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[Ear reflexology]


Ear reflexology is a reflexology that stimulates the reflex points of the ear.

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◇ Entrance fee: 0 yen
◇ Course time: 3 hours (1 credit)
◇ Tuition fee: 16500 yen
◇When using TTMA tickets: 5 tickets


A patient who came to Mr. Paul Nogier, a French medical doctor, wondered if he had a burn mark on his ear. When I heard that it would improve, I became interested and began research. As a result, in 1957, it was announced for the first time in the world that "the acupuncture point in the ear is projected onto the upside-down shape of the fetus." After that, Chinese medical scientists conducted repeated research, and now it is said that there are more than 200 ear canal treatment methods. Currently, WHO (World Health Organization) has certified 360 ear acupuncture points. The ear pots release the parasympathetic nerves and adjust the autonomic nerves, so it is the best treatment method for those with symptoms such as insomnia and mental fatigue. Eye strain, stress, insomnia, stiff neck, stiff shoulders, eye fatigue, beautiful skin, constipation, hormonal balance, etc. By stimulating the pressure points of various diseases, it enhances immunity and is useful for beauty and health.

  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Ear reflexology 1credits 3hours
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