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[Advanced Chi Nei Thang Diagnosis and treatment method based on seven star theory]


Chi Nei Thang Advanced In the seven-star diagnosis and treatment method, you will learn how to perform an abdominal examination and the actual treatment.

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◇ Entrance fee: 0 yen
◇ Course time: 6 hours (2 credits)
◇ Tuition fee: 66000 yen
◇When using TTMA tickets: 20 tickets


Chi Nei Thang is written as "the internal organs" in Chinese. It is a treatment method that massages the abdomen for 90 to 120 minutes. Although it is a treatment only for the abdomen, after the treatment, the whole body will be surprisingly light and the physical condition will change at once. Also, in Oriental medicine, there is a diagnosis of the abdomen called "abdominal examination", in which the state of the energy corresponding to the five elements is seen in the diagnosis of the abdomen. . We perform an abdominal examination based on the evolutionary version of the Seven Star Theory, not the five element theory of oriental medicine. The so-called "wood, fire, earth, metal, and water" are expressed as follows. “Wood (liver/gallbladder) malfunction” “Fire (heart/small intestine) malfunction” “Soil (spleen/stomach) malfunction” “Metal (lung/large intestine) malfunction” “Water (kidney/bladder) malfunction” is. In addition, we will diagnose by adding "disorder of the earth (heart package / sanjiao)" and "disorder of the universe (connection / direct line)".

This course is equivalent to the advanced level of Chi Nei Thang. Please study this first and then take the course.

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  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Chi Nei Thang Advanced In the seven-star diagnosis and treatment method01 1credits 3hours
2 Chi Nei Thang Advanced In the seven-star diagnosis and treatment method02 1credits 3hours
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