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[Traditional Thai Massage Bangkok Wat Pho Style]

  A free time appointment system course for a small number of people to properly learn Thai traditional massage from the basics. Beginning with how to use your hands and how to put your feelings into it, you will learn a whole style that takes more than 120 minutes, focusing on approaching 10 energy lines. Mastering this technique, which is most popular in Bangkok, Thailand, is a classic among classics.  
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  ◇ Course time: 30 hours (10 credits)
◇Admission fee: 0 yen
◇ Tuition fee: 165,000 yen (including textbook and teaching materials)
◇When using TTMA tickets: 50 tickets

Traditional Thai massage is a treatment method that approaches the whole body. It is different from body care that partially relieves stiffness. Traditional Thai massage "Bangkok style" is a school of traditional Thai massage that is performed mainly in Bangkok, the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. "Bangkok style" is also called "Wat Pho style", but it is a standard school that triggered the breakthrough of traditional Thai massage.

It is a style that includes compression and stretching for the whole body, but it focuses on compression with the thumb and palm. It can be said that it is a style similar to Japanese shiatsu. It is a style that has a fixed order of "back, sideways, prone, back, sitting posture" and sometimes incorporates stretching. Bangkok Wat Pho style is the most popular style that can be received all over the world.

Sending chi (prana) to the energy line "Sen" that flows through the whole body to revitalize the internal organs and the muscles of the whole body to relieve stiffness. By treating the feet and legs over time, the autonomic nerves are activated. In other words, it is a treatment method represented by traditional Thai medicine that not only reduces stiffness but also contributes to health by balancing internal organs, immunity, and hormones.

Stretching, which is a characteristic of Thai traditional massage, is also added, so it is characterized by a refreshing feeling rather than the feeling of being pushed hard and exhausted.

"Bangkok style" has a set flow, but it takes about 2 to 3 hours if you lie on your back, lie on your side, lie down, lie on your back, and sit down. Originally, since the speed of human breathing and pulsation is fixed, a full-fledged Thai traditional massage requires at least two hours. However, recently, there is a level of Thai massage that is hard to call a traditional Thai massage, but how effective is it?

Traditional Thai massage "Bangkok style" is a style that can be said to be a classic among traditional Thai massages, and it can provide a safe and refreshing feeling to any person. By remembering inexperienced people, you can improve their physical condition by doing it for your family, friends, and loved ones. Not only will you be thanked by the other person, but you will also be doing some light exercise yourself, which will benefit your own health.

This treatment method, which has been handed down and developed mainly in temples along with Buddhist culture, is characterized by the joining of the hands called wai at the beginning and end, and meditation to express gratitude and purify oneself. Traditional Thai massage, which is also known as "yoga performed by two people", restores the original physical condition from within the body, not only creates a healthy body that is resistant to illness, but also makes the skin beautiful, such as the luster of the skin. It is attracting attention as a massage.

Traditional Thai massage is a representative of the traditional medical therapy transmitted to the Kingdom of Thailand, but in recent years, massage treatment has rapidly spread around the world as a relaxation therapy. It is characterized not only by applying pressure like shiatsu, but also by interweaving stretching throughout the body. Scientific experiments have shown that the autonomic nerves are adjusted and the natural healing power is increased by continuously receiving pain-stimulating stimuli throughout the body. Stretching will come in the second half of the body warmed up. You can enjoy a refreshing and refreshing feeling by stretching your whole body.

Basically, it starts from the soles of the feet and is loosened over time along the energy lines of the legs, which eventually leads to the balance of internal organs, immunity, and hormones. Approaching your legs isn't because your feet are tired. This is because the energy lines of the whole body are concentrated here. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the gastrointestinal tract to make noise and move just by treating the legs. The approach to the energy line "Sen" is to normalize the energy called "prana" that flows throughout the body. Neither too much nor too little energy is good for humans. Too much will make you cut easily and make you irritated, and too little will make you lethargic and unmotivated.

In this way, one of the characteristics of traditional Thai massage is that it focuses on the feet, but it is also important to stimulate the muscles on the front of the thighs called "quadriceps" to a comfortable level. is known to activate the autonomic nervous system. There are many points directly connected to the autonomic nerves in the muscles of the legs, and by performing the treatment to the extent that the pain feels good, the stimulation is transmitted to the brain, and it naturally heals and creates a state of good physical condition. . The body is gradually warmed by the treatment on the legs, and when the muscles are moderately loosened, the flow of traditional Thai massage moves to the waist, back, shoulders, etc. The autonomic nervous system is an important nerve that is essential for maintaining human life. Specifically, the function of the autonomic nervous system is the function of "internal organs", "immunity", and "hormones". When you eat, your stomach and intestines begin to move, when you run, your heart beats faster and sends oxygen throughout the body, and when bacteria enter your body, they are eliminated. Therefore, since the body of the deceased does not function in this way, dry ice is put in to delay the pain. Hormones are diverse, but for example, the secretion of the female hormone "estrogen" enhances the function of the uterus, ovaries, and breasts, creating a feminine figure such as plump bust and hips. In addition, it promotes the synthesis of collagen to maintain the luster and tension of the skin, strengthens bones, makes blood vessels supple, and balances cholesterol. A major cause of menopause is believed to be the rapid decrease in this hormone. It can be said that activating the autonomic nervous system is a very important point for us to live our lives. It can be said that Thai massage is not just an approach to reduce muscle fatigue, but an effective treatment method to restore the original health. In the future, it will become more and more popular as one of the alternative therapies.

  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 01
[Treatment in the supine position / legs]
1credits 3hours
2 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 02
[Treatment in the supine position / legs]
1credits 3hours
3 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 03
[Treatment in the supine position, arms, hands, abdomen]
1credits 3hours
4 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 04
[Treatment in a sideways posture / legs, back, waist]
1credits 3hours
5 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 05
[Treatment in a sideways posture / legs, back, waist]
1credits 3hours
6 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 06
[Treatment in a prone position, legs and back]
1credits 3hours
7 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 07
[Treatment and stretching while lying on your back]
1credits 3hours
8 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 08
[Treatment in a sitting position, shiatsu and stretching]
1credits 3hours
9 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 09
[Explanation and summary of the meaning and purpose of each technique]
1credits 3hours
10 Traditional Thai Massage/Bangkok Wat Pho Style 10
[Explanation and summary of the meaning and purpose of each technique]
1credits 3hours
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