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[Testicle massage Japkasai]


Known as testicle massage, Jap Kasai is a secret Thai traditional secret that has been taught only to a limited number of people. It is a treatment method that has been praised for its excellent effects such as alleviating back pain, improving male function, enhancing sexual potency, and treating infertility.

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◇ Course time: 12 hours (4 credits)
◇ Tuition fee: 330,000 yen (including textbook and teaching materials)
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"Jap Kasai" is a mystery of Thai classical medicine known as "Testicle Massage". "Jap Kasai" lightly stretches the testicles and the vas deferens that lead to the testicles, stimulating the lower abdomen, improving reproductive function and stimulating the urinary organs, alleviating back pain and It is a treatment method that gives vitality to organs.

The therapist never touches the penis during the procedure. Use a towel blanket, etc., to perform the treatment while hiding it as much as possible. It has been handed down to the Kingdom of Thailand since ancient times as an oriental medicine treatment method as traditional medicine. Among Thai traditional medicine, Japkasai has been handed down as a highly difficult technique that men give to men. Even in Thailand, it seems that there are cases where sex shops are performing as a performance to attract tourists, and from such circumstances Japkasai has become misunderstood as "a sexual service by women". It's a shame.

When performing this testicle massage, you must first treat the whole body for 1 to 2 hours to promote blood flow. By stimulating the energy line, the autonomic nerves are stimulated, and after activating the functions of the internal organs and hormones, the testicles are performed for about 10 to 15 minutes. The degree of tension is really subtle, and it is a difficult treatment unless you have a delicate sense anyway. Also, if the client's body is not sufficiently warmed up, it will have the opposite effect and cause poor physical condition such as abdominal pain and discomfort.

"Japkasai" is considered to be the secret of traditional Thai massage, and it is a special treatment that is very difficult because it must be performed with subtle fingertip sensations. Therefore, it is a sacred treatment method that only selected people have been allowed to pass on the technique. Even if you look around the world, there are very few therapists who have this special technique.

Many people feel the sensation of receiving this testicle massage as a stinging and electrical stimulation in the lower abdomen, accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen. It is completely different from sexual stimulation, and even if the client is in such an atmosphere, the pain will blow away that feeling in an instant. However, the effect is tremendous, and it is also effective in increasing energy, restoring kidney function, and relieving back pain. In terms of direct stimulation benefits, increased testicular health increases blood flow, erection firmness, and semen volume.

"Japkasai" also has the effect of increasing the male hormone (testosterone). The male hormone (testosterone) is an essential hormone for male growth, maintaining bones and muscles, maintaining libido and sexual function, working to make blood, preventing arteriosclerosis, preventing metabolic syndrome, and working in the brain. It is a hormone that supports various effects related to the mind and body of men. It is a hormone that can be said to have an anti-aging effect for men. A decline in male sex hormones leads to poor sexual function and decreased energy. The male hormone (testosterone) has the effect of increasing muscle strength and suppressing the increase of visceral fat, but the main reason why muscle strength declines with age is the decrease in testosterone.

The male hormone (testosterone) is also the sex hormone that controls blood flow and erections. This drop in testosterone causes the body to weaken and lose energy. A decline or decline in energy can cause ED (erectile dysfunction) and breakage, so it can be said to be a pretty serious problem for men. The strength of libido is proportional to the amount of male hormones. Vitality is closely related to sexual desire, and men's sexual desire is said to peak during the 10 years around the age of 25. In general, it gradually declines after the age of 30.

Even people who were very interested in women and sex in their teens and 20s had a strong libido, but in their 30s and 40s, physical problems and work stress may be involved, and teens ・The number of people who do not have the libido that they had in their 20s is increasing. It is said that 1 in 5 adult men have subjective symptoms of ED. However, recently, young men in their 20s and 30s have decreased libido and herbivore men are increasing, so young people are moving away from sex (sexual intercourse). The male virginity rate has also been on the rise for several years. Approximately 40% of men in their 20s have never had sexual intercourse, and the age of 29 is when the rate of sexual intercourse exceeds 50%. You can see that the number of young people who are not interested in sex is increasing.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) in young people in their 20s and 30s is called juvenile ED. The causes are psychogenic ED due to mental causes and organic ED due to physical causes. The cause of psychogenic ED (functional erectile dysfunction) is stress! It can also be caused by stress, tension, anxiety, and relationship problems in everyday life. ED (erectile dysfunction) is caused not only by stress related to work and relationships, but also by the pressure on sex itself and bitter sexual experiences in the past (e.g., broken hearts, inability to ejaculate, etc.). "I'm not good at it," "I'm small," and "I'm fast," can be a body that can't be done (erectile dysfunction). Once you lose your self-confidence, it seems difficult to get back on your feet in a negative spiral.

There are also physical problems such as lifestyle-related diseases. Heart and blood vessel disease can cause ED. High blood pressure continuously puts pressure on the blood vessels, which damages the blood vessels and leads to arteriosclerosis. Similarly, a disease that causes arteriosclerosis hyperlipidemia is also one of the lifestyle-related diseases that cause ED. If you suffer from arteriosclerosis, the blood vessels become narrower, making it difficult for blood to circulate to every corner of the body, and blood cannot reach the penis, causing ED. ED has a lot to do with blood vessels, blood, and the heart.

Diabetes is also known to cause ED. Diabetes is one of the diseases that is highly related to ED (erectile dysfunction), and 80% of people with diabetes have ED. In order to have a normal erection, the brain, nerves, corpus cavernosum, blood flow, etc. must function without problems. However, diabetes often causes neuropathy, dysfunction of the corpus cavernosum, and arteriosclerosis, resulting in ED (erectile dysfunction). In addition, diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, brain trauma, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease cause autonomic neuropathy and cause ED. Surgery to remove prostate cancer or bladder cancer has the risk of damaging the blood vessels and nerves of the corpus cavernosum, and trauma such as pelvic fractures and spinal cord injuries due to traffic accidents can also cause ED.

ED is not a middle-aged or elderly disease. It is a disease that occurs in young people in their 20s and 30s. ED symptoms such as decreased erection, increased breakage during sexual intercourse, decreased morning erection, etc.? If you feel like that, don't leave it alone and try receiving Japkasai once. In the actual treatment, you will be covered with a towel so that your lower body is not exposed, so you will not feel embarrassed, so please feel free to receive it.

  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Thai Traditional Mystery Jap Kasai Technique 01 1credits 3hours
2 Thai Traditional Mystery Jap Kasai Technique 02 1credits 3hours
3 Thai Traditional Mystery Jap Kasai Technique 03 1credits 3hours
4 Thai Traditional Mystery Jap Kasai Technique 04 1credits 3hours
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