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"Hot flushes" such as hot flash of the face and body, stiff shoulders, irritation, etc. are typical symptoms of menopause. There are individual differences, but other symptoms such as depression, sweating, insomnia, irritation, dizziness, and melancholy mood appear. These occur because the autonomic nervous system is disturbed by a decrease in estrogen (female hormone).

Because female hormones fall rapidly during menopause, the way of falling activity ability is sudden, and it is likely to feel that it has weakened by all means. In addition, mentally, it is the time when the incidence of depression and the like increases. In addition to the so-called menopause that occurs before and after menopause, there is a urine leak after a few years of menopause, and after 10 years, osteoporosis may develop due to bone mass reduced by a decrease in female hormones. It can be said that health management before and after menopause affects the health of old age.

In addition, the number of juvenile menopause that develops from the age of 30 is increasing. Symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea, stiff shoulders, back pain, numbness and pain in the hands and feet, cold back and limbs, shallow sleep, palpitations, shortness of breath, anxiety and depression, irritation, fatigue, irregular ity, menstrual irregularity, etc. The causes are stress, irregular life, intense exercise, obesity, extreme dieting, and smoking, which are considered to be unbalanced in female hormones. Of course, even if you think of menopause, there are times when you think of other diseases. It is also important to see a specialist without making self-judgment.

In Chinese medicine, "renal" is deeply related to reproductive function. During the period of menopause, the entire body has decreased function, but the function of the kidneys in particular declines as a natural phenomenon. The kidneys are said to be a source of energy, and they have the power to warm the entire body (the action of the mind) and the power to nourish and moisturize the organs and organs (which apply to the function of blood and water). When this warming force decreases, cold symptoms such as coldness, swelling, and frequent urination of the hands and feet appear strongly, and it is thought that the power to moisturize decreases, sweating, dizziness, decreaseinbone density in some people, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. In addition, if such a condition continues for a long time, it affects other organs and produces various symptoms.

In order to survive menopause well, it is possible to reduce the symptoms by traditional medical treatment method. The pot stakes are Kido, Saninko, and Taikei. The kido is a pot just below the collarbone on the nipple line, and people with strong stress feel a pain when pressed. It will take away Kokoro's Moyamoya.




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