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[Head massage]


The popular head massage is a treatment method that you want to learn because there is a lot of demand. It is a treatment method that loosens the stiffness of the scalp and promotes hair growth. If stress such as physical fatigue, mental fatigue, or overuse of the brain continues for a long time, the autonomic nerves will be disturbed and the sympathetic nerves will continue to be dominant. This unbalances brain function and causes brain fatigue. If the state of brain fatigue continues, the muscles of the head will become tense and contract, causing poor blood circulation and leading to stiffness of the muscles of the head. And before long, that itself becomes stressful, and it will fall into a negative spiral of contracting the muscles of the head and causing poor blood circulation. Not only is it distracting and disorienting, but it can also lead to hair loss over time. Thai style, no oils or creams are used.

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◇ Course time: 6 hours (2 credits)
◇ Tuition fee: 33000 yen
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Head massage is a massage that massages the entire scalp. These days, it is also called dry head to distinguish it from those that use oil or cream.

Since it promotes blood circulation in the scalp, it is effective not only for the health of the scalp, but also for promoting hair growth and preventing baldness. It is popular not only with women but also with men. You can expect rejuvenating anti-aging effects, skin beautifying effects, stress-relieving relaxing effects, clear head effects, and hair promotion effects. Your eyes will be wide open, your vision will be brighter, and you will be able to feel that you have a clear mind. The sensation is similar to a massage provided as a service at a beauty salon or barber, but since it promotes blood circulation in the scalp, it can be expected to be effective not only for the health of the scalp but also for the promotion of hair growth. However, after all, head massage is a treatment that I would like to receive for those who work with their heads. In proportion to the brain work, the muscles of the head will surely stiffen. If you leave this stiffness alone, you will continue to feel dull, and you will fall into a state where new ideas will not come out. A head massage relaxes the muscles of the head that are tired from mental work, leaving the head clean and refreshed. In addition, there is a chakra in the head, and it is a method that allows you to take an oriental medicine approach when you have trouble thinking, lack motivation, or have accumulated stress due to mental exhaustion. .

There are many different techniques for head massage. In a style called Maruma, where you press the points on your head finely, you can improve the flow of Ki and improve your physical condition. You can also stretch your scalp and move your muscles to express a refreshing feeling that improves blood circulation and makes your head clearer.

In the case of a headache, of course it is possible to alleviate it, but if you continue the strong treatment for a long time, it may bring a headache on the contrary. The therapist should consider the composition of strength and technique according to the customer's condition.

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  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Head massage technique 01 1credits 3hours
2 Head massage technique 02 1credits 3hours
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