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  Frequently Asked Questions and Answers  
  ◆ Can I participate in the free trial lesson as many times as I want?  
  We ask only once per place. For example, once in Daikanyama, once in Gokurakuji on another day, once in Okinawa, and so on. Alternatively, if one year has passed, the same person may participate in the same place. However, please understand that we want the general public to know about it. Please apply from this page to apply for the free trial lesson. Also, if you have a desire to actually learn, you can also learn in one shot. There are also short lessons of up to 3 hours and one-day lessons of 6 hours. Whether you are an experienced person or an inexperienced person, we are ready for anyone at any level. Please click here to apply for the course.  
  ◆ I would like to have individual consultations while observing actual lessons rather than trial lessons. Is it possible?  
  Of course it is possible. However, it is different whether or not the class you want to visit is held at the time you want to visit the class, so it is necessary to arrange the schedule in advance. If you have a specific consultation based on your personal future design and circumstances, the free consultation will give you more time to talk. Of course, you can also consult about future designs and plans. If you come from afar, you can stay for free. Please feel free to contact us for anything.  
  ◆ What kind of people are coming to study?  
  According to the results of our school's questionnaire, more than 90% of the respondents are considering independent opening or freelance in the future. As a feature, it can be said that few people think of it as a mere culture lesson. Therefore, think of it as a school for professionals. The ratio of men and women is 35-40% for men and 60% -65% for women. Women range from 20s to 50s, but the central zone is in their 30s. Of course, there were also teens and 70s. I think that many men have a concrete plan to open a business after graduation. The percentage of experienced people is about 40% of the total. About 60% are inexperienced. Not only Thai traditional massage experienced people, but also many professionals such as chiropractors, sports trainers, massagers, nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, acupuncturists, and acupuncture school teachers come to study. In terms of housing, about 70% are in the Tokyo area. 30% come to study from afar from Hokkaido-Tohoku-Chubu-Hokuriku-Shikoku-Kyushu-Okinawa. Speaking of nationality, 90% are Japanese, but Westerners, Chinese, and Thais also come to study. Thai people who have more than 10 years of experience as Thai traditional massage therapists in Bangkok are also coming to study.  
  ◆ Can I rent a classroom if I want to study by myself?  

yes. It is a reservation system in advance, but it is open for free during the period of enrollment, so please use it. From what time to what time? The person in charge is decided, and everyone is working hard to practice with each other. After graduation, space will be rented for a fee.

  ◆ Is school romance prohibited?  
  Not prohibited. There were some cases where couples were born in the school. Everyone seems to be having a good time while going out for meals and drinking during breaks. Since there are many opportunities to practice skinship while practicing massage with each other, it may be quick to get along with each other. In addition, we hold free study sessions for TTMA therapist members even after graduation, but there were cases where we hit it off. Although it is not a romantic relationship, there were cases where we jointly set up a salon together, and there were cases where we worked as a therapist. In a sense, you can use it as a place for socializing. Please enjoy your romance freely without disturbing the moral order.  
  ◆ LGBT, is there any problem?  
  No problem at all. I will not discriminate or distinguish at all, but I will not say anything about my personal hobbies and tastes. There are surprisingly many cases where gay men and bisexuals have actually been enrolled in the past. You can personally keep that information open, or you can stay closed. There has never been a case in the past where such prejudice prevented me from going to school. Everyone seems to have enjoyed their school life.  
  ◆ What will happen to the therapist's demand in the future?  

Not to mention the aging society, the culture of receiving massage has taken root and the market is steadily expanding. However, the competition is intensifying as the number of mere massage shops that loosen the stiffness, whether cheap or bad, has recently increased. The business model of opening a store in front of the station and trying to attract customers with only the skill of burning blades is gradually beginning to fade. In a broad sense, it is the same therapist business, but the needs are different in the first place between a mere massage shop that loosens the stiffness and a massage shop that can maintain the client. Consumers aren't stupid either, so it's easy to see if they're good or bad. The plating will come off immediately. In the business model of opening a home, you will be in charge of not only removing stiffness but also taking care of the client in general, so you cannot open a business unless you know it properly. Therefore, when a person who has been a Korihogushi therapist for several years decides to open a business, there are many cases where he is enrolled in our school with the idea of ​​"Let's learn properly again!". Even in the younger generation, it seems that lifestyles that are particular about organic diets, try not to take medicine as much as possible, and improve the natural healing power that human beings should have are becoming widespread. I also think. These people are concerned about body maintenance, so the demand for massage treatments will never diminish. In particular, the demand for Thai traditional massage is significantly higher than other massages. Thai traditional massage therapists are sought after not only in hot bath facilities but also in overseas spas and luxury cruise ships. There are still not enough good therapists, and we continue to receive offers from many massage shops and massage chains to recruit therapists.

  ◆ I'm an inexperienced person, but is it difficult to learn properly just by correspondence education?  

it's difficult. Correspondence education is just correspondence education. It's not zero, but it's not like learning face-to-face. I feel sorry to say this while offering it as a commercial product, but it is a fact. If you want to learn something uniform, if you want to learn clerical things, I think that correspondence education is not the same, but for example, if you learn golf and judo only by correspondence education, it is somewhat difficult. I think you can understand. The height, weight, length of limbs, and range of motion of joints differ depending on the person, so it is most important to give guidance that suits that person. If you already have experience points and have already acquired physical sensations, I think that there is no problem, but inexperienced people alone do not acquire professional level skills. Our school's distance learning curriculum includes schooling for that purpose, but it is up to you to hand over your certificate within a fixed time. Therefore, some people finally got a certificate of completion after taking several additional courses. It seems that it was extra expensive. excuse me. Since it is not just a school that has a qualification issuance business at a low price, no certificate will be issued unless you can do it properly. Thank you for your understanding. If you live far away, we can accommodate you in a short-term training camp, so please feel free to contact us.

  ◆ I am at a loss between the specialized course and the general course.  

Subject of selection is a course in which you select and study only the subjects you are interested in. The course will end when the fixed number of credits has been taken. It is not possible to review and participate in classes many times within the price. Therefore, many of the people who take the specialized course are professional therapists, and after having their own style as a base, they choose the courses that are useful for them. Some of them have no plans to work as a professional therapist and learn for the purpose of personal health care and relaxation for their families. General course is to study a number of subjects step by step from basic to applied. You can definitely learn from the inexperienced person with the curriculum set to aim for the professional level. Even experienced people can learn from the basics to practical applications, which are so important that they can study again from the beginning. The general course focuses on a collection of specialized curriculums, but also includes curriculums that are not set for specialized courses. It also supports the professional qualification of the industry group TTMA, and one of the features is that you can get the qualification without taking the exam only by internal confirmation. In addition, by studying step by step, it is set so that you can study even in a shorter time frame than the specialized course, so the price is set considerably cheaper than studying the same curriculum in the specialized course. Since the comprehensive course is a system that allows you to take the course over and over again within the period, there is no risk that you could not take the course due to a sudden schedule. If you want to be a professional, you can go to the general course. If you want to learn quickly, you can say that it is a specialized course.

  ◆ I really want to enter the independent practice comprehensive course, but I want to start with the therapist training comprehensive course!  

It is also possible to upgrade within the general course course. Some people choose to take a cheap course because they are not confident or lack money. If you are in the same comprehensive course, you can change the course by paying only the difference in the tuition fee. However, in that case, the course will be interpreted as going back to the first start point, so the course period will not be extended. In rare cases, you may start with Professional therapist debut Course (Deadline: 6 months) and then transfer to your desired Freelance therapist course (Deadline: 12 months). If you change the course after 6 months have passed, the remaining course period will be converted to 6 months. Therefore, if you want to enter the independent practice comprehensive course, it is certainly better to enter the course as it is. By the way, if you change the course from the elective special course to the general main course, an administrative fee of 20,000 yen will be charged separately for transfer. There is no entrance fee.

  ◆ I am wondering whether to study in Thailand or Japan.  

Studying in Thailand is certainly a lot of fun to feel like traveling. The spicy Thai food is delicious and you can enjoy the nightlife. Therefore, I recommend studying in Thailand for those who just want to have fun. However, in reality, many Thai school graduates visit our school. The reason is that I didn't acquire the skills, and there are many reasons why I want to study again from the beginning. Even a Thai school will teach you a set procedure according to the text, but well, I just got an explanation. That is the fact. This may be unavoidable because it is a national character or a difference in feeling. In Japan, there are many schools that are like branches of Thai schools, but they all have the same feeling of "explaining". There is a TTMA group school "NBS Chiang Mai" in Thailand, so it's all about Thailand! It's Japan! That is not the case, but the fastest way to improve your school selection is to have a reliable instructor teach you according to your own goals. I think there are various reasons such as easy access, good location, low price, cool teacher, etc., but please think carefully. Most of the people who are serious about doing as professional therapists in the Thai traditional industry are from our school. Among the existing salons, it is the graduates of this school who are praised for their high technical level by taking the number one nomination. Therefore, if you state that you are from this school in your resume, it seems that there are many cases where you are exempted from the on-the-job examination in the entrance examination. There are many applications from people who have studied in Thailand at the salons of the TTMA group, but in most cases they have to be re-learned. When choosing a school, it is important to choose a school that suits your purpose. If you fail, it's like throwing money and time into the drain.

  ◆ We are considering comparing with other Thai traditional massage schools. Please tell me the characteristics of that.  

It is the oldest school in Japan that has taught Thai traditional massage. The professional market share in the industry is also outstanding. Independent practitioners also have a large number of successes nationwide. Companies that are developing chains, including private salons that open at home, are also graduates here. Some of them shared their origins and started their own school, but they were originally from here. I am absolutely confident in teaching. You can improve your skills speedily and surely because you practice a special teaching method. TTMA instructor qualifications are much more difficult than other schools. To be honest, it may have become more difficult year by year. It's a trade secret, so I can't tell you much, but there are many special teaching methods only here. A curriculum that uses red and yellow cards to create a game-like curriculum, and a curriculum that allows you to learn the steps and sense of distance that suit the person by using a blindfold. A dynamic explanation of the movement of the center of gravity and how to use the hands, and an explanation of the touch and feeling of chest breathing and abdominal breathing. There are many special teaching methods anyway. Secondly, the mother of our school is TTMA, an ancient Thai industry group. TTMA is a prestigious industry group that has been practicing the promotion of Thai traditional massage with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand. Nowadays, many associations have been established in the Thai traditional industry, but in many cases it is just a private school just by giving the name of the association. The TTMA certification does not matter which school you are from, so people from various schools in Japan and Thailand have taken the exam and obtained the qualification. In other words, we know all the schools in the world that teach what kind of content. I've heard a lot of actual stories. Most other schools just explain the procedure of the work. If you can do it just by receiving an explanation, it will not be that easy. Many people want to go to Thailand because Thailand is the home. Schools in Thailand are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) and the Ministry of Education. Many Japanese also want the value of being Thai government-affiliated, and there are many people who go to school in Thailand. But the fact is that as long as the government is involved, you can only learn fixed, safe and mundane techniques. This is because if an accident occurs after the technique learned in Thailand, it may lead to an international conflict at worst. At TTMA, we are conducting research while conducting clinical experiments on patients with psychiatric disorders such as depression and addiction, which are becoming a problem all over the world today. This is because new diseases and illnesses that did not exist in traditional medicine are hitting the world. Traditional medicine can be used for the first time by practicing it with the aim of helping people who are really in need, not just the successors of traditional culture. Originally, traditional medicine was developed as a treatment, not for the purpose of relaxation. At TTMA, we do research every day so that professional therapists can contribute to the many people who seek help. The experience and achievements cultivated in TTMA are fed back to the official school as know-how. When asked what is different compared to other schools, the stance and purpose may be different in the first place. Our school is not a school that teaches the procedure of working by applying Thai traditional massage to traditional culture, but it is a school that can be said to be the wisdom of humankind, to make traditional medicine more useful to the world and pass it on to future generations. ..

  ◆ What do you think of the Thai traditional school specializing in anatomical physiology?  

Certainly there are other schools that sell curriculums that specialize in anatomical physiology. Certainly, a better understanding of anatomy is necessary or obligatory for the therapist. But how about making it look like a manipulative treatment? I also feel that. The position of manipulative treatment has a part that is based on the Western medical way of thinking. Therefore, many therapists wear white coats as uniforms. Traditional oriental medicine approaches are different from modern western medicine. For example, in Western medicine, it is said that strong compression should be stopped because it damages muscle fibers, but in reality, partial strong compression can lead to considerable results. The key is to be able to properly teach what approach should be taken in order to apply pressure to the deep part without damaging the muscle fibers on the surface, including precautions and dangers. Looking at our curriculum, it is certain that there are relatively few anatomical physiology classes. However, in reality, it is a topic that appears as a normal story in practical lessons. This is because I think that it is better to add explanations while touching the body, rather than setting up a separate lesson as a lecture. Because this is the case, there are usually explanations that it is dangerous to do this, or that if there is a problem with this muscle, it is meaningless if you do not do this. For example, in the approach to shoulder periarthritis called forty shoulders or frozen shoulders, in order to find out where the problem is in the multi-layered muscles, look at the range of motion of the arm connected to the shoulder joint. Without it, you can't take the right approach. If you don't loosen the superficial muscles, it's hard to tell the stiffness of the deep muscles. Among the experienced people, the one who smells the most is the one who knows the name of the muscle and fires in rapid succession. It's not amazing because I know the name. Unless you are familiar with how the muscles work and what movements they correspond to, you will not be able to imagine your daily lifestyle from the state of the client's stiffness, and you should accurately reduce the spiciness. You can't do that. It is a pity that Thai traditional massage is only extracted from Thai traditional medicine and is understood only as a series of compression and stretching work, but the traditional medicine originally introduced to Thailand has a more magical element. I was conscious of natural energy and had a strong spiritual element. Of course, we instructors also know the anatomical physiology, but when performing the actual treatment, we do not think with our head how the muscles are. This is because if the treatment is performed using the left brain, it will not work as energy work. If you want to approach this muscle, the therapist should put effort into his hands and arms so that he doesn't get in the wrong direction. However, this is an approach that is contrary to the original idea of ​​traditional oriental medicine, which is the idea of ​​Western medicine rash. In Western medicine, the body is classified and interpreted by parts, but in Oriental medicine, the body is considered as a collection of cells and approached. It is said that in order to rejuvenate one cell, it is necessary to supplement the three elements of ki, blood, and water. Ki is a prana that appears in Thai medicine and yoga, but if the therapist cannot control Ki, it is a formal therapist. When controlling Ki, the therapist himself cannot truly approach the client unless he is in a meditative state, that is, a state in which his senses are sharpened by abdominal breathing. In other words, the therapist shouldn't use his strength. In order to apply pressure without using muscle strength, if you adjust the sense of distance to the client and make good use of the stance of both feet and step work, you can express great pressure by moving the center of gravity by just a few centimeters. You should be able to. The types of pressure are not just strong or weak. It can be expressed with various feelings such as soft, hard, warm, cold, etc. Bruce Lee also says "Don't think! Feel!". Don't forget to feel, not think. There is a limit to how much I can explain in words, so I will do this, but shouldn't the Thai traditional massage be combined with manipulative treatment and sports massage? I think for a moment.

  ◆ Does the free time appointment system mean that you can receive it whenever you want?  
  It does not mean that it will be 100% convenient. Actually, I think it's almost as planned, but I can't say 100%. We will hear the schedule for the next month on the 15th of every month, so it is a style to assemble every month according to that schedule. Depending on the content of the lesson, there are some lessons that are difficult to teach one-on-one, so the lesson will be held with at least two people. Since it is a small group of up to 6 people, we will not push dozens of people into the classroom and just explain whether it can be done or not. Since the teachers are only popular members, adjusting the schedule of the teachers and students every month is a very time-consuming and enormous task. Therefore, I have some flexibility to hold classes in a well-balanced place. Of course, I think that there are most plans such as when you want to complete the course or if you want to take a leisurely course at a slow pace, so that's okay. Please be assured that we will respond responsibly.
  ◆ How long does it take from application for admission to the start of attendance?  
  Basically, once you have confirmed the payment, you can participate in the class from the next day. However, it means that you will be attending a class that has already been decided to be held at that time. As a system problem, we ask current students about the days and times when they can participate in the following month and the days and times when they cannot participate by the 15th of every month. The school management office will make a schedule plan according to each person's plan by about 20th. It is a mechanism to confirm the schedule plan individually for each person and decide the lesson schedule for the next month by the 25th. On the 15th of every month, some people do not know the schedule for the next month, so in such cases, please check after the entire schedule is completed, and finally add that person's schedule. Will be. Please note that the overall schedule has been decided, so it may not be possible to add or change too many. Depending on the class, there is also a way to switch to one-on-one lessons. Normally, one lesson is allocated as one credit, but in the case of one-on-one lessons, one lesson can be allocated to two to three credits. The number of lessons you take will be reduced, but you can definitely take lessons at your own pace. I think this is the best way for people who are busy or who are not flexible in terms of time. In particular, the comprehensive course may be very profitable because you can participate in the lessons without any restrictions. I didn't tell you much because it's my back hand, but I wrote it.  


  ◆ I live far away, so I'm thinking about how to learn.
  Our school has students from all over Japan and abroad. Over the past 20 years, everyone has come to study from afar. At Kamakura Gokurakuji Lesson Studio, you can take lessons while staying. By the way, the studio in Daikanyama is only for school. How about staying for a while and devoting yourself to learning? If you can do it to a certain extent, you can have the therapist in charge at the group salon, so it may be a little bit difficult, but it should be difficult. We have a monthly schedule and schedule classes, so you can go home for a while within the period. You may also choose to learn some Thai traditional massage nearby. However, even if you say Thai traditional style in a bite, the content is as different as the moon. Please choose a school that suits your purpose.
  ◆ What is the atmosphere of the actual class?
  It's fun. I feel like I'm always full of laughter. I'm doing serious things seriously, but it doesn't make any sense to explain difficult things in a big way. It doesn't make sense to make small things look bigger. Rather, if you express difficult things in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, you can swallow them quickly. Therefore, I will add explanations while interweaving parables and daily events. Sometimes I think I'm fooling around, but I'm doing it very seriously. Therefore, the improvement is quick anyway. I will explain it in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, so it will be easy to do. This is not the case with a money-making school. Students don't know what it is because they explain simple things difficultly and profusely, and make them confusing and difficult. It's still not good, so I need to learn more, so I'm advised to pay an additional fee or take other courses. In my case, I want to be able to do it as soon as possible, so I am teaching with all my ingenuity. Certainly, there are some students who are not able to do it easily. But don't blame the students, you have to find the root of how you can do it. What is the value of the teacher if it ends because of the students? It's unfortunate for someone who was taught by such an irresponsible teacher. It's easy to explain. Anyone can do it. However, it is quite difficult to make it possible. Well, it's a fight against myself. The fact that the graduated students flap their wings is the promotion of the school above all.
  ◆ What is it like to learn while staying?
  Please see this page.
  ◆ Is it possible to study by going to school and sometimes staying together?
  Is possible. Certainly, there are some lessons that are definitely easier to learn if you concentrate on this curriculum collectively, and there are also lessons that you think that it will not be confusing if you increase your knowledge and skills while slowly and slowly accumulating hands-on experience. I have. It would be great if the school and the students could work together while discussing such matters.
  ◆ Can I learn the comprehensive course by taking a slow course 2-3 times a month?
  I think that it is all right. However, it is certain that the feeling of taking the same lesson many times can absorb more. Will it end within the period? Rather, if you finish the first course in about half of the period and then take the second one as a review, you can expect a considerable improvement. There is no additional charge, so it is better to take it many times.
  ◆ Are the textbooks and teaching materials correct?
  It's really good. It's subjective. The text contains very detailed procedures and precautions. There is also space to take notes, so please write important points here. The points and advice also have parts that correspond to the trunk and branches and leaves. What is the most important thing? Next, I think it's a good idea to write down what you will convey in class, such as what points will change depending on the client. Besides text, there are DVDs. You should be able to understand the flow of connections, rhythms, and fine nuances in the video several times better than in the paper.。
  ◆ Is it true that video recording is permitted for class lessons?
  It's true. It is a very convenient system because you can review it later. However, please understand the waiver of portrait rights and the prohibition of resale. The reason why video recording is OK is that fine nuances are important. The text describes the procedure of the work. In music, it's just a score. If it's a piano recital, it's a question of whether or not it can be played according to the score, but for a professional pianist, it is not whether or not it can be played according to the score. Therefore, the importance of the text becomes relatively low as you progress from intermediate to advanced.
  ◆ If you browse on a video site, there is no tuition fee, so isn't that better?
  I agree. If you can do it, free is the best. However, since each person has a different height, body shape, and reach length, the step work, stance, and sense of distance should be different. You will not be able to do it unless you teach the person while finding a method that suits him / her. Even if you practice the wrong way repeatedly, the person will unfortunately get stuck and you can't expect any further improvement. it's scary. It takes several times longer to get rid of bad habits once you have them than to do it from inexperienced people.
  ◆ Can I get a job after graduating?
  Of course it is possible. TTMA Group Salon guarantees 100%. That's because I'm confident that I'll improve my skills. I have rarely been in trouble because I didn't have a job. You may not be able to respond if you are told that you need to be in a place right from your home, that you only want to work during this limited time, or that you are selfish, but if you have a normal feeling, there is no problem. increase. Please be assured.
  ◆ After graduating, I would like to further improve my skills at a salon somewhere. Can you introduce me?
  You can also introduce. At the TTMA Group Salon, we guarantee your work. You can open your own home as soon as you graduate. Many people started their business as soon as they graduated and have been successful. There is a therapist introduction page on the TTMA homepage, so you can post it there and solicit offers from there. There is one caveat. Some shops have decided that you should not do anything other than the pattern that is decided at the salon. I think that the treatment content is fixed in consideration of the accident, but if you work at such a salon for a while, the technical level will definitely decline. From past examples, there are no exceptions. Many beauty salons fix their skills because they can provide the same service to anyone. However, in the case of massage, the symptoms that the client complains about are different, so in order to satisfy everyone with the same treatment pattern, we think that we can not provide a certain service unless the treatment is at least 3 hours or more. .. If you ask how many minutes you can order at the salon, you can tell, but the stores that say that there are many 60 minutes are the ones that emphasize rotation and loosen the stiffness. Imagine opening your own salon in the future. If it's a spin-focused shop that's loosening stiffness, there's nothing to say, but if not, it's a waste of time. The sooner you open, the more you can make your dreams a reality.
  ◆ Is it reckless to start opening a home at the same time as graduation?
  No. Not reckless at all. You can do it normally. Many graduates have successfully opened their business upon graduation. In some cases, I set goals from the beginning of enrollment, created logo marks, created websites, and conducted market research while attending lessons. Some people rented a salon and started big. Some people have opened a store just three months after graduation, selecting real estate properties and thinking about interior plans. You can also check the property on your computer using Google Street View, so you can use your spare time to consult with us.
  ◆ I would like to open a business in the future. Please tell me what to learn from.
  There are various patterns to say that the business is open, so I can't say it unconditionally. You can start on a business trip with just one mat, or you can add staff to open a large salon. Reservation management and customer management. Advertising to increase the number of customers. General affairs such as accounting and social insurance. Legal knowledge and practice in hiring staff. There is no limit to how much you can raise it in detail, but first of all, there are many people who are worried about how to attract customers, not how to respond after the customer arrives. As the Internet is widespread, promotion using homepages and SNS will be essential. Even for the purpose of promoting word-of-mouth, there is a big difference between having a shop card and not having one. It is an era when you can make a homepage for free, but if you try to make something that you are satisfied with for free, you will end up learning photo processing and design, and it will take years to master how to use multiple application software. It will also be. Even if you go to a design school, you can understand the work, but if you do not have a sense, you will not be able to work as a professional at all, so it will be a dangerous bet. Copywriting and textual expression are also important factors. Advertising professionals make full use of marketing to manipulate psychology, so let's leave the path of the snake to the snake. It's not that you can't do the interior yourself. It's the DIY era, so there's nothing you can't do. But it's not that easy. If you ask me if I can make something professional-level, it's not that sweet. If you think about what kind of service you want to provide to what kind of people and what your sales are, we can give you advice, so please feel free to contact us. No problem. It has led many people who didn't understand anything to success.
  ◆ I have mastered the technique, but I do not know how to prepare for the independent opening.
  This overlaps with the previous question, but please discuss a specific plan when you come for a lesson. The business model developed as a therapist business is a business model that is easier to generate high profits than general restaurants and retail stores. First of all, there is no purchase, so even if something goes wrong, there is no need to worry about making a big loss, which is actually a rare business model. To put it simply, it's a low-risk business that makes a lot of money when customers come in. Don't be too obsessed with patterns when opening a business. Think about how many customers you expect in a month. At best, if you do it alone, 100 people is the limit, isn't it? Assuming that the 2-hour course costs 10,000 yen, it will accommodate 3 people a day, and if it is open for 20 days, it will be 60 people. I don't deal with thousands of people, so I think that if you don't say marketing or other difficult things, and if you think about the other person from the bottom of your heart and perform the treatment from the bottom of your heart, your feelings will surely be conveyed. Rather than discussing business methods, the feeling of thinking about the other person is more important than anything else. Feelings are energy, aren't they? It means that the customer is doing an equivalent exchange with the energy of money for the energy of thinking about himself. Rather than thinking about the other person, if you only think about what you do not lose, you will end up falling. For business know-how, please feel free to contact us anytime after enrollment.
  ◆ Is there any support for opening a business after graduation?
  I have. However, there are some areas where you can do it for free and some areas where you will be charged, so let me explain. Consultation is basically free. I'll give you as much advice as possible, but it's also free. You will be charged if someone else spends your time and effort working for that purpose. Logo mark production. Shop card production. Flyer production. Pamphlet production. Homepage design. SEO measures. SNS settings. Interior design. Interior work contract. System construction. Contract creation. We can handle anything, such as, so if you order only the necessary parts, we can handle it. Since we work within the TTMA group, we can offer it at a more reasonable price than the market price. Please contact us when necessary.
  ◆ Please tell us about your commitment to teaching.
  Being able to massage does not mean having you remember the procedure of the work. I think. After explaining the important points, we will show and feel it and give a lesson. I'll do it, check it in detail, make corrections, and don't finish until I can. Once you know the meaning and purpose of one technique, the dangers and workarounds, and the replacement with another technique, all you have to do is connect them. I don't want to tell you much or say anything more than this because it's a trade secret, but I also have special know-how. I'll tell you a little, but 90% of the success depends on your stance and your sense of distance from the client. Since the system and the length of the limbs differ from person to person, there is no way we can do it without giving individual advice. As with any sport, the point is the waist. So it's not just a lesson that explains how to work.
  ◆ Is it possible to appoint a teacher who will be in charge?
  You can, but it will be charged up. Elder Souichirou Watanabe, who is also the principal and the president of TTMA, is very popular. It feels like a teacher, so it's more than doubled, and I have no choice but to take classes during my free time. Still, the reason it's so popular is that it will definitely be possible. It's a living legend, so to speak. For students enrolled in the general course, the usual 1 credit lesson will be treated as 3 credits. When appointing another instructor, we will treat the usual 1 credit lesson as 2 credits. It is OK if you can consult with us after enrollment.
  ◆ Is it possible to participate in classes after graduation?
  Since the general course is linked to each grade of TTMA therapist members, you can participate in the class semi-permanently as long as you do not withdraw from the course. In addition to participating in class alumni, TTMA organizes free study sessions tailored to each grade of TTMA, so you can also participate in them. If it is C grade, it is a C grade study session. If it is B grade, it is a B grade study session. If you are Grade-A, you can participate in Grade-A study sessions.
  ◆ How long will it take to pay for the 1 million yen that it costs to take the Freelance therapist course ?
  That's an interesting question. How long does it take to earn 1 million yen in sales? I don't know the setting conditions, but let's calculate it assuming that the rent is not special when opening a home. Assuming that the price of a 2-hour Thai traditional massage course is 10,000 yen, if you support 3 people a day and open for 20 days, the monthly sales will be 600,000 yen by simple calculation. From the beginning, it will be difficult to attract customers at such a pace, so let's average 1.5 people a day. From half the pace, monthly sales are 300,000 yen. That means 3.3 months. Well, assuming that it costs a little more for electricity and telephone, it will be calculated that you can get the money back in roughly 4 months. From that point on, it doesn't cost any money, so it's all about making a profit (gross profit). There is no purchase, but if you buy the most important product, nothing will start. No matter how hard you try, you can't grow into a business that can last a lifetime with poor products.
  ◆ If you want to become a healer, I think you should have a national qualification.
  There are many ways of thinking, so there is nothing right or wrong. If you think so, you should get a national qualification. However, many national qualification holders have come to study. Now why do you think?
  ◆ What is good about learning massage here?
  The first is to be healthy yourself. Not only can you get this massage, but you can actually be healthy by doing it to someone. You can be very healthy by repeating receiving and doing every day. Have you ever had a massage every day? It's really different. Yes, when I was feeling well, I was so light! It reminds me of that. People can be positive when they are physically and mentally healthy. And you can definitely learn the massage technique. A real skill of a lifetime. Being able to massage can heal your loved ones and ease those in need. The joy of others will come to be seen as your own joy. Being able to do things that you couldn't do before will give you confidence. It makes me feel like my heart has expanded. It's a little soft and not frustrating. You can also see the way of doing business in the future. The future is becoming more and more real. You can feel yourself growing up.
  ◆ What is the difference between Thai traditional massage and W yoga massage?

Just as yoga was divided into several schools and developed, as the market grows, it is subdivided into schools according to the way of thinking. Thai traditional massage is also divided by school like that. Bangkok style is typical. Chiang Mai style. Thai government government style. And so on. The Bangkok style begins at Wat Po Massage School in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It started in 1961 with a voice from King Pumipon Thai, "Don't you teach Thai massage?", And the style was assembled by the president of Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medicine School. Mr. Shin Thong, a staff member of Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medicine School, has a better massage style in Chiang Mai! The Chiang Mai style started when I quit here. In other words, the Chiang Mai style began in 1962 at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai. Schools in Chiang Mai such as ITM, Roykuro, Wandy, and Nimmanhaemin are schools created independently by old medicine teachers, and the techniques are not much different. Many of you know that the roots of Thai traditional massage go back 2500 years. However, it has only been 700 to 800 years since the Kingdom of Thailand was founded. The roots are Omoto. The founder of Thai traditional massage is Shivago, who was the doctor of Buddha, but he was born in North India and is not Thai. Thai massage is, so to speak, a treatment method that has spread throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, and since it was a story when a small country was divided into groups, it is collectively referred to as Thai massage. However, in 1985, the Thai Massage Reconstruction Project was formed, and the Thai government-affiliated Thai Ministry of Health style was created by private members such as Pisit. The widely known method of Thai traditional massage is that it is just like a package for the general public so that anyone can easily do it by looking at the procedure alone.

W yoga massage is an advanced style of Thai traditional massage that was created while TTMA was pursuing a more therapeutic method. It is an acrobatic healing method that connects with stretching while meditating. It is a new style reconstructed by TTMA based on many classical medical theories such as yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Reiki, etc., while being based on traditional Thai medicine. Traditional Thai massage is also called "yoga performed by two people", but it is a pity that very few therapists can actually do it. You can't do yoga without breathing, meditation, and breathing. And above all, if you can't prepare your mind, you won't be able to communicate with your clients, so you won't be able to perform treatments that will impress you. However, although Thai traditional massage has become very famous, as the market expands, only business will inevitably take the lead and the content will become thinner. I became more and more skeptical about it, and after pursuing the results, it became like this. Therefore, it can be said that it is a Thai traditional massage, and it can be said that it is not. In fact, we have developed and added a lot of new stretching techniques that did not exist in traditional Thai massage. There is no fixed procedure for double yoga massage. In addition to thumb and palm compression, use elbow, knee, and foot compression, as well as hips and head. We also shake and vibrate. It also takes a deformed posture. Do not push with force. It is a free-style treatment that allows you to move freely sensuously by connecting your client and consciousness while meditating with abdominal breathing, always relaxing.

  ◆ What kind of symptom can be effective?
  I agree. You can do various things. Back pain, stiff shoulders, and back muscle pain are commonplace. If you have a fever, lower it. It also relieves the initial symptoms of a cold. The number of clients, which is a nationally designated intractable disease (a type of collagen disease) that is regarded as an incurable disease, has also improved. You can lose weight without dietary restrictions, or you can tighten your face for anti-aging effects. Both bust and hip up are possible. You can do various things. The buttocks are the key to pollinosis, but I'm not good at this because I haven't had any results yet.
  ◆ Is Wyoga massage a technique that can be used for dogs and cats?
  You can use it. If done as energy work, it will also be effective for pets. "Choro" Watanabe Souichirou has dozens of cats at his home, but he brought back a cat that the veterinarian told him was no longer good, and several cats were revived by energy work. There seems to be. Elders seem to be doing business trips for free when they hear that they are sick cats as well as cats in their own homes. If you have a cat in trouble, it's natural to do what you can. How much do you think you are indebted? I was saying something I didn't understand.
  ◆ Why is it desirable to take the W Yoga Freestyle in the Ancient oriental medicin therapist course at Gokurakuji School?
  This is because the meaning of repeating the work becomes stronger as an energy work. "Double yoga massage" that moves in freestyle is free to move, but the premise is that the therapist connects with the client and becomes one. Otherwise, it will be a selfish egoist massage. Furthermore, it is important to connect with natural energy. If you understand the feeling of being alive in nature in the universe, in the earth, you can take in natural energy. Just by connecting with the client, the energy circulates only within the therapist and the client. Then the therapist will absorb the energy and consume it. (The reverse is also true.) Therefore, by taking in natural energy, that energy is also transmitted to the client. Gokuraku-ji is a special place for that. This place in Gokuraku-ji is full of natural energy. It is a special place that has been endorsed by a famous spiritual teacher. I think "double yoga massage" is a dynamic meditation, but I think that natural energy is difficult to understand in a corner of a mixed urban building. Most people don't understand even if you explain it, but if you can do it, you will surely understand what you are saying.
  ◆ Are there any other schools where you can learn double yoga massage?
  There is no such thing as freestyle dynamic meditation. Only here in the world.
  ◆ Is the payment method only bank transfer?
  No. You can use a credit card or pay in cash.
  ◆ I would like to pay in installments under the TTMA scholarship system. Is there a review?
  There is a review. The scholarship system run by "TTMA (Non-Profit Organization Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association)" is a system to support those who can learn seriously and play a part in the promotion of Thai traditional massage together with TTMA in the future. .. Those who agree with TTMA's activity policy and work as a therapist or instructor after graduation can use the TTMA scholarship system. Scholarship students can pay the tuition fee in installments, but there is no interest or administrative fee. Those who apply for installment delivery need to register as a TTMA therapist member.
  ◆ Is it possible to study in the same course with a friend?

Is possible. If you take the same lesson together, it will be easier to schedule. However, the tuition fee cannot be discounted, so I'm sorry. We will provide a service for the entrance fee. I'm thinking of giving something as a gift.

  ◆ If I study while staying, is it possible to bring family and friends who do not study?
  It is possible, but friends will be charged a separate stay fee as a guest for the purpose of stay.
  ◆ I don't have the money, can you tell me for free?
  I won't tell you. I will not teach for free. Even if you take a lesson because it's free, you won't get it. Cheap ones have good reasons, and expensive ones have good reasons. The sound of priceless sounds good, but it's a catch phrase. Let's replace it with energy. Money and effort are all energy. It is a story that holds true because it is an equivalent exchange of money and labor. It may be possible if you can provide something other than money. If it sounds interesting, I will ride it in some cases.
  ◆ What is a free accommodation with no accommodation fee?
  It is a system that is often used in inns and guest houses these days, but it is a contract to make the accommodation fee free instead of having labor provided. At Gokurakuji, this is done.
  ◆ Please tell us about the accident compensation system.
  This is a support for therapist members provided by "TTMA (Non-Profit Organization Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association)", so it is not directly operated at this school, but I will explain it. The amount of accident compensation is up to 100 million yen. TTMA therapist members are eligible for accident compensation no matter where they are treated in Japan. Think of it as Thai massage insurance and you don't need to take out insurance. As a professional therapist, care for customers is also a job, and TTMA compensates up to 100 million yen in total in case of an accident, regardless of whether it is in the salon or on a business trip, such as customer injuries or surgical disorders. is. In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, a dedicated person in charge will act on behalf of the practitioner, so it is a very convenient support. Since it covers all TTMA therapist members of C grade and above, we highly recommend TTMA qualification. "Click here for details"
  ◆ Please tell me about the hospitalization fee.
  This is also support for therapist members provided by "TTMA (Non-Profit Organization Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association)", but there is support to pay hospitalization fees. In the unlikely event that you, the therapist, are hospitalized, sales will decline during that time, and you will be in a difficult situation. The body is very important to the therapist. Therefore, it is a service that supports members in the form of hospitalization condolence money. Upon admission, TTMA will provide you with a tribute. The TTMA hospitalization fee system is available to members of A or above or store managers who operate certified salons. Click here for details
  ◆ A person who runs a Thai massage salon. Is there a service where the instructor's teacher will go on a business trip and teach you?
  I have. Instructors regularly go on business trips every month to provide guidance at major FC chain stores and newly launched stores. It's a famous salon that you all know, but I can't say where it is because I can't talk about it.
  ◆ Is this school a business for "Choro" Watanabe Souichirou?
  In some respects, of course, it's a business. You can't eat rice without money. But it seems that half is not business. I think it's not a means of making money, but a life work. I don't know when humans will die, so I have to tell more people about this wonderful treatment. Recently, I often say that. It seems that there is a feeling of fostering successors, and it seems that Thai traditional massage is being used as a mere means of making money at other schools, and if you do not keep doing it, it will rot more and more. It seems that you are thinking. In addition to the operation of this school, the operation and salon of the industry group "TTMA". We also operate "Thai Massage juku" and "NBS Chiang Mai". In Okinawa, we have a farm for research on natural remedies. Volunteer activities seem to include forest protection activities and activities to save pets such as cats and dogs by extending the protection of the global environment. It seems that he also plays the guitar every day. It seems that volunteers, massages, and my life are all together. I'm not sure because I'm a person who doesn't have many boundaries in work and hobbies. He also said that play is work and work is play.
  ◆ Can you tell me how "Choro" Watanabe Soichirou studied?
  Did you do that? It's a secret. I will tell you when you enroll. However, it seems that I didn't go to a Thai school normally. For that reason, it seems that he studied Thai and was absent from his house for a long time and was put into a burglary many times. It seems that the money is light and it is used lightly enough to buy a house, so I think that the same thing can not be done easily.。
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