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Jap Kasai is an ancient treatment method that was handed down as a special remedy for the prosperity of the offspring. It is a treatment that I would like you to take as an auxiliary role of infertility treatment to the couple who are not blessed with child rendition. Men are "Jap Kasai", but in fact, there is a treatment method called "Yoktone" for women. Each is an alternative therapy that improves male and female functions. By having two people take each treatment together, we propose it as an alternative therapy for infertility treatment and as a massage to improve the physical condition.

Infertility refers to a state in which a child is not blessed even after more than two years, even though they want to get married and live a normal married life in hopes of getting pregnant. About 80% to 90% of healthy couples will be pregnant within two to three years unless they have contraception. In recent years, Japanese statistics have said that one in ten couples is "infertility." A wholly-owned infertility cause study by World Health Organization (WHO) found that 24% of males caused infertility, 41% of female son causes, 24% of male and female causes, 11% of unexplained causes, and nearly 50% of males. In addition, in japan today, late marriage progresses, and even if you wish to become pregnant after your mid-30s, there are many pregnancies that cause deterioration of sperm and eggs due to the decline of reproductive function. Of course, due to the increase in the number of working women, excessive stress on the mind and body, smoking, drinking, etc. are often caused by women's "infertility".

In Western medicine, infertility treatment starts with a test. We examine the physical condition of women by basic body temperature check, endocrine hormone measurement, vaginal ultrasound, uterine tubal contrast, blood test, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, MRI examination, etc. The male side of the examination is a semen test and a urological examination. By the way, the lower limit reference value is defined in the sperm test. "Semen volume 1.5 ml or more, sperm concentration 15 million / ml or more, total sperm count 39 million / ejaculation or more, forward exercise rate 32% or more, total motility 40% or more, normal sperm morphology rate (in strict test ing method) 4% or more, white blood cell count less than 1 million / ml". It is a numerical check.

In Oriental medicine, if the cause of infertility is "renal emptiness" and "renal" function decreases, "blood" is doubted whether the blood circulation is getting worse. In this case, even if sperm and egg meet and fertilize at the right time, it may not be able to be implanted well, or it may not grow even if implanted. In the case of men, increasing the male hormone can improve the quality and amount of sperm. It is also possible to improve the quality of the egg. The ovarian function of the woman is controlled by the "renal", but when the function of this kidney is reduced, it may still become a state where it is difficult to get pregnant. In such cases, it is not good to improve ovarian function by performing "corrosive kidney" to support the "kidney" by treatment by traditional medicine. As a result, "renal age" , "ovary age" can be maintained younger than the real age, so that the egg with better quality will be ovulated. Women suffering from infertility often have some problems with the "kidney" that controls the ovarian function and hormonal balance of women. Acupuncture enhances the function of this "renal" and prepares the secretion of hormones that occur in each of the disordered menstrual cycles, menstrual periods, follicular period, ovulation period, and high temperature phase (luteal stage). By doing so, it leads to a body that is naturally prone to pregnancy. The approach method by traditional Thai medicine is aimed at improving the balance of the whole body without putting an unreasonable burden on the body, and to become pregnant in a natural way as much as possible. When used in combination with Western medicine infertility treatment, it also helps to reduce side effects and improve therapeutic effects.

In Oriental medicine, the function of "renal" is said to create the power of life and reproductive activities. A man is born by giving energy to the kidney sernation from his parents, enriching it with growth, and giving a new "energy of the kidney" to the next life. It is thought that the rise and fall of this "energy of the kidney" is closely related to the process from the birth of one life to the end of the life activity. In infertility treatment, it is the state of the "energy of the kidney" of the mother.

"Renal" is where the foundation of life activity, the collapse of the balance of the body eventually extends to the "kidney", conversely if the "kidney" weakens, the whole body will be affected. "Renal" gradually becomes substantial after birth, and everyone gradually declines after that. It is very important to reduce the wear and tear of the "kidney" in your life and make up for it. In order to be able to handle not only pregnancy, but also childbirth, child rearing, and work vigorously, "renal semen" is essential.

In addition, infertility can be said to be largely related to "spleen" and "liver". The function of "liver" is to "regulate the flow of air. They control their emotions They take stress Stores blood and regulates the amount of blood. However, liver is also an important function to cause normal physiology. Hepatoblood compensates for kidney pherenation, and kidney pherenation compensates for liver blood.

The function of "spleen" is to be involved in digestion and absorption. "Renal" is called a book of congenital heaven, while "spleen" is called a book of acquired heaven. It is said this because it is an important function to produce energy from food and supplement the "kidney". "Involved in water metabolism. They bring up what they need The function of "keeping the internal organs in a normal position" is also the function of "spleen". If this function weakens, it is likely to occur, such as menstrual continuity, irregular bleeding, etc.

However, in this day and age, eating habits are disturbed, and the rhythm of life is a stressful society. It is a society that is easy to wear out the "kidney". First of all, it is necessary to review the lifestyle, the way of mind, and the environment, and to take care of my body and mind first. If infertility treatment by Western medicine becomes stresson on the contrary, fertility may be counterproductive. There are many stories that the result of infertility treatment led to divorce. In order to be blessed with children, the relationship of trust between two people is important first. We recommend a traditional medicine approach while nurturing love more slowly. By all means, warm your body and relax, switch on the parasympathetic nerve, and then accept Jap Kasai and Yoktone together. "I have no problem. It's his problem! It is desirable to stop feeling that it was cut down, and to receive it with two people.

The fact that both men and women have a good spirit leads to pregnancy. It can be said that the decrease of sexual desire in both men and women is a characteristic symptom of lack of energy. When you run out of energy, you lose your aspirations. Naturally, it becomes infertility. It is all I can do just to do my daily work rather than my dreams and hopes. Then, it is a state in which the energy is insufficient. After a while, you will be able to see changes mentally. There are many days when I don't want to go to the office, I'm less patient than before, I don't have the energy to cook meals, and so on, which is a symptom that occurs when I lack energy.



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