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  Therapist internship compensation system  
  ◆Comprehensive courses and rewards including internships  
  The comprehensive course includes the following therapist intern curriculum: Under the therapist internship system, you will be treated as a professional therapist to actual customers at TTMA official salons. There will surely be a lot of learning to be learned there. Of course, the customer will charge a normal fee, so the therapist will be paid. (Lesson tickets are given to those who do not want cash rewards.) For internships, the internship fee varies depending on the grade of qualification. 20% or more for C and R qualifications, 30% or more for B qualifications, and 40% or more for A qualifications. You can also make this contract with the salon as it is. Of course, the fee for this contract will be higher. Please contact the school office for details. Therapist internships are included in the following comprehensive courses.  
  Professional Therapist Debut Course  
  Freelance Therapist Course  


  Ancient Thai Therapist Course  
  Ancient Oriental Medicine Therapist Course  
  Ethe & Spa Naturopathy Course  
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