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Premenstrual syndrome (PMS: pre-menstrual syndrome) has a variety of unpleasant symptoms in the mind and body over the first to seven days before menstruation. It is a feature that they disappear when menstruation begins. Symptoms include headaches, stiff shoulders, swelling of the limbs, breast tension, swelling and sloping, constipation and diarrhea, and mental symptoms such as irritation and depression. It is a popular disease found in 20 to 50 percent of women with menstruation, but the individual difference is large and the cause is not elucidated in Western medicine.

Because the uterus stores blood before menstruation, in Oriental medicine, it is thought that air (life energy), blood (blood), and water (water) tend to cors before menstruation, and PMS (premenstrual syndrome) occurs due to the influence. The cause varies depending on the person even if it is said PMS in one bite. The main cause of PMS is that the type of pain in the lower abdomen and headache sichem is severe, and poor circulation of blood. It is said that this type tends to improve blood circulation and lighten the symptoms when the body is moved a little. People who get irritated before menstruation, overeating or anorexia may be displaced. A strong sense of irritation, a strong chest and tummy, an overeating or anorexia due to stress, a strong increase in weight ... People who have these symptoms are the type of person who has a bad temper. It is a symptom that is often seen in people who are stressed and busy. If you are worried about depression or fatigue, the lack of blood may be the cause of PMS. People who tend to feel like sinking before menstruation and bemore tired may be the type whose blood circulation is bad because of lack of blood.

In the five organs, "renal" promotes the development of the uterus, "spleen" is related to digestion and absorption power and immunity, "liver" is related to the digestive absorption and immunity, "liver" is a regulatory effect of endocrine and autonomic nervous system, blood is filled in the uterus, because we think that menstruation is periodically invited, It can be thought that various abnormalities related to menstruation are caused by the rhythm of the physiology is lost by the abnormality of this five organs.



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