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  Irregular menstruation  

Menstrual irregularities include "cycle" abnormalities such as delayed, accelerated, and unstable menstruation, and "volume" abnormalities such as low, high, sloppy, and bleeding outside the menstrual period. In the case of irregular menstruation, hormone therapy such as pills is generally used to regulate the menstrual cycle. However, artificially adjusting the cycle with pills does not cure menstrual irregularities. Unless the underlying cause is remedied, stopping the pill often returns to a menstrual disorder. Irregular menstruation is a condition that results from an upset body. If you are in good physical condition, your period is stable.

In oriental medicine, stress, chronic fatigue, irregular life, unbalanced diet, decreased gastrointestinal function, anemia, etc. are thought to cause a lack of blood and nutrition and disturb the menstrual cycle.

"Blood" is closely related to abnormalities in the menstrual cycle. Blood is one of the constituents that flow through the human body, and refers to blood and nutrition. When this blood condition becomes abnormal, the menstrual cycle is disturbed. In addition, ataxia of "Qi" that drives blood flow is also related to the disorder of the menstrual cycle.

Temporarily stopping menstrual pain with painkillers can help promote blood. It would be nice if blood and fever were drained even if I used painkillers, but it would be nice if the pain was gone with painkillers, but the blood was not drained well, or my period was stopped by hormone therapy. The blood that should be drained may have been left in the lower abdomen. When it comes to blood, it causes severe pain that can be squeezed into the lower abdomen, and the degree of menstrual pain becomes so severe that you cannot sleep at night. If the situation in which what should be excreted cannot be sufficiently excreted continues, it becomes a constituent material of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and other swelling.

In the first place, menstrual bleeding is for draining excess heat and blood that was not used in pregnancy. If what should be excreted is not excreted properly, it will be converted into pathological products such as heat and blood, which will obstruct the normal flow of air and blood. Don't keep them in your body.

Irregular menstruation is also associated with the liver and kidneys of the five organs. The liver's main function is to regulate various functions of the body, but it is said that the liver stores blood, and it is a visceral organ that stores and circulates blood. The main function of the kidney is to control the growth, development, and reproduction of humans, but it is said that the kidney does not produce blood, and it is one of the viscera that produces blood. These visceral ataxias also cause menstrual irregularities. Therefore, in the case of irregular menstruation, it is necessary to approach the energy lines of the liver and kidneys. In many cases, the Thai traditional medicine approach has been effective in alleviating menstrual pain.



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