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  Decreased libido  

Decreased libido, diminished energy, and weak morning rise may be due to a decrease in the male hormone [testosterone]. Even in depression, the feeling of depression, which is also called the pre-symptom, causes ED. On the contrary, it is recognized in the medical community that ED causes depression. It is also known that while a decrease in the male hormone [testosterone] leads to a feeling of depression, a decrease in [testosterone] occurs in a depressed state.

Men who work hard, are popular with the opposite sex, and look young are, without exception, high in testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone made mainly from the testicles. An anti-aging hormone that strengthens muscles, bones and skin and keeps you young. Testosterone is a super hormone that is full of challenge, competitiveness and motivation.

Teststron also has a psychological effect. It raises the desire to become a leader of the herd without losing the competition, and hopes for results at work. Studies have shown that people in professions exposed to a highly competitive society, such as business owners, politicians, artists, artists, and traders, have high testosterone levels. It is a hormone that not only keeps muscles and skin youthful, but also contributes to the youthful and energetic personality. People who are low in testosterone are prone to aging, and those who are high in testosterone are youthful. An important hormone that can affect a man's life. That is testosterone.

People who secrete a lot of testosterone also have the characteristic of being hard to sharpen. It is common for people with low testosterone secretion to run away without being able to control their feelings of anger. Therefore, if a large amount of testosterone is secreted, it will be struck and become stronger at work, and it will be less likely to cause depression. I have a spirit of challenge and a competitive spirit, and I can put up with it. You can get all the qualities that a good businessman needs. Increasing testosterone can help you live a healthy, decisive job and a meaningful life. In addition, there are statistics that people with high testosterone are liked by everyone. In short, it's an attractive person.

Decreased libido, that is, decreased energy. And the power is declining. From an oriental medical point of view, it can be seen as a decrease in life energy. In oriental medicine, the first thing to think about is "renal deficiency." Juvenile kidney deficiency is increasing, and it is also the cause of kidney deficiency that children get sharp quickly. In the Chinese medicine world, there are concerns about the effects of westernized foods and processed foods such as confectionery. If there are 5 or more, it is definitely a kidney deficiency. Tinnitus, dizziness, shoulder and neck muscle tension, hearing loss, gray hair progression, hair loss, gray hair progression, diminished energy, tooth wobbling, leg weakness, frequent urination, back muscle pain, lower back pain, joint pain, weakness, sleeplessness, anxiety, apathy, concentration Lack of strength, impatience, tantrum, thirst, common colds, night sweats, dizziness on the palms and soles. In women, menstrual irregularities, premature menopause, infertility, miscarriage, preterm birth, and premature birth are added. Progression of renal deficiency leads to the development of Meniere's disease, nephritis, prostatitis, cystitis, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, uterine cancer, malaise, osteoporosis, diabetes, rheumatism, gout, epidemic sensation, bacterial infection, etc. increase.

Shenkui, also known as diminished energy, is sometimes used to mean the end of male function. There has been a superstition from ancient times that the number of ejaculations for men is fixed, but it was said that men would die if they exhausted a fixed amount of semen in their lifetime. This cause of death is called Shenkui, and the myth is as follows.
"If a man ejaculates too much, a red ball will appear at the end, making it impossible to ejaculate any more."
"A man can produce two bottles (or 10 liters) of semen in a lifetime."
There is no definitive basis for these myths, but it is often said that excessive masturbation leads to weakness, aging, and premature death as a contraindication to masturbation.

If you think of it as a renal deficiency, you will still need a Thai traditional massage that approaches the whole body. W YOGA can be expected to be more effective if the treatment is centered on the energy line through the kidney and bladder. In addition, it is a good idea to try Japkasai. Long-term continuous reception and diet. And in daily life, stop the lack of mineral ions such as zinc and the excessive intake of salt. Next, the lack of exercise is resolved. When you sweat by exercising, the salt and compounds you ingest are excreted by sweating, but if you do not sweat enough, cells and blood accumulate in your body. These accumulations also cause damage to endocrine organs such as the spleen, adrenal glands, and thyroid glands. At the same time, increasing mental rest time and having a hobby of being able to move outdoors would be a shortcut for recovery.



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