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The causes of ascites can be broadly divided into "when abdominal inflammation is caused by cancerous peritonitis" and "disease such as liver cirrhosis, renal failure, heart failure, etc., which reduces the osmotic pressure in the blood vessels and causes water to flow into the blood vessels. If you can no longer hold it ".

There is usually a small amount of ascites in the abdomen, about 20 to 50 ml, which is produced and absorbed by the peritoneum and adjusted to a certain amount. However, ascites can make you bloated and you may not be able to eat as you wish. If you continue to be unable to eat enough, your nutritional status will deteriorate, your physical strength will be weakened, and your immunity will be weakened.

If left as it is, undernutrition and progression of cancer will lead to a vicious cycle in which ascites accumulates, so there is a treatment method to remove ascites by performing peritoneal puncture, but as a disadvantage, proteins such as albumin in ascites Ascites is more likely to accumulate due to the loss of such substances as nutritional decline progresses. The difficulty in treating intractable ascites is that it is necessary to remove only water while preventing the loss of proteins as much as possible.

Traditional Thai massage cannot cure cancer and promotes blood flow throughout the body, which may disperse cancer cells throughout the body, so be careful, but regarding ascites. Has achieved great results. There are many cases where the ascites was completely gone the day after the massage.

The client is in a state of being unable to tolerate a painful and strong stimulus, so gradually increase the pressure while rubbing the whole body. Start from the farthest point from your heart, such as the soles of your feet or the palms of your hands. If you are lying down, change the system, and if not, just keep rubbing lightly. You may often fall asleep as it is. All we can do is improve our natural healing power and pray earnestly, but the results should be considerable.



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