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  "ESTHE & SPA NATUROPATHY COURSE" is a comprehensive course to learn massage treatments for naturalists who are particular about all hand and organic natural materials. The basic treatment is to use oil on a table (massage table). Starting with aromatherapy (aromatherapy), treatments based on traditional medicine from India, Europe, America, Hawaii, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc., and tropical spa treatments are tightly condensed to create an even more beautiful body line. You can also learn trick beauty techniques.  
  ★ Full support until you can do it!  
  ★ With support even after graduation when you are in trouble!  
  ★It costs 1280,000 yen instead of 1,696,500 yen if you take the classes separately.  
  ★ You can learn at a real 25% OFF.  
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  ◇Period of attendance: Up to 12 months
◇ Minimum required hours: 204 hours (68 credits)
◇Maximum class time: unlimited within the period
◇ Admission fee: 20000 yen
◇ Tuition fee: 1280000 yen
◇ Total payment: 1,300,000 yen
◇Payment method: bank transfer/credit card/TTMA scholarship available
◇ This is 416,500 yen cheaper than taking specialized subjects separately!
◇ TTMA therapist members can participate in the review for free even after graduation.
◇ The tuition fee includes the cost of textbooks and teaching materials.
◇Demonstration can be filmed freely.
◇ All prices shown include consumption tax.

"ESTHE & SPA NATUROPATHY COURSE" is a comprehensive course to learn massage treatments for naturalists who are particular about all hand and organic natural materials. In the case of our school, our goal is to have you understand the meaning and purpose of the course, rather than just memorize the fixed procedure, so that you can freely apply it, so please enjoy the course. can do. The key is not to memorize, but to understand, so the more you understand, the more fun it should be. This course is intended for inexperienced people, but of course, those who have some experience of touching the body can learn advantageously.

As you can see from the image below, the subject is basically a treatment that uses oil on a table (massage table). Aromatherapy is the basic of the basics, but we have condensed treatments based on traditional medicine from India, Europe, the United States, Hawaii, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc., and tropical spa treatments to create even more beautiful body lines. You can also learn aesthetic beauty techniques to create

First of all, we will start with "Basic Aromatherapy body treatment", a basic treatment using oil. Learn basic skills such as how to use your body and how to shift your weight. You will also learn the traditional Hawaiian remedy "Lomi Lomi". Aromatherapy is effective not only with massage, but also with stimulation from classes, so we will learn "Aromatherapy Five elements of aromatherapy" as aromatherapy. You will also learn "Aromatherapy Advance Freestyle" because the results will change if you can do the treatment in freestyle.

Treatments that use oils exist all over the world. It is based on different theories of traditional medicine, depending on the region and culture, but there are no big differences if you take it roughly. In this course, you can understand all of them together, so you can understand subtly different procedures for each body type.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine, but it is a pity that many people misunderstand that this is just an oil massage treatment. When translated, it means "science of life", and refers to all health methods with the theme of whether you can be healthy below. In this course you will also learn Ayurvedic practices. Ayurveda oil treatment is "Ayurveda Abhyanga Dosha separate treatment method". After categorizing the body constitution, different oils are selected, and treatments are performed with different rhythms, different pressures, and different touches. So you will also learn the basic theory in "Ayurvedic Dosha theory and diagnosis".

Since ancient times, "Clay pack mud therapy" has existed all over the world. It seems that there are various descriptions in history, but it is probably the strongest as a detox effect. In addition, “Yogurt spa massage” has a relatively long history, and “Honey Milk & Spice Body Polish” uses plenty of natural essences that everyone will enjoy. "Organic Body Scrub" is very effective for exfoliating and turning over the skin. In the "Organic vegetable face mask", you will learn how to perform a yogurt-based treatment using fruits and vegetables. It is a nice treatment method for naturalists. Not only for clients, but also for self-care. Recently, among the body treatments, "Chocolate spa massage", which focuses on body polishing, has become a NY celebrity.

Traditional Filipino remedies are sacred and spiritual, but the reality is that these days they are only used as oil treatments. The original “Hilot Banana Leaf Scanning & Treatment” uses banana leaves for counseling and then treatment. Other tropical remedies use banana leaves and peels. "Banana polish" uses banana peel to polish the body, while "Banana wrap" uses banana leaves to wrap the body.

"Hot stone therapy" using natural stones can warm your body in the same way as a bedrock bath, but you will also learn "Basic Hot stone therapy" where you can adjust energy by placing stones in your chakras. You will also learn "Advanced Hot Stone Therapy" to perform oil treatment. A similar effect can be expected with "Hot herbal ball oil treatment". This is done in traditional Thai medicine, and herbal essences will take you to a tropical resort. This cold version, "Cool herbal ball oil treatment", is ideal for acute muscle soreness or as an aftercare after exercise.

And for the trendy head massage, you will be able to perform treatments according to the situation by learning both the “Cream bath” transmitted to Bali, Indonesia and the “Indian dry head spa” that does not use oil. You will also learn "Foot reflexology", a very popular sole treatment method, and "Foot peeling" for foot care, so you will be able to meet your needs such as tired feet.

Once you've learned about your body with"Anatomy", hone your aesthetic skills as well. In the "Small face facial esthetic technique", "Waist slim esthetic technique", "Hip-up esthetic technique", and "Bust-up esthetic technique", you will learn techniques for correcting body shape, Acquire relevant skills and knowledge. Learn bath therapy in "Milk Bath & Citrus Bath".

For those that don't use oil, you can learn how to massage with a simple chair and stretching and massage with a massage table in "Table & Chair Stretch Massage". According to the needs of female customers, you will also learn "Maternity massage" for pregnant women and "Baby massage" for babies.

In this way, you will learn a number of massage techniques, but once you know the tricks, it will be easy to learn. Before graduation, through "Foot bath and counseling techniques" and "Salon operation", you will also acquire on-site skills and support your therapist activities. In "Healing Business", you can get a glimpse of business know-how, and there is also a "Practice Promotion Intern" class, so you can understand the know-how for attracting customers. In the "Practice therapist intern" performed at the salon site, there is only a heart, but there is also a reward back.

This course is certified by TTMA (Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association), so you can get "Grade R qualification" by recommendation. If you have this qualification, you will be compensated up to 100 million yen for treatment accidents all over Japan. In addition, you can receive consultation, advice, and various support for therapist activities. It is safe to work as a therapist at any store.

The course schedule is set up individually every month, so you can take the course slowly or in a hurry, depending on your future plans. Also, as long as you are a therapist member, you can participate in the review for free even after graduation, so the skills you have learned will not be wasted.

  ◆What's included (Click the image to see details.)
  ◆Curriculum details
  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Aromatherapy body treatment technique 2credits 6hours
2 Lomilomi massage treatment 2credits 6hours
3 Aroma therapy 1credits 3hours
4 Aromatherapy Massage Treatment Advanced Freestyle 2credits 6hours
5 Body scrub (salt, herb, rice flour) 1credits 3hours
6 Yogurt spa massage 1credits 3hours
7 Chocolate spa massage 1credits 3hours
8 Honey milk & spice body polish 1credits 3hours
9 Banana leaf scanning 1credits 3hours
10 Body oil treatment 1credits 3hours
11 Banana polish 1credits 3hours
12 Banana wrap 1credits 3hours
13 Clay pack mud therapy 1credits 3hours
14 Organic vegetable face mask technique 1credits 3hours
15 Ayurveda Abhyanga Dosha treatment method 1credits 3hours
16 Ayurvedic Theory and Dosha Diagnosis 2credits 6hours
17 Hot stone therapy basic 1credits 3hours
18 Hot Stone Therapy Advanced 1credits 3hours
19 Cream bath 2credits 6hours
20 Indian dry head spa 2credits 6hours
21 Hot herbal oil treatment 1credits 3hours
22 Cool herbal ball oil treatment 1credits 3hours
23 Small Face Facial Esthetic Technique 2credits 6hours
24 Waist Slim Esthetic Technique 2credits 6hours
25 Hip up esthetic technique 2credits 6hours
26 Bust-up esthetic technique 2credits 6hours
27 Foot peeling 1credits 3hours
28 Explanation of reflex areas and techniques on the soles of the feet 1credits 3hours
29 Foot reflexology technique 01 1credits 3hours
30 Foot Reflexology Technique 02 1credits 3hours
31 Summary and confirmation of foot reflexology 1credits 3hours
32 Maternity massage 1credits 3hours
32 Baby massage 1credits 3hours
33 Table massage 1credits 3hours
34 Chair massage 1credits 3hours
35 Anatomy (skeleton and muscles) 1credits 3hours
36 Kinesiology (posture and muscles) 1credits 3hours
37 Foot bath and counseling method 1credits 3hours
38 Salon Operation: The ABCs of Customer Psychology and Customer Service 1credits 3hours
39 Salon operation: customer service role-playing according to the situation 1credits 3hours
40 Training Intern Salon Therapist 10credits 30hours
41 Business lecture: preparation and flow until opening, points to be aware of 1credits 3hours
42 Business classroom lecture: Laws and contraindications, preparation and arrangements for opening a business 1credits 3hours
43 Business class: creating a clear concept (market-in and product-out) 1credits 3hours
44 Business class: A game that develops a sense of management to avoid deficit bankruptcy 1credits 3hours
45 Training Intern Promotion 2credits 6hours
46 Milk bath 1credits 3hours
47 Citrus fragrance bath 1credits 3hours
48 TTMA Grade Rrecommendation test and commentary 1credits 3hours
  ★Even if you use the TTMA scholarship system, the total tuition payment will not change.
There is no installment interest charge.
Please check this out for details.
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