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We approached patients with hypertension with Thai massage. The experiment was to see if the blood pressure would drop in a 120-minute Thai massage. The sphygmomanometer was used to measure before and after the treatment, and the blood pressure was verified to fall in a single treatment. The subjects were a woman in her 70s who had chronic hypertension and was taking medicine prescribed in hospital on a daily basis. In my diet, I try to eat a diet that doesn't take too much salt, but I don't exercise on a daily basis. After a while after the application arrived, blood pressure was measured first, and blood pressure was measured immediately after treatment.

By the way, hypertension (Hypertension) is a state in which blood pressure is maintained high beyond the normal range. There are often no subjective symptoms of high blood pressure itself, but it is a serious condition clinically because it causes the development of ischemic heart disease, stroke, renal failure, etc. Hypertension is considered to be one of the lifestyle-related diseases, but it is important not to deal with the condition after middle age, but to keep in mind the correct lifestyle from a young age and to prevent it. In general, it is important to eat a diet with less salt, to eat vegetables, not to smoke, and to exercise moderately.

The experiment was about 120 minutes before and after the Thai massage, whether there was a change in blood pressure, but before and after the treatment, blood pressure was lowered. In the 120-minute Thai massage, i spent about 45 minutes approaching the foot part. The energy line is concentrated in the foot, and it was understood in the results of a frequent past experiment that blood pressure was adjusted by giving the stimulation of the degree of "it feels painful" to this part, but We were able to confirm that it was effective for patients diagnosed with hypertension.

It has been confirmed that blood pressure drops temporarily, but we have not been able to continue to go there every day to verify whether the patient's hypertension is cured. The biological cause of high blood pressure is not clear, and it may be secondary hypertension caused by certain diseases. Lifestyles such as the cause include taking a salty diet, lack of exercise, drinking and smoking.

Until now, high blood pressure has been considered to be a factor that causes "brain extravasation". It is true that in post-war Japan, cerebral extravasation was a terrible disease that led to death. The reason is that it was easy to cause bleeding because it was not able to endure high blood pressure because the nutritional condition was poor, and the blood vessel was fragile. However, in modern times, cerebral extravasation has decreased dramatically. The nutritional condition improved, the membrane of the cell became strong, and the blood vessel became stronger. The blood vessels that are easy to break seem to be of the past.

The problem is from here. It has been found that antihypertensive agents that lower blood pressure may increase the risk of cerebral infarction, which has increased in Japanese inplace of cerebral extravasation. "No,"I was taking antihypertensive drugs, i had a cerebral infarction, not a cerebral infarction, but a "kara" that was taking a antihypertensive agent, or a cerebral infarction. It means. It was in 2006 that a study to support this was published. Yoichi Ohshima, professor emeritus at Tokai University School of Medicine, published a study of 40,000 residents in Fukushima Prefecture that said that "people who lower their blood pressure with medicine double their cerebral infarction than those who do not use drugs."

Cerebral infarction is a disease in which blood vessels in the brain are clogged by blood clots.) When the blood vessels clog, the heart raises the pressure of the pump and tries to blow away the blood clots. By raising blood pressure, you try to protect your brain. It is not "high blood pressure is the cause of cerebral infarction" but "blood pressure is raised to cure cerebral infarction". If the blood flow is weak, it is not possible to remove the clots. In other words, taking drugs that lower blood pressure is counterproductive and dangerous to life.

In Thai traditional massage, it is a rule not to perform treatment for clients with high blood pressure. It is an item that has been raised as a contraindication because it may lead to a serious accident due to damage to the blood vessel. Therefore, while carefully controlling the pressure, it is required to perform extremely delicate treatment while reading changes in physical condition from the client's breathing, body temperature, blood pressure, etc. An immature therapist may cause serious accidents, so please do not do it easily.




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