increase. Next, since the spine orthostatic muscle of the back is hardened to the burr first, it is necessary to loosen here thoroughly and improve the circulation of blood. In normal relaxation, it is better to warm your feet first, but if it seems that a while has passed since the client felt the chill, it is necessary to loosen the back first anyway.

On the way, there may be more heat. The technique for temporarily rescinding heat is introduced here, but in the relief of chills caused by the initial symptoms of a cold, by thoroughly loosening the body and raising the circulation of the blood, it is possible to make it get better without getting worse the next day. We have been able to produce good results without exception in dozens of experiences.

In addition to chills and high fever, if you have severe headaches, impaired consciousness, systemic convulsions, or breathing difficulties, seek immediate medical attention.




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