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The causes of ascites are roughly divided into cases where inflammation of the stomach is caused by cancerous peritonitis, etc., and when osmotic pressure in the blood vessel is reduced due to diseases such as cirrhosis, renal failure, and heart failure, and moisture cannot be retained in the blood vessels.

There is usually a small amount of ascites, which is about 20-50 ml, in the stomach, produced in the peritoneum and is absorbed and adjusted to a certain amount. However, ascites can cause your stomach to become stiff and you may not be able to eat the way you want. If you continue to eat well, your nutrition will deteriorate, your physical strength will decrease, and you will eventually lose your immune system.

From the progression of low nutrition and cancer if left as it is, in order to fall into a vicious circle that further ascites is stored, there is a treatment to remove ascites perform laparotomy, but as a disadvantage, such as proteins, such as albumin in ascites is lost, It becomes a situation where the nutritional decline progresses and ascites are easy to accumulate further. The difficulty of treating refractory ascites is that it is necessary to remove water only while preventing loss of protein as much as possible.

Thai traditional massage can not cure cancer, because it promotes blood flow throughout the body, it will also spread cancer cells throughout the body, so it is necessary to be careful, but it has achieved great results with respect to ascites. There are many cases where ascites were not clean the day after the massage.

The client is in a state where it is painful and cannot withstand strong stimulation, so it gradually strengthens the pressure while rubbing the whole body. Start from the farthest from the heart, such as the soles and palms. If you are sleeping, you will change the system while changing, and if not, you will continue to rub lightly. You may fall asleep as it is. All we can do is improve our natural healing power and pray single-mindedly, but the results should come out in no small way.




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