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The skin has good blood color and no dullness, and the color of the blood of the capillaries flowing under the skin is transparent and slightly reddish. On the other hand, if blood circulation is bad, it may be pale or dull. In addition, if the flow of blood and lymph is delayed due to poor circulation, it will not be possible to deliver enough oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body. Then, the turnover of the skin slows down, and dead cells which are supposed to peel off in 28 days continue to sit on the skin. This stale keratinocytes have a dark color that contains melanin, making it another cause that makes the skin dull. Because the disturbance of the turnover causes all kinds of skin troubles such as spots and wrinkles besides dullness, poor circulation is a big enemy for the skin.

Unlike blemishes and wrinkles, dullness troubles tend to be left as they are because they are difficult to be aware of. But I said, "Are you kind of tired?" "Do you look pale?" Do you feel or feel that? As you get older, the trouble of dullness increases. The dull skin, which loses brightness and luster, gives the impression that it is older than the real age.

Skin that has become thickened due to poor circulation, no matter how excellent cosmetics you use, the ingredients will not reach the depths of the skin. The most important thing is to eliminate poor circulation. In order to eliminate poor circulation, it is recommended to massage to relieve facial stiffness and smooth the flow of lymph.

The role of massage is to approach the capillaries in the muscles of the face and carry oxygen and nutrients to every cell. And to collect and discharge carbon dioxide and waste. Next, to promote the flow of lymph, to merge into the blood, further recover the excess moisture that causes swelling.

If these functions are not done well, nutrients will not reach the skin of the face, and the waste will remain. Then, the turnover of the skin (metabolism) is not smooth, and the old does not peel off, so it becomes dullness and it piles up.



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